Black metal soul is not rock soul

From Non-Alignment Pact:

What we’re looking at here is a style that uses some of the techniques of extreme metal, but which applies them to an aesthetic philosophy and a worldview that are basically the exact opposite of what you would find in extreme metal and especially in black metal. Given the skill and veracity with which those techniques are executed, I don’t think it’s an option to put Liturgy’s music in a category like “false metal.” And yet, again, there’s nothing black about this music at all.

So I really think we ought to call this something else. Unfortunately, the appellation “white metal” has already been claimed for Christian metal- which, when it imitates black metal specifically, has been tagged with the topsy-turvy name “unblack metal.” So what do we call what Liturgy does? Gray metal? Bright metal? Perhaps, following the diction of frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, “transcendental metal.” I think here we can see how the world of black (or “black-esque”) metal and the world of NPR come to intersect: as metal critic Stefan Raduta noted last year, other bands that do this type of thing (specifically Wolves In The Throne Room) “[are] giving [black metal] back its soul, its integrity.” – Non-Alignment Pact

I forget how 20 years later, black metal is still alien to modern people. They want it to be just like rock music.

Liturgy isn’t giving black metal back its soul; as Mee admits above, it’s going in the opposite direction.

It’s putting rock soul into black metal.

Rock soul is the worksong of proles everywhere — life is bad, it ain’t my fault, let’s get drunk and screw, maybe lose ourselves in emotion, and we’ll feel it’s bigger than the whole world, until tomorrow of course when we get up and do it all again.

0 thoughts on “Black metal soul is not rock soul”

  1. lol says:

    >literally wants to be Stewie Griffin

  2. Azghathor the Omniscient says:

    I totally agreed about what you’re saying about *ppfff* the COMMON people. None of them can understand my noble wolf spirit and blasphemous–hold on, mom wants me to get dinner…

  3. Your intellectual and social superior says:

    Yes, rock music is for common turnip picking peasants. Us aristocrats only listen to this noble elite music.

  4. professor huffington says:

    Any decent point you guys make about music is diluted by out of touch classist posturing.

  5. :P says:

    How are nihilists puritan about drinking and sex?

    oh wait they aren’t nihilists they’re just conservatives who like metal

  6. sick of white people says:

    UGH i’m sick of your white people music. Just give me some drums and dancing. Music is stupid anyway except where it lets you get your groove on and score some putang.

    Fuck you dumb white people and your failed race. You’re dying off anyway.

  7. :P says:

    “oh wait they aren’t nihilists they’re just conservatives who like metal”

    Oh wait they aren’t conservatives they’re just losers who are too lame to drink and too ugly to fuck. And like metal.

  8. Bigby says:

    “black metal is still alien to modern people”

    Pretty sure if you showed black metal to medieval people, kings, or fuckin’ Plato, it’d be alien to them too. It’s alien to everyone who isn’t an alienated, depressed ba$ement-dweller about to blow his brains out.

  9. kill whitey says:

    Fuck da white people! You just stole blues and rock music from us and packaged it as ‘metal’ for white privileged brats! This is _real_ music, better than whitey crap.

  10. down with anus lies says:

    Metal and high social status are mutually exclusive. So is liking metal and intelligence. The people who are actually intelligent and claim to like metal are posers (no joke). In modern times, intelligent people tend to have low self-esteem and latch onto fringe groups to have a sense of identity, even damaging ones full of morons like metal…

  11. good luck meeting decent people through metal says:

    OK, so recap of what I did this Friday night while some of you permavirgs were posting here: went out completely alone to a local club frequented by students, in the (casual) clothes I wore to work no less, started dancing with this hot girl next to me, then we started talking and just having a good time, then we were dancing close and making out, then I took her to my place. I spent the weekend with friends, now I’m setting up a date with her.

    What did YOU do?

  12. truth says:

    Wolves in the Throne Room are texturally nuanced and concerned with thematic development.

    Beherit are a band of simple bobbing rhythms. They remind me of Linkin Park in terms of songwriting.

  13. Truth says:

    All of these comments were written by the same guy.

  14. truth says:

    The only sexual experience I’ve ever had is when the police frisked me at an animal rights protest.

  15. Dominating Fucker says:

    @ good luck meeting decent people

    So after what you did on Friday you came running to your computer and to to let everyone at this site know about what you did? You just had to right??

    bwa hah hah haha hhahah hah

    See, this is what I mean about utter fucking ego-centric faggots that think that life is about THEM. That everything is about them and of ALL places, they NEED to come here to gargle their own personal ego-dramas. Let me tell you something little retarded queer, the sole fact that you posted that stupid cheering for yourself comment makes you a low-self esteem self-referential shallow little cocksucker. You are an idiot crying like a fucking gay-emo for attention.

    Oh and, bragging about dancing/dating chicks-with-dicks is not impressive, it’s GAY you fucking fistfucked asshole! Your tiny dick and shit-stained cunthole and banal mentality is laughable.

