British Nationalist Group Proscribed Yet Islamists Associate Freely

The government of the United Kingdom classified the British nationalist group National Action as a terrorist organization due to its members tendencies toward neo-Nazism, anti-semitism, and support for the murderers of MP Jo Cox. The British government chooses to silence a group that wishes for:

“Death to traitors, freedom for Britain!”

The UK government’s proscription is hypocritical given that hundreds of Islamist groups praying for the destruction of Western civilization and organizing attacks against it remain free to organize. Hundreds of mosques in the United Kingdom call for destruction of British society and the replacement of common law with sharia derived from the probably falsified utterances of a probably epileptic pedophile. Hundreds of thousands of Islamists have walked the streets for decades, organizing crime, terrorist attacks, seditious plots, and sexual slavery.

Known affiliates of well-known terrorist organizations like Al Shabab, Boko Haram, and the Muslim Brotherhood have walked free and continue to do so for decades. The blind fundamentalist imam and terrorist recruiter Abu Hamza al-Masri was allowed to preach death to the occidental world until 2004, well after the September 11th attacks. The United Kingdom openly welcomes investments from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, whose state clerics print and promulgate Salafist fundamentalist materials inspiring terrorist attacks and groups the world over. The private citizens of these petrostates remain the world’s most significant sponsors of terrorism.

What would a state not emasculated by the liberal social narrative it force feeds its citizens do if fifteen out of nineteen murderers of almost three thousand civilians were from one state? What if there murders were under a group inspired by the violent theology enforced at point of death by that state’s clerics?

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90 thoughts on “British Nationalist Group Proscribed Yet Islamists Associate Freely”

  1. Rectal Insouciance says:

    You should edit this part:

    “Hundreds of thousands of Islamists have walk the streets for decades, […]

    Known affiliates of well-known terrorist organizations […] have walked free and continue to do so for decades.”

  2. You guys are kind of like Nietzsche’s last man in a way, as I don’t think any of you were picked to be on sports teams. Conversely, my female wife and I own three houses and I have a master’s degree. Nazism is just another example of the normative ethics that hyper-normie spergs like yourselves promulgate without compunction.

    1. I’m not promulgating national socialism, I’m highlighting the hypocrisy of the British government when East London exists.

      1. the George Zimmerman EP says:

        “hey maybe we shouldn’t keep allowing people in our country who want to chop off our heads”


        typical exchange with a leftist

        1. it’s curious that you engage in normative ethics when you’re a sensitive disenfranchised weirdo with no friends

          1. GGALLIN1776 says:

            Being sodomized with a baseball bat during a hazing ritual doesn’t count as being picked for the team. I’m sure the resulting lawsuit is what bought your rundown shack & two sheds on the property….and probably your ghastly wife.

            1. do you kiss your mother with that mouth? why, do you kiss anyone with that mouth?

              1. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

                Look at his wild new approach to “get those guys at!”, I can imagine you shaking your fist in satisfaction while poking your lips out in a goblin like fashion while you savor the maple syrupy sweet with salty bacon grease taste of your upper lip.

                1. i’m not canadian you fucking hipster retard

                  1. Morbideathscream says:

                    Says the rich college boy with thick rimmed glasses and skin tight womens’ jeans. Uses big technical words to appear smart. You are the very definition of a hipster.

                    1. Can you stop imagining what I look like, you big, big faggot? I’m not concerned with looking smart, I’m concerned with what went so wrong in your life that you would respond to my reasonable point with these tired slurs. You might as well call me a fucking beatnik, dude, you sound like someone’s dad. Which is ironic because by definition your dad had to have gotten pussy.

                  2. Morbideathscream says:

                    I sound like someone’s dad? You’re not making any sense. I think I hit a certain nerve with my comment concerning your hipster like metrosexual appearance. That’s why you’re childishly calling me a big gigantic fag. This is not about what has happened in my life, again that’s another pointless statement, it’s about you calling someone a hipster and me calling you out and due to your sjw liberal beliefs and your “intellect” that you are most likely that hipster type.

