Bode Preto – Inverted Blood (2013)

bode_preto-inverted_bloodIt’s not often that a new band appears that warrants much attention from these old, somewhat jaded eyes. Indeed, there are still good releases that pop up from newer bands — even releases that are good enough in my opinion to support by buying them. In today’s age of over-saturation it’s really difficult to wade through the muck in an effort to find that diamond, if one even had the luxury of time to want to.

So when I received a message from Mr Adelson Souza, former member of the renowned Brazilian early 90s band The Endoparasites, I was quite shocked to say the least. Being a fan and vinyl collector of what was coming from Brazil in the 1980s and early 90s my interest piqued…and wasn’t this guy just making the rounds on the latest Grave Desecrator album Insult? That release is a phenomenal thing, and ranked high enough for me to actually buy the LP/CD combo from Hells Headbangers Records.

Adelson says he’s left Grave Desecrator and if I was interested he would send some advance early mixes of the currently new material, songs not at all near completion, with his new band called Bode Preto (in Portuguese, meaning Black Goat). Hell Yeah! Of course I wanted to check that out — and then I sort of went on with my own thing until one day that material showed up and life changed, again.

What hit me so unexpectedly was this barrage of music coming from just two men, which hurled me back into about 1987’s fetid Brazilian tape-trader jungle metal, but at the same time carrying a dominant genetic stamp throughout it that was distinctly Bode Preto’s. That usually just doesn’t happen — new bands are usually so hyped up and full of their own bullshit, sporting ripped off cover art and/or bastardizing someone else’s logo and when it boils down to the main body of their “art”, the music, well, to me it’s a meaningless string of riffs and rhythms sewn together to make a “song” with no conviction and leaving the listener feeling shafted and devoid of feeling.

That might be OK for some, but not for me — and that’s where Bode Preto comes to play so solidly. I feel Bode Preto — and that’s what I want from music. It’s this way with any medium, or should be. These guys simply let their art do the talking and we garner from it what we will. I don’t think hell is supposed to sound this good though. The song “Elytron (Succubus)” for me denotes a truly classic release. I urge you to tap into that drumming which was not recorded in any studio, but simply a plain room, and absorb the feeling, and you’re on the path which has at least as many layers as Dante’s Inferno, if not more.

The exceedingly rich tradition from which Josh and Adelson come collectively, being from Brazil, shines right through not only musically but lyrically since Inverted Blood‘s lyrics have roots in the socio-political (almost punk rock oriented) outlook and expression of their artistic countrymen from the 1980s. If you want to boil it down to Bode Preto being an outlet for Josh S to comment on the world he sees, then you’re pretty much hitting the coffin nail on the head.

His (Josh S) life experiences, having traveled throughout Brazil and Europe working in theater/dance and music of varying styles, are what has spurned this beast of a release which he summarized in a recent conversation with me as being “the perfect way to express my true nature and view of world, and I will take good care of that as someone that works on a garden. Like Quorthon to Bathory or Lemmy to Motörhead.”

GOATPRAYER RECORDSListen to this release and think about how Adelson was originally approached as a session drummer…Having listened to the skeletal ideas, Adelson was apt to project his unique mind’s eye to the arrangements and ultimately became that new member. A quest to create led him to travel thousands of kilometers from home to spend a week with Josh — revealing a level of conviction to which I don’t think Josh was initially expecting. Josh found his “minute man” in Adelson and the resulting nine-track album is worthy of support by every extreme music fan if you’re worth your salt (or brimstone or whatever).

By the way, this is NOT a modern Sarcofago either, as I’ve heard some people mistakenly state, being very far from that indeed, even if Fabio Jhasko did honor the request to record some excellently placed solos on a few of the songs. I hold to my belief that the overall feeling of Inverted Blood in total gives me goose flesh akin to when I first span Cogumelo’s Warfare Noise Volume 1 compilation album in the 1980s — and a vibe akin to that glorious times era — but that’s as far as it goes. If you want cookie cutter moron metal, you’ll not be parting with your money for this album. Money is tight, I know, music is a luxury too — chances are you have a few crappy releases in your collection -– so sell them to some dumb kid and buy this album.

