Bestial Evil Paying to Play with Angelcorpse

Social justice warrior deathcore band Bestial Evil are one of the seven openers for Angelcorpse at a pay to play show in Washington, DC tonight. Yes this is the same Bestial Evil you think it is, the antifascist and antiracist and probably Black Lives Matter supporting deathcore band whose antics and temper tantrums have been covered on Death Metal Underground Past. This time Bestial Evil, despite their antifascist stance, are opening for Angelcorpse. The bassist and vocalist of Angelcorpse is none other than Order From Chaos front man, existential social Darwinist and author of The Conqueror Manifesto Pete Helmkamp.

This show was organized by infamous pay to play promoter Zachary Ohler’s Extremity Retained Booking. Ohler typically buys tour packages and books an obscene amount of local bands to sell tickets. Shawn Wright and friends willingly paid a greedy promoter to open for Pete Helmkamp. Shawn Wright is yet again proven a hypocrite. Social justice warriors do not have a messiah complex, rather they are just attention whores like Bestial Evil. Bestial Evil do not want to actually play death metal and write worthwhile music; Bestial Evil just want to be famous scenesters so they play deathcore for the pink-haired trans beardos to mosh to on weekends. They attempting to scapegoat metal bands, metal fans, and metal distributors to explain to themselves why they are not a popular metal band rather than accepting the truth that they do not play metal, are incompetent songwriters, and just plain old annoying.

This is little different from minorities trying to push aside incompetency and personal shortcomings by playing the race card. Cuckholded western liberal democracies and publicly traded companies are too afraid of leftist media outcry to call bullshit, unlike organic social entities such as people who actually like black and death metal.  Death and black metal fans call loser metalcore bands like Bestial Evil and fake “metal” journalists like Kim Kelly what they really are: glam and indie rock crybabies popular only with pudgy losers with facial piercings that render them unemployable everywhere except tattoo parlors and uncontacted Amazonian tribes.

Here are some choice excerpts from Helmkamp’s interview in the Finnish Isten zine from his time in Order From Chaos:

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39 thoughts on “Bestial Evil Paying to Play with Angelcorpse”

  1. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Everyone in attendance should kick the shit out of bestial christianity, they deserve it. Enough sjw ass stompings might just get them out of metal’s collective hair.

    1. aol instant messenger says:


      Too much crying about sjws from cryptic goat voidwarriors these days. Why not bring some danger back to this kind of music and bash their faces? Don’t just whine about them, make them afraid.

      1. Could Helmkamp beat up Bestial Evil?

        1. Trashchunk says:

          No, everyone in metal a pussy with a ton of weirdo problems.

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            You are what you believe to see.

            1. Necronomeconomist says:

              “IOW”, whoever smelt it, dealt it.

              1. Jerry Hauppa says:

                Good ol’ Rainer with the “I know you are, but what am I?” defense.

      2. GGALLIN1776 says:

        I miss those days…posers either got smashed to shit in the pit til the band had to stop playing (that or they threw fuel on the fire) or they got dragged outside & stomped to shit. Sometimes they never made it in the venue.

        Can we not just have pits anymore where you think, “Do I want to go in that pit & possibly die? YES!”.

        In all seriousness, if some sjw faggots show up at any gig/concert you attend, show them hate & make them feel unwelcome. Slam into them, dump their drink on their head, spit on their bf/gf. If none of that works just punch them in the face. Believe me they can’t fight for shit haha.

        If interested, as usual I have stories of stomping these fools. Six on one? No problem!

        1. canadaspacecock says:

          Did you attend GG Allin shows and eat his shit?

          1. canadaspaceman says:

            who are you??

      3. Rainer Weikusat says:

        The simple answer to that is “They’re as tall as you, probably as trained, at least some of them, and as willing to lash out at anyone they disapprove of and chances are that there are more of them”.

        As to “bring some danger back into …”, there was a nucleus of a pit forming during the last show I attended to. This was immediatley nipped in the bud by a short, fat guy who’d jump at people from behind, pushed them away with his belly and than raised his hands into the air in some kind of “wrestling victory celebration gesture”, and an even fatter woman engaging in the same kind of sport. I gave him a good push in passing but in the end, I didn’t come because I was interested in boxing with a sofa. I ended up being a pit of my own while moving around the “conquerors” who stood (motionlessly, obviously) in the middle of the now empty space. At some point in time, one of the sideline heroes (another tall guy with a girl-friend, as obviously) grabbed me from behind and tried to throw me onto the floor (for no particular reason, again obviously). A very weird movement was necessary to avoid actually hitting the floor. That was dangerous as I was moving at a pretty high speed.

        Not to mention that the stranded whale people usually spill their drinks all over the floor, whether they do this because of motion incontinence or because they want to make the floor too difficult to negotiate for others I don’t know. It took me a while to learn how to move on this shit but it’s perfectly possible provided one is willing to risk hitting the floor hard in case of a misstep (which has happened to me once so far :-).