                    1. We’re here arguing about how unfunny you are and you’re invoking my appearance, which doesn’t bother me as I am exceedingly happy in my relationships and have received many genuine compliments from the many women I have slept with. Please attack my arguments instead of things about myself that I can’t change. Next you will start ripping on me for being black. Nonetheless I will explain this joke to you, as I sincerely would like you to be more than a blank slate discarded in landfill.

                      I will reiterate that you are definitely not creative or intelligent for using insults from Barack Obama’s first term. To explain to someone who manifestly does not understand jokes: that is a concept that refers to aging. You parents may have been aged, presuming your dad is still around. I said you looked like someone’s dad, as being a dad is a rite of passage that some men experience when they pass adulthood. I further developed the theme of time passing by suggesting you should call me a ‘beatnik’ instead, which is a slightly older version of the same tired insult you were lazily pilfering from other people’s creative spaces.

                      But yeah, thanks Morbideathscream, was really good to talk to someone who still enshrines Sarah Silverman’s glory days before she fell to the hipster SJW menace (successful people) that I manifestly embody in your mind. If you need any other jokes explained to you, you can reach me by e-mail. Thanks bud!

                      Oh, and one more thing!

                      “This is not about what has happened in my life, ”
                      Depending on state and income (you said you worked a low-paying job in another comment I believe), you might be entitled to free or reduced cost access to a psychologist, who may be able to help you actualize any areas of your being that you feel were not sufficiently articulated.

            2. Morbideathscream says:

              Correction, his asshole was promulgated without compunction by the varsity football squad.

              1. Did you ever consider a career in stand-up? I’m imagining you breaking out in a cold sweat thinking about telling jokes on stage. By which I mean you’re painfully unfunny and your sense of humor provokes sardonic laughter, which I posit should be contrasted derisively with your palpable ennui. You fucking loser.

                1. Morbideathscream says:

                  I guess you’re right I’m not a comedian I do think I’m sometimes funny. All my jokes pale in comparison to the one you see everytime you look in the mirror.

                  Stop using big words to make yourself look intellectual, you are not smart.

                  1. You are intimidated by both my intellect and what you perceive my fashion sense to be. I can appreciate that as I am both exceptionally clever and a snappy dresser. Regardless, I am very impressed that you admit that your jokes are fucking terrible.

                    1. Morbideathscream says:

                      You’re a snappy dresser? Hahahaha

                      Wow, even Rob Halford would call you a fag.

                    2. Morbideathscream says:

                      The point I was trying to make was that my jokes pale in comparison to what you see everytime you look in the mirror. You snappy dresser you.

              2. You’re trying (I say that emphatically) to mock me because I conjugated a word used in the article. You’re a fuckin’ joke, dude! hahahahahaha

    2. the George Zimmerman EP says:

      > promulgate without compunction.

      truly the words of someone who was picked for a lot of teams

      1. that didn’t change your text at all

    3. fart inhaler says:


      We get it.

      1. you say you get it but i still feel like something’s missing

        where did it all go wrong?

    4. Vigilance says:

      While you were playing sports, Yu-Gi-Oh taught me the art of war by carefully cultivating the temperament of a patient strategist. While you spent four years in a degerate frat hovel copulating with Thots for a business degree, the tutelage of anime instilled strong values and I grew to be their Paragon.

      1. Altar of the Mikropeniz says:

        Teach me your ways, o great Virginlance!

        1. Vigilance says:

          First you must practice the art of Shinagami No Keto which culminates in the ritualistic swallowing of the dragon’s semen. Then you will arise like a beast from the sea, enshrouded in tartan vestments, to stem the tide of globalism.

