0 thoughts on “Black metal and modern classical”

  1. Jimmy Boyle says:

    I like that they play some rap music too. Immortal Technique but also old skool Public Enemy. Great show!

  2. Henry from L.A. says:

    I gotta agree with Jimmy. I was amazed at the diverse music they play. The 20 minute gabber special was insane! I could have done without Primus and Coal Chamber but all in all it’s a great show! I can’t wait to hear what they’ll play next week.

  3. Stoner George says:

    Henry, you don’t seem to realize that it takes balls to play Debussy, Burzum and the Smashing Pumpkins in the same show. Most metalheads still aren’t ready to accept the similarities, perhaps you aren’t either. Next week they should explore the parallels between death metal and dance hall music. Most metalheads are so damn ignorant about music it makes me want to punch them!

  4. Death to false elitists! says:

    Awesome show! I’m sure it will kick up a lot of dust in the metal community! Finally a metal station that takes Cradle of Filth serious!

  5. lol @ thinking Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 and shrieky clown metal go at all together says:

    Oh look dead dog gore! So tasteful, I’m sure this will reach the higher thinking public!


  6. Levy_Spearmen says:

    I’m a higher thinker, and dogs do not have cloven feet. RETARD!

  7. Angry employee with prole blood says:

    So the boss was like “come in at three” and I was all like WHAT THE FUCK, ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    I’m telling you man, one more move like this and am’ fuckin OUTA HERE

  8. the occult roots of today's anus says:

    This site used to be gory too. More blasphemous and visceral. Bleeding mildew hole

  9. Levy is irresponsible. says:

    what the fuck LEVY!

    address the comments directed to you in the comment section of the “Beherit” post you knave!!!!!

  10. Al those girls....are gone now says:

    I want love, I am so lonely.

  11. HELP ME ANUS@!!!! says:

    How can I find love?

    Why are their zero ANUS blog posts about romance???

    Perhaps the ANUS HQ are inexperienced themselves?

    This should be corrected.

  12. Dave says:

    It’s a step in the right direction, there are many good metal albums that were exclusively influenced by classical.

  13. anti-dave says:


  14. Roger says:

    >there are many good metal albums that were exclusively influenced by classical.

    Yeah, like Rhapsody – Symphony of Enchanted Lands.

  15. Dominating Fukker says:

    @ Roger

    Roger you sissy cunt ! Rhapsody is gay rock for poser morons, just like all Gojira fans!! Next time you feel like coming to this all masculine hessian blog, deeply fist your fucking mother by the anus, tightly grab whatever you feel inside of her and pull it out with all your strength!! Then watch your slut mother wiggle into a fucking coma… you fucking gay poser shit you !!!!

  16. Anal Boy says:

    Rhapsody is Pink Metal, for homosexual fags. True and masculine hessians only listen to beer-drinking macho metal like PANTERA!!!

  17. Roger says:

    @ Dominating Fukker

    You’re calling Rhapsody gay rock for poser morons yet you’re listening to music fronted by homosexuals and kids who dress up like clowns and pose for black and white photos in the woods. What a nerdshow.

  18. Roger says:

    Also you sound like a faggot. An underage one, at that. Did you pull that passage from your favorite Naruto fanfiction?

  19. Dominating Fukker says:

    @ Roger

    what the fuck is a naruto fiction? another homo cock-sucking pansy band? go fuck your worthless slut-mother you dick licking cocksukcer motherfucker asshole!! you probably already have aids after getting fucked in your shit stained cumm dripping cunthole while listening to queer fag power metal you asswipe moron!! Black Metal was art.

  20. Roger says:

    Confirmed for faggot.

    Blacklulz metal was and is pure AIDS. AIDS for little kids with underdeveloped testicles like you. Now go make me a sammich, nancy boy.

  21. Burning with homosexual desire. says:

    Black metal is WAR!!! OUGGHGGH!!! HEY HEY!!! I SAID….HEY!!!!! OUUGH!!! GO!!!!!

  22. Bug Chaser says:

    I have AIDS. Could you please stop comparing negative things to AIDS? I find it highly offensive. It’s bad enough that AIDS has been demonized by the media. There’s nothing wrong with AIDS! In fact I consider it more of a blessing than a curse. You are only perpetuating the mass hysteria.

  23. Relativist. says:

    I don’t think theres anything wrong with people with AIDS. After all, they are no better and no worse then any one else. They simply choose to live their lives in a different way, and it’s totally hideous and saddening how this cruel disease discriminates against their life style choices.

    You know, after you’ve been around the world a bit and lived through your share of hard times….you realize something. Life is just like, a big grey area, dude. their is no superior path or anything, only different choices which reflect your own person value system. Nothing is any better or any worse….because it means different things to different people. So if you say something like “people who get AIDS deserved it for making bad choices” your really just being illogical. You fail to realize that their ARE NO bad choices, only different choices, for different people. Because I said so.

    This morning I got up and ate an entire tub of strawberry yogurt and then spent the entire day on reddit. I love to express myself~!!

  24. Generation Y says:

    heheheh~~ I leik, totally agree with relativist!!!

    I <3 classics rock and dub step!!! anis plz wright about it!! thnxs xo xo xo

    Jon Lennon and Bob Marley RULZ~~!!~~"~;,'~~!!


  25. generation Y says:

    Clasicc rauk rulz!!~!

    I love Bob Marley, Jon Lennon, and dub st3p!!

    other stuff I leik:

    Exxpressing mahself ™
    tattoos (omg sew hawt)
    animal rights

  26. ReLaTiVisM rOcKs!! says:

    Today I woke up, loaded up redtube on my Mac, lifted up my folds of flab and masturbated to gay porn. Then I licked my fingers and drank some red bull and ate 12 packets of oreos. Dude, if you want AIDS, then that’s just your choice and I totally support you. Don’t let those fascist nazis bring you down. Remember Nietzsche was a totally liberal dude who said nothing matters in life so you are your own God and just do whatever you like – every choice is just equally valid.

    People tell me to leave the house or lose weight, they’re just nazi pricks. I do what I want, I live off welfare and I don’t give a fuck til the day I die.

  27. Prophylacter says:

    >Black Metal


    You REALLY think these two have ANYTHING in common?!



    Hahahahaha, no. Just, NO.

  28. Hipster says:

    AIDS is so 1990…

  29. Oblivion says:

    The picture is of a goat killed by dogs on my ranch this past winter. Her young were torn from her belly. Unpleasant I know, but isn’t that what metal does? Takes the most gory and painful aspects of life and turns them into art. The second show: “A Dream of Berlioz” is here:
    Here is the playlist:
    Leviathan, Berlioz (Symphonie Fantastique, Movements 1 and 4, and the Hell Scene from The Damnation of Faust), Who Dies in Siberian Slush, Revelations of Rain, Ea, Shattered Hope, In Vino Veritas, Ophis, The Sullen Route, Astral Sleep, Hellight, Septic Mind, Azuth, Gravewurm, Watain, Vinterriket

    Next thursday’s show will be “Poems of War”.

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