        AFAIK, most lethal accidents happen in bathtubs or on staircases. People who think there lives aren’t “dangerous” enough are just clueless.

        1. GGALLIN1776 says:

          As in there being as many posers, etc(if I’m reading that correctly)? I have zero formal training, just plenty of brawls in my years. If they’re as big as me/bigger, then maybe it’ll be a good fight, who knows. I actually HATE fighting small people, it’s like they scurry up your leg as a rat would, then before you know it they’re on your head shrieking haha. I’m 6’0″ & 205lbs so my ideal opponent is 5’9″ to 6’7″. Beyond that height it gets difficult to make face & neck hits. I have a long reach but I’m no stretch armstrong.

          I should clarify my want of “danger”, 90’s Slayer/Pantera pits or any actual Death Metal show type pit….the hardcore ones often ended up turning to gang fights/riots. The shit when tubby mcfuck slams people from behind & gives them whiplash or does karate makes me want to snap their fat necks. Best way to handle them is go right up & knock them on their ass then tell them to cut the shit.

          The younger, fatter crowd seem to think it’s a football game or wrestling match as you mentioned….it’s embarrassing to watch. Makes me hang my head in shame, then run into them, then back & forth between the rest of the crowd til enough people get irritated enough from me running into them that they join in. If there’s enough people in the pit itself but not moving, i just run through them or link up with someone & start swinging through the crowd. Instead of waiting for the nucleus to develop, throw some magnesium sparks on the tinder surrounding you & watch the short lived inferno burn (everyone gets winded so quick now).

          I never do the circle thing because the cunts here will trip you & not help you up. I hate that, if I see someone taking a dive, I grab them. No need for moshers to get flattened unless it’s some blue haired sjw.

          One sure fire way to avoid slipping on the incontinence/drinks of the lard set is a good pair of Dickies works boots (from the 90s preferably, they had the best tread/lug pattern), combat boots suck on wet or sticky painted concrete. You may as well be running on ice with tennis shoes. The pair I found at a thrift store are worth their weight in gold for shows & would only be better if they were steel toe. They grip wet carpet great too….no clue why idiots put carpet in pit areas (rug burn from a vomit/piss/bacteria/blood covered carpet is just asking for it)…or overly slick finishes. Just spray rubberized undercoating like you use on cars. Cheap & no one will slip in the Pit Shower haha. Hell, just bare concrete like on a rough sidewalk would be great!

          Oh definitely no shortage of “real life” danger, I can walk down the street for that. Just a romantic fool longing for yesteryear haha.

          1. canadaspaceman says:

            that sucks about circle pits now, with goofs taking cheap shots from the sides or behind, nobody helping you out, etc .
            I started seeing that shit to happen in 1990-92, but before, everybody would pick you up, or if somebody had a beef, they would face you and deck you.

            I stopped going to any live gigs until around 2010 (?) and seen how much everything sucks now. Lots of posers, no sense of humour, too many shitheads.
            last gig I seen was 2 years ago and it looked more like an excuse for the teens or 20-something’s crowd to get out of the house than them actually being into metal.

        2. notapencilneck says:

          How to spot someone who has never been in a fight: He thinks somehow height is an advantage.

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            ‘Height’ (more so if combined with mass) is an enormous advantage in every situation where alertness of movement is useless, say, when pushing through the crowd on a bar counter in order to get served first. It’s also very useful for all kinds of seriously annoying passively aggressive behaviour, say, moving close enough to someone that this becomes uncomfortable (1m or less) and than seemingy aimlessly waiving one’s arms through the air. Lastly, something Tall Boys[tm] can’t even imagine, it’s enormously tiresome if there are dozens of people around you who either treat you as open space, ie, you can either move out of the way or they’ll just run over you, or even as light-weight nuisance to be moved around as seen fit. Even assuming security would be willing to let this happen, you can’t just start (mock-)fight after (mock-)fight and still have something remotely resembling a good time.

            And that’s just the “ordinary crowd” part. Things become more ‘interesting’ if one additionally constantly need to deal with more-or-less seriously meant sexual advances and general men-on-men groping: The guy who suddenly “hugs” you from behind and presses is crotch against always “just meant to be friendly, why are you so aggressive?”

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              For reference (this is really nobody’s business and I don’t want to talk about it): The closest thing somehow resembling ‘a fight’ I got into semi-recently was some guy kicking me in the ass while I was on a club dancefloor. This was a bit “overdoing it” and actually made me lose my temper: I whirled round, noticed someone who seemed to be pulling his foot back and smashed him into the wall behind him as hard as I could. Luckily, I didn’t damage him anyhow and managed to leave in time while his “male acquaintance” was still whining about how I “suddenly and without any reason” attacked them.

              That’s a territory one doesn’t really want to get into.

              1. Exfoliation says:

                I grew up fighting wild ghetto blacks, you don’t know shit until you survive being jumped by 12 monkeys and I am sure you would die of fright combined with general physical weakness.