    5. Morbideathscream says:

      Yeah cause I’m sure you were an all American QB, won the Heisman trophy and was drafted in the first round of the NFL. Fuck off

      1. i didn’t say i was but i will say that i’m sure someone like that beat you up in high school

        1. Morbideathscream says:

          I bet I can kick your ass.

          1. I’m not gonna fight anyone whose parents are so involved in their life that they could bankroll a lawsuit. Plus you strike me as the kind of boy who would bring a mosin nagant to a fistfight. You should stop what you’re doing before your mother breaks down apologizing to black people and has a heart attack.

            1. Morbideathscream says:

              What the fuck are you talking about? My parents aren’t remotely involved in my life. I work 6 days a week operating heavy equipment and 100% support myself. A type of job you would not last one day on. Yeah you’re assuming that I’m that black metal bedroom warrior who lives in his parents basement, you are terribly mistaken. Your assumptions about me living with my parents is weak, not funny and completely false. You must be British because your sense of humor is atrocious. You know deep down inside you know my jokes are funny and I imagine I’m pretty accurate.

              1. I drove a forklift once while inspecting a warehouse, and it doesn’t seem that hard. Hell, I still have my Hummer H1 and it’s not a big deal at all. I don’t really believe that you have a job, since most people who have working class jobs tend to have a sense of humor, or at least a contemporary toolkit of jokes, as opposed to this lame ‘oh no mommy it’s still 2008 and i’m still waiting on my first kiss’ mentality that people like you promulgate here. Without compunction.

                To explain the third joke of the conversation to you, I was comparing you to Dylann Roof. I frankly don’t care if my assertions about you are false, because you’ve implied a bunch of shit about me that isn’t true and is even less funny, despite your protestations to the contrary.

                The difference is this: it wouldn’t be funny or even likely for me to buy a patch jacket, but it would totally be corroborated with your identity if you went and shot a bunch of happy people to advance a shit elitist ideology you lack the clout to communicate without referring to an internet culture that shaped you into someone who has to work all the time and then comes home mad and spouts sad shit online.

                Shit, maybe the reason you’re so pathologically unfunny and bitter is because you don’t have any time left to enjoy yourself, or think, or get yourself ahead.

                1. Morbideathscream says:

                  Just another long winded rant of bullshit, but hey assume what you will of me. For someone who claims to be happy and content with a wife, you sure spend alot of time on here trolling.

          2. Misanthrope says:

            Darling, when metalheads get their asses whooped by Antifa on an almost daily basis, you might as well get dressed in drag, hit the streets, and work your moneymaker. You ain’t whooping anyone’s ass anytime soon honey.

            1. Antifa are just like late-80s skinheads: attack in groups but once you beat down one, the rest panic and flee. The difference is that today’s Antifa are running home to the townhomes that their trust funds bought them after Daddy left Mommy IV for Mommy V.

            2. Morbideathscream says:

              Antifa only kick ass when they have their opponents outnumbered 10 to 1. As for me not being able to kick anyone’s ass, we’ll just have to see about that.

  3. a epileptic pedophile

    An* epileptic, by the gods.

      1. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

        Stew was a good guy, can I ask how you know about him and Ectovoid?

  4. Cornrose says:

    Word of the day. Promulgate-ing. Bitches

    1. People used to complain because I used that word in articles, having done a fair amount of reading in politics.

  5. Rainer Weikusat says:

    From the BBC article,

    A British neo-Nazi movement is to become the first far-right group to be banned under terrorism laws in the UK.


    Under the Terrorism Act 2000, the home secretary can proscribe an organisation if it is believed to be “concerned in terrorism”.


    There are currently 70 international organisations that are proscribed under the Terrorism Act 2000 – the majority of which are Islamist groups.


    About a quarter of the cases being handled by the government’s counter-extremism programme are for right-wing radicalisation.