    You don’t know what I did, but I sure know what YOU did: you came here to post a totally childish comment of infantile bragging just to be abused. Son, you and the “decent” people like you are below me.

  16. @good luck meeting decent people through metal - says:

    it’s true my name is gabriel and i was dancing with him. at first he thought i was female but then when i forced my index finger up her butthole, my member raised to greet his hips. he smiled and rubbed my head by this point throbbing with aching arousal. he took me to his appartment and begged me to fuck him in the ass. i noticed it hadn’t been his first time. my member pumped his sweet ass until i could not hold my warm sticky goo; i exploded in his face. he smiled. we spooned and fell assleep smothered in excremental goo. i’s definitely would go out with him. hi baby ;)

  17. just trying to help you out bro says:

    It’s Sunday now, retard, so no, I didn’t “come home running”. I didn’t read the rest of your butthurt assbabble, have fun with your fleshlight though dude.

  18. @ Dominated Kiddie says:

    >Son, you and the “decent” people like you are below me.

    Hahahaha, this is so you, dude:

  19. hatas gonna hate says:

    Dude, you realize I had sex this weekend and very likely just got myself another girlfriend for the summer, while you’re venting visibly riled-up angst and typing out detailed gay fantasies on the internet? Yeah, you sure showed me bro.

    Remarkably, you’d actually be less of a loser if you acted on your buried impulses and sought out trannies on craigslist.

  20. Whoosh says:

    Clearly music with the aesthetics and techniques of black metal, yet the writing of rock music should be called “Black rock”, and there’s no way getting around it. Or “Blackened twee pop” or whatever the hell the latest craze sounds like. The former is good because it allows us ANUSites to say bands like Satyricon “suck black cock” and make a bad pun about it.

  21. @Whoosh says:


    You might be an aspie if…

  22. alsheimer jr. says:

    >You don’t know what I did

    Yes I do, and I bet it didn’t involve a lot of sunlight, talking to people or abstaining from masturbation.

  23. Regression And Not says:

    Is big. Eternal. Round and shit.

  24. Notice how superior music can retain some appeal under any possible aesthetic says:

    Transcendental 60s surf music :

    Transcendental 80s console game music :

  25. Paul Theroux says:

    “I fucked a slut, and got myself a plastic girlfriend for the summer. I must be a total King.”

    The Dunning-Kruger effect rages…

  26. Dainty Socialite says:

    I danced and made out with a girl once at the seventh grade homecoming or whatever. Middle school summertime and girlfriends were a lot of fun back then. They didn’t play any black metal, mainly House of Pain- Jump, Kriss Kross- Jump, En Vogue etc etc. Dance clubs are for people trying to cling to the life they wish they had back in school. Bringing your popularity contests to is just as vapid and pathetic. Does anybody except for the fags and posers actually watch the Youtube links? Everytime you see a link posted in the comment bars, you know instantly what they are here for. Douchebags.

  27. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Fuck high school. I wrote a paper for English on how Kingdom Gone was one of the most important sonic revolts against judeo-christian morality but my English teacher gave me A FUCKING F. Seriously, what a stupid bitch. What’s worse, the girl I’ve been crushing on thinks my Hellhammer shirt is scary and decided to date the high school jock. My life sucks, fuck this decrepit world.

  28. Friedrich II says:

    No man, fuck the life you’ve gotten yourself into. What you need to do is tear it all down, destroy everything, start from zero and rebuild. Here, these songs should help motivate you to turn your rage at yourself into productive energy:

    Tear it Down

    Destroy Everything

    I Will Be Heard

    Preussens Gloria Marsch

  29. anti-anus metal says:

    And by tear it down I mean abandon your current defective self-identity and terrible values.

  30. Nigger Cumlord says:

    Huh, I wonder where everyone comes from sometimes. If you know what a blog usually says, you tend to never go back. What’s the with anomalies? You think in a society that has 99 percent of people in their grasp, they’d ignore the 1 percent.

  31. Ravenlord, age 13 death metal warrior says:


  32. Dominating Fucker says:

    @ hatas gonna hate

    “Dude, you realize I had sex this weekend and very likely just got myself another girlfriend for the summer,..”

    Sex is not the issue you fucking retarded kid! It’s the fact that you NEED of all places come to THIS site to boast your bullshit as if it matters.

    So, by implication, you concede relevance to a site/community which you obviously dislike/dismiss as irrelevant to your life, you stupid cumm-slurper! Oh, the fucking contradiction reveals both your unsconscious mental retardation since you obviously can’t see the contradiction and a teeny-egocentrism whining about a site you just don’t like yet you have to comment on it. And apparently you get offended when somebody points out the obvious to you: WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS EXPOSING YOURSELF AS AN IDIOT!