                1. A Shelter Individual says:

                  Do you have rabies too?

              2. Necronomeconomist says:

                ” (this is really nobody’s business and I don’t want to talk about it)” >proceeds to talk about it and make it everybody’s business.

  2. lol says:

    What did Bestial Evil do again?

  3. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Some good thoughts in there, eg

    […] the human beast, like the universe, consists of amorphous chaos which must have order willed on it to be made ‘whole’.

    There is no such thing as »a natural order&;laquo;, order is quintessentially man-made. That’s why so-called »social darwinism« is complete and utter bullshit: It’s the post-religious by the grace of God of people who benefit from some status quo and who are thus interested in preserving it. This is easiest done by claiming its a taboo topic beyond mortal reason aka ‘deus vult’. As also hinted at in the interview, this desire to erect some larger-than-man idol to hide behind is really a sign of weakness — Nietzsche would have had a field day meticulously smashing it to bits. It doesn’t matter if the idol supposed to be worshipped is called God or climate or nature, these are just different disguises for the same thing which stands in opposition to man asserting “I created my order from the chaos”.

    Unfortunately, most people are much better at the opposite.

    Euronymous created Frankenstein and then it rebelled […]

    is also insightful.

    1. It's just brown and water says:

      But who created Rainer?

  4. George Cloony says:

    Does beastial evil do g4p?

    1. Weltmacht says:

      I don’t think you’d even have to pay them to be honest.

  5. Honestly who the fuck cares at this point, you yourself Daniel are just as much of a whiny bitch boy as any social justice Nimrod you care to mention

  6. Seriously Daniel, fuck you,fuck grown and men crying about posers, and especially fuck you for promoting conservatism, right wing ideology and pro Trump rhetoric like it is done sort of salvation from the mediocrity of the masses,when in reality it’s just another fucking mind prison for foolish apes to follow over a cliff… You should be dragged out into a town square and decapitated for purposely misleading people with your false Messiah complex bullshit

    1. BlackPhillip says:

      Here it is everyone, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It took a little longer than I was expecting.

    2. canadaspaceman says:

      said the guy who never had to deal with imprisonment, or nignogs, or maybe is a fag, and is holier than the rest of us

    3. canadaspaceman says:

      ButtfuckerofSathanas , even your nick is pure homo,why do you think anybody normal would consider you opinions relevant? at least with mine, there is a glimmer of hope for the future

  7. Necronomeconomist says:

    Daniel Morant, this article has outed Order from Chaos as an Alt-Right organ; Antifa will probably catch wind of it, and force The Pinch to pull Order from Chaos off the bill or face murderous mayhem. Bestial Evil will rise to the top of the bill and headline the whole frikkin thing.

    1. GGALLIN1776 says:

      Find your local antifa faggots via fagbook & beat their ass one by one, “give a back off or else” ultimatum. Snap off one front tooth with needle nose pliers for optimal results. Feel free to sanitize their mouth with pepper spray after.

      If they have another march, it’ll be a bunch of “one toofers”. They like to hurt innocent people constantly but can’t take their own medicine. Give em an O.D. of their own bs.

      1. Necronomeconomist says:

        You’re off on another one of your flights of fancy.
        How do I just find Antifa guys on Facebook, and then find where they’re at in order to pull their teeth out with pliers?

        That’s not even the flight of fancy. Your violent cravings are.

        1. Don`t ask, don`t tell says:

          Put up an ad for gay sex.

          1. canadaspaceman says:

            lol, that ad is kind of far off, but who knows… just as when the ARA infiltrated white power, they only did it after they seen how som,e sneaky w.p. dudes blew up commie meets. they would go int international socuialist meetings and get marxists to argue leninist, and once when was asked “what about the jeiwsh question?” and the place erupted like a giant gang fight, the damage was done.
            maybe they eventually figured it out and that was when they started the North American campaign against white nationalists / separatists.
            I know, many that read this, are not white. Maybe are Mexican, Thai, Japanese, whatever national pride, but you may have seen the same kind of communist propagandists where you live and want to assimilate you int a new world order where everybody is one “colour”. there is an underlying reason for this subterfuge. Mongrels /mixed (like jews) NEED more of themselves for blood transfusions and stolen body-parts for illegal transplant operations.

            1. Scrotal Impairment says:

              Or perhaps no one will notice the jews once everyone is a jew-like mongrel, except of lower quality and caste.

  8. only steel reserve 211 is real says:

    Heheh yeah someone should totally beat the shit out of hese antifa fags… what no forget that they have kicked the collective asses of the Trumpfags and metalheads alike, they’re just pussies bro. I mean I’m not gonna do it, but I totally could, yeah… just pussies…

  9. canadaspacecock says:

    You don’t stop writing about that band. Do you have a secret boner for them you FAT CUNT?

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      get a new nickname, or I will ask for your i.p. address from the site owners, ya dick

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