    With ‘concerned in terrorism’ here meaning ‘being publically supportive of politically motivated murder’, namely, the shooting of a Labour MP during a public even in her constituency earlier this year. Going to jail after killing an unarmed women in a surprise attack is called ‘a sacrifice’ here.

  6. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Sarcastic remark: The narrative of the UK government and of the incriminated group are actually remarkably similar: Protect England’s islamic traditions from an invasion of “other-white subhumans” from continental Europe.

  7. Morbideathscream says:

    Can’t say a story like this even remotely surprises me, they will demonize anything that demands justice for white heterosexual males. They have now labeled them as terrorists so, this gives the government an excuse to have them knocked off. Watch some of them die in mysterious ways just like Ian Stuart of Screwdriver. It’s all part of the ZOG’s white genocide plan.

    1. Vigilance says:

      Heil yeah brother! WE built this civilization only to be forced to live in depressed ghettos where the only job opportunities are found in gangs. All thanks to liberals. Now they want to censor, ban and kill grassroots organization which aims to lift OUR people out of this hell and into a second Renaissance. Deplorable!


      2. bewitched says:

        ”Heil yeah brother! WE built this civilization only to be forced to live in depressed ghettos where the only job opportunities are found in gangs. All thanks to liberals.”

        Do you think it was all better before? If you were not in the high class, a century or two ago, there will be chances that you will be working in mines or being a poor peasan, or a servant in a rich house. The church and the king if you live in england would had great power over you. All was not blight in those times but not that good either. We got to stop romanticizing the past so much. It’s a complex situation but in this civilisation, there’s chance that people like Ian Stuart would have been a pirate 200 years ago because of the lack of oportunities and the misery of some people in England in some ways thanks to the ruling elites a the times. People seems to think it was so great, almost a paradize before the liberals, immigration, multiculturalism etc. I have been guilty of that myself but the more I study history, the more I know it’s not true. It’s not totally dark either, like it’s certainly not paradize now but it’s not all bad. There’s no such think as white or black power either. For exemple, my father told me that when he was young, people from some part differents of town beat themselves only because they came from different part and it was and all white town with people of similar background and religion. The same thing with blacks beating each other because they are not from the same hood or tribe. Maybe it’s useless trying to get along.

        Civilisation is a complex thing but it came a lot with exchanges and multiculcure. How do you thing the romans got so big, they took a lot from other culture, assimilated a lot of people into their civilisation, if not they wouldn’t have big armies to conquer new territories. It’s a civilisation similar to the usa. It was also their downfall but without that, no civilisations, only little tribes. But even with tribes, there was exchanges of goods and ideas, assimilation, ethnic mixing. People travelling from places to places.
        Sure, people have the right to defend themselves but saying all was stable and so much better before is wrong. Or that black, white and other races are totally different and have nothing in common is wrong either. If we believe science or even religious texts, the human was not as it is today, be it a pure black or a pure white and he will continue to evolve or devolve in ways that may suprise us a lot. What’s the deal in trying to preserve in a mold a thing that never ”was” in the first place?

        1. Vigilance says:

          With an attitude like yours we will never restore the Spirit Race of the Viking.

          1. bewitched says:

            What’s the viking attitude? To be hyper masculine and conquer all? If it is a spirit race, who cares if one person is black or white or whatever. As long as there is group of people trying to beat and dominate the rest. Even if it is just a racist nordic race, who care about muslim in a way? If you are so much of a warrior, you will be happy to have a lot of foes to combat be it in Europe or elsewhere. If you want only to invade others and are not ready to being invade, it is not really a warrior spirit. Just a predator spirit who want an easy prey and throw a fit if someone do the same thing to him. Being suposedly superior to other races or to other white ‘retards’ is not something due, you got to earn it. If you got a viking spirit, no more whining about about racism, about being invaded, about the lack of justice when you don’t give any justice to other people, about a government controling you, about democracy or about dictatorship (yes people tend to bash democracy if this is doesn’t fit their need but always talk about it if they can gain benefit from it, the same thing with dictatorship.) Don’t talk bullshit about saving the so called white race if your primary goal is to have a viking spirit. Maybe in your head, you say ”I hope we can kick the muslims back out of Europe so my viking spirit race can plunder other European nations in peace like in the iron age.”