    Well little gay turd, it’s NOT about you or me, in the larger picture we’re insignificant; the ideas/philosophy/music present on this site stand alone as testimony of hard honest intellectual work to document the metal subculture on the sole basis that it is worthy of preservation and sharing for like-minded people.

    This seems to bother certain faggots like you. You may decide to ignore this site and its philosophy, you may respectfully disagree with it but if you come to mock, insult and hate, expect the same. Fuck you!

  33. you know my name says:

    @ hatas gonna hate

    “Remarkably, you’d actually be less of a loser if you acted on your buried impulses and sought out trannies on craigslist.

    Are you giving me a hint of where I can find you faggot?
    ha ha ha hhahaha hah hahah ah hahaha hah hhahahah hahhaha hhah

  34. Dominated Faggot, we hardly knew ye says:

    If saying you got laid is boasting to you, I feel pity for you, but then again I said that exactly to rile you up and it seems to have done the job. I was providing a real life example for you of what I did, feel free to counter with whatever great deeds you “elitists” spent your valuable free time on, I’m sure it all involved sitting in a computer chair though. Your “DONT JUDGE ME BRO, IF U HATE IT WHY U COMIN” rhretoric makes you sound like a cornered furry trying to defend his laughable pastime. You’re really grasping at straws if that’s all you can come up with.

    “the ideas/philosophy/music present on this site stand alone as testimony of hard honest intellectual work to document the metal subculture on the sole basis that it is worthy of preservation and sharing for like-minded people.”

    Hahahahaha, good one. This site is nothing but a potpourri of skewed, unjustified bullshit completely incongruent with the reality of metal. The musical interpretations are so off the mark that even the artists would laugh if they read them, and the social commentary is just tripe.

    “expect the same.”

    I am, but you sure as hell aren’t delivering. You’re butthurt as hell bro, and on top of that not very bright. I’d let someone else try to to defend your little hobby site, hopefully someone actually past puberty.

    And while you’re at it, how about answering that question about what you did on the weekend? Did you manage to leave the keyboard for reasons other than eating and taking a shit?

  35. Dominated Faggot, we hardly knew ye says:

    This, basically.

  36. Niggger Cumlord says:

    This website is within the reality of metal, just not within the majority of what is shown in popular media. In saying that, the artists this website suggests, their lyrics do support ANUS’s ‘musical interpretations’ and ‘social commentary’.

  37. Nigger Cumlord says:

    If you look past the nationalist bent, which you really only get if you read past the blog and reviews, it fits right well with what these artists were saying in their music, even if they did not suggest any kind of politics or exact social change.

  38. Drew Galt Blackmetal says:

    Metal isn’t all of one ideology, and if it was all of this website’s ideologies, it would be for douchebags.

  39. Chip Ihsahn or Rocky Samoth says:

    “I said that exactly to rile you up”

    Yeah, right.

  40. maybe you're too old says:

    you need to move on, evolve, you don’t have it all figured out yet.

  41. Henry says:

    the guy arguing with dominating fucker is trying hard to pretend he is not being totally owned by dominating fucker.

  42. Dominating Fucker says:

    @ Dominated Faggot, we hardly knew ye

    “I was providing a real life example for you of what I did,”

    Shallow childish behavior in grown up people is always a symptom of 1- mental retardation or 2- neurotic ego-centrism that allows them a self-referential pose on life. The nameless fisfucked cunt that just loves to come here to be abused suffers of both problems, but then again, most emo-haters that come here burden themselves with the same.

    In the end, it takes real time to type moronic butt-hurt gay-babbles about something that according to YOU, is not even worth wasting time on, yet you ARE here! Why fag? You little whining bitch, are also providing me a REAL LIFE EXAMPLE of what you do by coming here which is: wasting your own gay-ass time typing moronic faggoty boring comments that don’t matter!

    Furthermore you homosexual shitstained cunt, you’re being dishonest with yourself and with us readers because you HIDE your real motives for being here pretending to “know better”.

  43. Dominating Fucker says:

    I’ll post my complete reply to you on the newer post

  44. Dominating Fucker says:

    “rhretoric makes you sound like a cornered furry trying to defend his laughable pastime.”

    And somehow you coming back for more abuse is an example of the opposite?
    bh hhaahahah hhahah hah haha fucking teen homo you REALLY are retarded aren’tya kid?
    ust go on and keep dancing with your new boyfriend, keep busy sucking cock alright bitch?

  45. lmao says:

    lol you call this abuse? lol, you think your playground insults are actually offending anyone through any way other than their banality and triteness? you’re a retard flailing around, “Henry”. on second thought, given your brick-dumb approach to everything, metal is perfect for you.

  46. lmao says:

    disregard that i’m just a silly homo looking for someone to fuck me in the ass and i was hoping it’d be you or some other well hung dude. sorry, i gues it’s back to my 12inch rubber dildo my dad bought me on my b-day…

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