Interestingly enough however and I guess a bit more progressive towards the fans being able to obtain the album (compared to the old days when you had no choice but to get off your ass and physically trade records with anyone from Brazil), the band has licensed Inverted Blood thus far to three companies in three different formats. UK based Goatprayer Records was first to make available a professional cassette tape version in an extremely limited quantity of only 50 hand-numbered pieces, which I assume would be marketed to the hardcore collectors and fans in such limited number (mine is number 18).

The European continent and outlying areas have a handsome jewel case version on offer from the German Ketzer Records who were the next to release the album, and the first to release it on CD. It’s here that one gets the more conventional aesthetic, I say that for those who were too young to appreciate vinyl or just don’t do the cassette thing. This was to be the second purchase for me of the same album…is the message getting through now?

Brazil’s Läjä Records, in conjunction with DeathNoise Productions, were next on the list whom released a superb digipak edition, the final result was a third purchase of the same album. Something I rarely if ever do. In fact I bought two copies of this awesome digipak so I could give one to a friend as a surprise.

Läjä’s Mozine had this to say about the band and the album: “I decided to put out this record, first because after releasing the Skate Aranha 10″ (Josh’s old band) I started friendship with Josh. When I heard Bode Preto I was shocked with the band. For a long time I didn’t listen to something so real, brutal and raw. I feel true in each second I listen to Bode Preto and it’s a kind of band I would like to play. Läjä Records is not really a record label 100% involved with black metal and metal, we are more to brutal and raw hardcore and rawk, but, this record and band is so, but so good that is above a particular style.”

LäJä Rex DeathNoise

Definitely get yourself a decent set of headphones for when you can’t blast this gem out in the open –- adding further layers to the experiences that await. Inverted Blood is the culmination of all those experiences to produce the final product (ie: music, image, packaging, feeling and more). Extreme music needs that kind of intensity if it’s going to hold its head high above the chaff. I expect, and hope, to hear much more from these guys in the coming years.

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25 thoughts on “Bode Preto – Inverted Blood (2013)”

  1. TheWaters says:

    This is a terrible review, but great promotion. I feel like I just read an add.

  2. fallot says:

    Yeah its definitely not a modern Sarcofago, more like a modern Von without the visionary aspect. Everything is right except the music.

    Well, that and one unfortunately hilarious song title (Amorphophallus Titanum).

  3. Stratovarius says:

    See? That’s exactly my point! Prozak is a stubborn goat. He has continuously stated that nothing but the best should be considered and promoted. He has preached this to dismiss the idea that reviewing the past, (meaning the “less exceptional” bands who never released one single classic album) is a futile excercise. I think that a site like would be better off finding value in the past (and there sure is value to be found) than promoting current bands that do nothing but recycle the past anyways. —— Example: This is a doom metal band from Italy. This song is from 1993. You guys tell me this is crap and I’ll shut up. The point I’m trying to make is that, there’s a lot of buried pre-1996 Metal that is worth digging up and, who would be more qualified to competently do that if not the staff from –

  4. Parasite says:

    I agree with TheWaters. This website has turned into a constant roll of metal advertisement. What is next, designer skate decks??

    1. Writers have different styles. This is a new writer with a different approach. Please grant him the courtesy of at least reading and listening and deciding for yourself on the merits of the band.

      1. TheWaters says:

        So this was an advertisement…….

        1. TheRipplesofReflection says:

          Only when the water is calm can you clearly see your reflection.

          More often than not, these tides do not still themselves.

          Only when there is no agitation can one delve into the waters within oneself – in the reflection.

          1. TheWaters says:

            You have changed my life sir

            1. TheRipplesofReflection says:

              No. Only you can change you – in the reflection.