            1. Vigilance says:

              It matters because “matter” reflects “form”. Ethnicity reflects spirit. Read something other than motherjones please.

              1. Without form, matter has limited application. That form originates in logic and something like thought, not matter. This invalidates all egalitarianism, consumerism, and man-on-man oil wrestling.

              2. bewitched says:

                ”It matters because “matter” reflects “form”. Ethnicity reflects spirit”

                but what is the viking attitude or spirit? In what it is so different than the samurai spirit?

                1. The difference is that people who aren’t Japanese can feel connected to it without being weeaboos.

                2. There are major differences, and major similarities.
                  The samurai emphasized servitude much more.
                  Vikings were bandits (Or traders or exploers. The norse were not all vikings, only seafarers were vikings.
                  Vik means bay. Viking means a bayer. So if you don’t hop on a boat and park in a bay, you’re not a viking, norse or not).
                  Samurai were more like knights, sworn to serve a clan, whereas many vikings had in fact been banished for attacking other norse, and roamed without a master. If a samurai was banished from his clan, then he was no longer a samurai; he was a ronin.

                  I don’t have to go in to the similarities.

            2. I guess you’re trolling, too.
              Two trolls trolling each other. Great. Qualitative discussions all around.

            3. What’s the viking attitude?

              Men, covered in oil, wrestling.

        2. He’s trolling, you asperger

  8. Morbideathscream says:

    Shit, they might even militarize antifa, they already give them free reign as it is.

  9. bewitched says:

    I don’t know how much this site is linked with, but from what I remember here, they were not particulary kind of those sort of neo nazi, white supremacism, antisemit, movements as well as in articles from a.n.u.s.

    if you support for the murderers of MP Jo Cox. You will not get far. Yes you can support the man in having a fair trial or as a friend, but it would be counterproductive to support him as a martyr of the white cause. Also I don’t know if a lot of those people branding ”white power” slogan, also beat polish people at night because they don’t come from England. It’s similar with the guy with is band Landser. He sing in a song ”all white must unite”, but in an other one he is bashing all non germans.

    1. bewitched says:

      Don’t make me laugh with those slogan ”we want justice”. Their justice would be ”a bullet in the head of all those who opose us”or ”death to traitors” just like they did with that politician. If the government would apply the white power group kind of justice, the murderer would have been already killed. Just like Varg, when he say that he wants to return to those old germanic laws. Withs those laws, he doesn’t realized he would have already been dead long ago.

      1. Morbideathscream says:

        Yeah because white power folks are the only ones who would do such things.

        Let’s take a look…

        Muslims idea of justice is having Sharia law imposed on the population which will happen in places like the UK, Germany and France if the current trend continues. They will kill anyone who’s an infidel aka someone who doesn’t convert to Islam. They will do things far worse than putting a bullet in one’s head. They publicly call for jihad and the UK government doesn’t do shit to them. Somehow they’re not a terrorist group. Anyone who actually thinks Islam is a religion of peace is either delusional or mentally challenged.

        Black lives matter’s idea of justice is killing all whites and especially white cops and endless supply of Cadillac escalades and snap benefits. There are many stories of blacks shooting white babies, jumping white innocent white people and at times beating them to death. The media doesn’t report it because it goes against their agenda and is ultimately what they want. Shit, the media is basically made scum like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown into martyrs.

        Antifa’s idea of justice is riding the world of anyone who has right wing opinions and automatically deeming them as fascists or racists whether they actually are or not. They will jump people in a cowardly fashion and if they had a chance to curb stomp them, you know they would. They would very much like the death of anyone who doesn’t go along with their far left Marxist ideas. The average antifa shithead is a coward, but are a force in large groups as we’ve seen.

