Blitzkrieg – Back From Hell

blitzkrieg-back_from_hellBritish NWOBHM band Blitzkrieg have returned with a new album, entitled Back From Hell. Melodic while still retaining structure, this album will appeal to fans of 80s era heavy metal, as well as those who prefer death/black metal but can appreciate skillfully constructed metal whatever form it may take.

Back From Hell has the band mostly keeping true to the traditional NWOBHM sound, with a few elements of further-developed speed metal present. Songs are expertly arranged, with each track featuring a clearly developed concept that never loses focus. This allows immersion within the verse-chorus structure and quickly illuminates the theme present within each. Verse and chorus are linked together with skillful transitions that makes the distinction between them organic, rather than artificial. Ornaments such as solos and fills are executed tastefully, with an eye towards shaping them into the song rather than the reverse.

Tracks are a mixture between heavier material and those that have more in common with 90s radio hard-rock and seem placed solely for commercial exposure. On these tracks the band forgoes thematic development in favor of repetition. Fortunately, those are the exception and not the rule; and while they do interrupt the album’s narrative to an extent, are still competently conceived.

Exuberant and honest in a way rarely seen among contemporary metal releases, in its best moments Back From Hell transports the listener back to a time when heavy metal was still exciting, and for that reason will be present on many best-of lists for 2013, even if it is marred by some concessions.

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7 thoughts on “Blitzkrieg – Back From Hell

  1. Serious Questioner says:

    I still don’t get why reviewers sometimes refer to this band and Mercyful Fate as “speed metal”? If we agree to that, then we’d have to agree that Judas Priest – Painkiller and even Exciter’s debut album are also speed metal. Is Speed Metal, (as used in ANUS) something different than just faster and punkier Heavy Metal?

    1. fallot says:

      No, not really, it isnt. Speed metal is updated heavy metal, which is, like you said, faster and punkier. A bit of ye olde rapid rhythmic (with or without embedded melody) palm muted strumming and maybe even some tremolo riffs and you are good to go with your speed metal album.

    2. fallot says:

      Oh, and this isnt speed metal, though they did cover Metallica.

  2. Fine Young Catam. says:

    Were can I buy this? man, damn american government trying to keep all the good stuff outta walmart…..It’s just that walMart is run by the worst of conservative America. I remember asking for an Iron Maiden album at WalMart and the customer service lady said she’d pray for me.

  3. fenrir says:

    I listened to the whole album. This seemed fairly pedestrian, common, cliched and pretty much boring.

  4. fallot says:

    Okay the song up there sounds almost exactly like part of a green carnation song (Light of Day, Day of Darkness). Which isnt hard I suppose. It also sucks, like green carnation. Now I dont even want to touch this album until someone else tells me its good, surely there must be a better song on the album to link than one about the Anonymous mask guy?

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