      2. Steve Brettens says:

        You’re right Brett, let’s all hold hands and kumbaya our way to the next Gojira concert, shall we?

        1. No. Never that. Gojira isn’t even metal; it’s hard rock with a few metal riffs and a lot of alternative rock and indie-style whining. Reminds me of the Melvins, but not as good.

      3. Robert says:

        This “new writer”, his pseudonym is taken from the famed, Doctor Who TV series. Can we really take him and his reviews seriously?

  5. Reality says:

    This article appears to be written by a metal enthusiast from the 80’s. However, it is not presented as a ‘review’ – nor addressing the finer details and aspects of this band’s sound. The correlation to other Brazilian bands is a good touch. This writer appears to be rather enthralled by this band, so at least we can check them out if we’re interested. I can hear Von in it, as well as Brazilian flair.

    Have any of you heard Grave Desecrator? It is real good stuff. That alone would have me checking out Bode Preto.

    I think the only critique would be to structure this a bit more descriptive on the band’s sound, instead of a promotional biography.

    @Fallot – ‘Amorphophallus Titanum’ struck me as one of their better songs. Perhaps the meaning of the song title is a metal morphing phallus – maybe a phallus that can transform into different things – like a Predacon or something, but phallus. Maybe it’s a Satanic phallus that can spit fire.

    1. Alternate interpretation of “Amorphophallus Titanum”: giant formless penis.

      A metaphor for civilization?

      Agreed it’s one of the better songs.

      1. TheRipplesofReflection says:

        That which hides its form is hiding itself from itself to itself in contradiction of itself. Suiting for the societal comparison.

    2. fallot says:

      It’s the title that bugged me, not the song. The whole album is streamable on the band’s website and does improve as it progresses, sometimes at least:

      I think a slightly more organic feel to the production would benefit this band and what it seems to wish to achieve. They are pretty ferocious, I’ll give them that. There’s much worse out there.

  6. Tralf says:

    I’ll pass on this one. Outside of Celtic Frost, I’ve never been one for the ultra-primitive, ultra-simplistic forms of black/death metal. In my opinion, such a style was a necessary evolutionary stepping stone, but ultimately rendered irrelevant by the early 90s.

  7. TheRipplesofReflection says:

    I think the author makes some good ‘old school’ references. Paragraphs 4-6. Looking forward to more.

  8. Seems to be another primitive band with “war metal” simplicity and playing style. These Von or Blasphemy types need to put some more thought into their music because this type of stuff needs some kind of concept to work with or it just becomes simple music in the “jungle metal/cogumelo” mold. Beherit’s Engram and Profanatica’s recent albums should be where bands like this should start looking for new ideas in structuring their albums, to be more like a complete experience rather than collections of cool riffs here and there. Structure and concept are what place, for example, Morbid Visions higher than INRI.

    1. Beherit’s Engram and Profanatica’s recent albums should be where bands like this should start looking for new ideas in structuring their albums, to be more like a complete experience rather than collections of cool riffs here and there. Structure and concept are what place, for example, Morbid Visions higher than INRI.

      I agree completely. Follow the classical, ancient and poetic tradition: custom song structures reflecting content in a narrative manner. It’s much harder to do, but it’s much more intense.

    2. Robert says:

      Who’s sphincter is that, dude? F’in sexy!

  9. angelo says:

    Otima banda,uma revelação do black metal brasileiro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Gustin Calabrez says:

    Muito legal esse artigo que você escreveu sobre o álbum do Bode Preto Altemar… O álbum é ótimo!!! Recomendo à todos!!!

  11. Bunn E says:

    I’ve listened to it quite a number of times since i have a built in affinity for this type of metal music…straight to the point
    It Reminds me of Merciless the awakening +Impaled Nazerene’s Ugra Karma melded with bits n pieces of Darkthrone’s Transilvanian Hunger …Superb

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