        So yes we have been backed into a corner, our enemies want us dead, some are more open about it than others. It’s systematic white genocide. So yes I would like to see them dead.

        1. bewitched says:

          maybe I’m too optimistic about trying to peacefully try to solve this. Maybe all of them are horrible or don’t belong In England. Not just the fanatic muslims or other non-white but all of them even normal people. Maybe only extreme violence is the only solution. Kill all the muslim and all other races or force them to leave with a gun behind their back. Kill all the traitors and race mixers. And after that, will you deport or kill all non english whites that were once your allies in fighthing the pakis or the blacks? Maybe after that, the catholics should beat the protestant or try to convert them by force and drive them off the countries because they were there first. After that, the pagan will step in to clean all of this. The celtic british will beat up the anglo saxon and drive them because they came from germanic lands. And let’s not forget, the homos, the transgender, the ”retards”, the autists, the women who think they are the equal of men, etc. Maybe you will find that some people are in fact, elves, aliens, angels, etc. Now now let’s deport them or kill them all!

          Maybe I’m ignorant or stupid but I don’t think the average muslim or black is actively trying to erase the whites. Like the average white are not a member of the kkk trying to beat all blacks. And from what I know about people, it’s just not worth it trying to stop people from diverse ethnicities to have sex or start a family with each other. If a lot of all whites families, I mean the majority of them were so much better of more noble than an all black or mixed family, it would have make sense but it is not the case.

          I’m maybe egoistic here but there so much white especially in the white power movement that would will not care about me or would be happy if I die that why bother in the first place trying to save a whole race? People in the end for the most part only care about friends and family, be it all from the same or from different races.

          1. Or just: diversity does not work. Repatriate.

          2. Hey dude you’ve put like 15 qualifiers on you not being as schizophrenic as these guys. Have you ever considered that you might just be a comparatively nice, well-adjusted person? Have you ever thought that maybe behind the desire to kill based on innate characteristics is someone who innately doesn’t like themself and doesn’t respect their own contributions? Don’t get your head twisted up trying to understand why twisted up people are twisted up. If they weren’t seeking a larger audience to validate their contributions, they’d tell you that they really only care about their family just as you stated.

            Reading your comment made me think of ‘Race War’ by the band Carnivore, which I presume white power folks think is written to give credence to their hateful cosplay. It’s not, it’s poking fun at them, like most of metal, which is antifascist and libertine. The constant talk of politics on DMU means that false elitism is even more prevalent than the days, since now people have another vector to brag about being purists in lieu of excelling in their real interests.

            1. Morbideathscream says:

              One other thing, Carnivore’s Race War talks about the inevitability of a race war not mocking white power or being antifascist. I significant fraction of metal bands may have been antifascist or left wing, but definitely wouldn’t say most. There’s grindcore bands like Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror, but their lyrical roots are firmly rooted in punk, a genre full of delusional neurotic leftists. Most black and death metal bands lyrical subjects deal with Satanism and the occult, some are pagan obviously. Metal bands tend to be realists, not OH NOES YOUR A NAZI WHAAAH.

        2. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Muslims idea of justice is having Sharia law imposed on the population which will happen in places like the UK, Germany and France if the current trend continues.

          Some muslims want that. It’s not particular difficult to find large, predominantly muslim countries without Sharia law (eg, Indonesia) and even among ‘Arab kingdoms’, it’s not uniformly enforced. Likewise, there are also some Jews who want an orthodox theocrazy and certainly also some Christians who’d like to see the congregration of the doctrine of faith aka ‘the inquisition’ which exists to this day to be restored to its former notoriety.

          As soon as religious leaders assume worldly power (or worldy powers have close ties with them, as in Saudi Arabia) the results will be unpleasant and often bloody. That’s an excellent argument in favour of secular government and none for an “anti-$x” jihad, insert whatever religion you like least for $x.

          1. Indonesia is garbage. Look up its statistics by the PEW research group.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              Indonesia is a muslim-dominated country without “Sharia law”. And that’s the only property which is relevant for the statement I made.

              1. “Muslim” is a proxy for “Arab.”

              2. Don’t use the term “shariah law”. Use specifics.
                Do they want to punish homosexuals?
                Do they want to censor anti islamic speech?
                Do they want to punish apostates?

                These are the questions that matter, and are answered, by the PEW research group regarding muslim countries, including Indonesia.

                1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                  I was replying to a statement about »sharia law«. Putin is not a muslim despite he is opposed to homosexuality.

              3. George Sanders says:

                Indonesia doesn’t have Sharia because it has been fought. It has a de facto Sharia Law in some regions, however. And Christians and non Muslims occasionally get killed on religious grounds.

          2. your welcome says:

            Rainier you have gone full retard.

            When was the last time a Christian killed anyone for the cause of reinstating the inquisition? Or a Jew killed anyone outright for Zionism? Now recall the last time a towelhead manlet killed someone in the name of his mudslime brotherhood. Hint – it probably happened just now. Right then.

            Your comparison is so stupid that to call it “inelegant” is practically shining praise.

            You are like the leftist version of the hentai loving alt-right NEETs that have come to infest this place – no practical experience among groups of people therefore no real conceptual framework on which to project and comprehend the reasons that people act they way they do toward one another.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              I don’t trust religions. But your welcome to.

              1. Morbideathscream says:

                I hate all white light religions, but muslims are currently the biggest threat and by far the most likely to commit terrorist attacks. There’s also the Zionist global elite, but that’s another story for another time.

            2. Rainer Weikusat says:

              Also, please refrain from sorting me into your silly “left – right” scheme. Politics are for politicians, students or pensioners, IOW, people who don’t have anything more important to do.

              1. Invariably this means you come down on the Left. Left = egalitarianism, Right = time-proven traditions.

                1. That’s a bit of a thought-terminating cliche, Brett. What good does an oversimplified systematization do here?

                2. Rainer Weikusat says:

                  A marxist/ lenininst would call this a typical bourgeois’ misunderstanding: People are obviously not equal, they always belong to a class they can’t escape from. »Egalitarianism« is just a ruse the intellectuals of the ruling class invented in order to fool the ruled class into accepting their inferior lot. The oppressors are just like you, carrying the implicit promise and one day, you could be just like them (Until then, do you want a mortage? More debt is good for you!).

                  There’s a maple tree in my garden. It’s sort of an illegal immigrant there and should have been cut down while still small but I like trees and wasn’t allowed to. Now, autumn leafs are everywhere. That’s a concern of mine. Not saving mankind again.

            3. People are what they are.

            4. Experience suicide says:

              How do you know muslims rape if you havent been raped by one?

            5. I totally believe someone who uses the term ‘leftist’ as a blanket pejorative has the authority to make this comment with any authenticity.

    2. I am not supporting them, I am pointing out the British government’s hypocrisy.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Not missing?

  10. Hey, I tried promulgating the folk, and look where that got me. Our people don’t want to be saved. When will these Benjamin “BJ” Noyles types get that? Go to school, get a job, fuck a [nordisch] girl, hug your dog. Do anything but this. Who’s going to appreciate you for it, other than a few headcases and the kikes who like bullying autistic kiddies into submission?

    1. Your people probably want to be happy doing shit they want rather than told what to do by people whose culture resents them, whose cultural expression is overflowing with antipathy toward those people for being part of a demographic, not righteous anger toward the people who made those demographics and their cultures a hotbed of virulent and injurious tropes.

      But I wouldn’t presume you know anything about being happy, you fucking bigot.

      1. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

        He really turned up the heat with that last line, I should wipe your forehead with a napkin.

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