Burzum Announces New Album Thulêan Mysteries

On a recent tweet, legendary black metal band Burzum announces a new ambient album to accompany game-play in the Varg Vikernes crafted Myfarog role-playing game.

Vikernes described the album-to-come as a collection of spare ambient works:

The working title for the next Burzum album is “Thulêan Mysteries” & it has – as the planned song list show (see image below) – a Thulêan theme.

The intention of the album is to be background music for your MYFAROG game session.

It might well work for others situations too…

Other situations? Presumably he means restoring Western Civilization, but one never knows. Here is the tracklist:

  1. The Sacred Well
  2. The Loss of a Hero
  3. ForeBears
  4. A Thulêan Perspective
  5. Gathering of Herbs
  6. Heill auk Sæll
  7. Jötunnheimr
  8. Spell-Lake Forest
  9. The Ettin Stone Heart
  10. The Great Sleep
  11. The Land of Thulê
  12. The Lord of the Dwarves
  13. A Forgotten Realm
  14. Heill Óðhinn
  15. The Ruins of Dwarfmount
  16. The Road to Hel
  17. Thulêan Sorcery
  18. Descent Into Nifelheimr
  19. Skin Traveller
  20. The Dreamland
  21. Thulean Mysteries
  22. The Password
  23. The Loss of Thulê

This follows the themes and style of The Ways of Yore (2014), the last Burzum venture into music.

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54 thoughts on “Burzum Announces New Album Thulêan Mysteries

  1. MJ says:

    He is practically a Neo Nazi!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is this site covering a garbage human like this?????

    1. Robert says:

      Because he speaks the truth about Europe. If you don’t like it, find your way to MetalSucks and other shit websites with no substance.

      1. Tim "babydick vampire" Wise says:

        “he speaks the truth about Europe”

        except he doesn’t. Denying the importance of Christianity–both in its preservation of pagan traditions (hint: everything Varg knows about paganism was documented by a Christian scholar called Snorri Sturluson), and in hundreds of years of development of European culture–is just historical illiteracy.

        Varg habitually defends antifa and marxists because “at least they have less Christians than right wing nationalists.”

        National chauvistic in-fighting among different white countries is big enough of a problem as it is among nationalists. But chauvinism over inauthentic LARP reconstructions of forgotten religions? Nobody needs that shit. Varg is cancer.

        1. Eat Mi Fucc says:

          Not like Christfags don’t LARP constantly, no totally not the case.

        2. Robert says:

          I’ve never seen him defend Antifa. I’ve seen him defend Breviks, who’s a piece of shit. He was comparing his stay in prison to Breviks, which is insane. Who cares if Breviks suffers in prison. He killed numerous white children for his cause. Fuck him. But Varg is correct about everything. Regardless if Christianity played a large role in Europe, it doesn’t have to from this point forward. Christianity is the true cancer and has made white people docile, in the attempt to make people “Christ-like”. That’s why we’re so forgiving on mass immigration of non Europeans. We’re passive when they ruin our countries and rape our women. Because of Christianity and this whole idea that we’re all equal and can live together in this multicultural mess. Get rid of Christianity, Islam and Judaism and we’ll rid Europe of this problem.

          1. S.C. says:

            Islam is tree opposite of multiculturalism. They want to wipe out everything that isn’t Islam

            1. S..C. says:


            2. Robert says:

              Wiping out everything outside of Islam is a problem for Europe. That’s my point as well as Varg.

              1. S.C. says:

                Agreed, just pointing out that Islam is quite the opposite in practice to Christianity and Judaism. Certainly not championing multiculturalism.

                1. To Spread Disease says:

                  Jewdaism is the most exclusive of the Abrahamoid triad, in theory.

                  1. S.C. says:

                    But not in practise (at least in current times) as opposed to island.

                    1. To Spread Disease says:

                      Jews are highly mongrelized pertaining asian, negroid and caucasian admixture. Guess the whole diaspora thing didn’t work out as intended. You can conceive all kinds of systems and rules, but in the end nature is what sets the boundaries, disregarding human impudence of having conquered it.

            3. To Spread Disease says:

              Islam is totally inclusive, bro… as long as you are willing to suck the diseased cock of Allah.

              1. S.C. says:

                Except that you have to fully assimilate to its culture practices (in the middle East anyways). So, not very multicultural at all.

                1. To Spread Disease says:

                  One must first define what is this “culture” and where it comes from. Its generally used with a more civic interpretation in mainstream and even most non-mainstream sources. The word multiculturalism is pushed to force different ethnicities and races into a single region to create a singular monoracial grey/beige/brown mass. The leftists that push for multiculturalism know this, even if only subconsciously, otherwise they would be just pushing for eating sushi, or wearing grass skirts (though that would be called cultural appropriation, which is a big no-no). In this sense, Islam is very multicultural.

                  1. S.C. says:

                    Well i would define culture as practices, traditions, taboos, morals, values etc… not much wiggle room in a fundamentalist Islamic state for such things. Most cultures will accept outsiders if they are willing to fully assimilate.

                    1. S.C. says:

                      Islam being no exception

                    2. S.C. says:

                      In the West, you don’t have to fully assimilate because their isn’t much of a culture to assimilate to. Only abide by relatively loose laws, but otherwise have total freedom as to how you conduct your life. The lack of culture in the West is what allows for multiculturalism to propagate. Islam in the east is still quite strong and clearly defined. I’m not fetishizing Islam, I’m merely observing it’s clear distinction from the other Abrahamic religions. This is also likely due to the fact that it’s the youngest of the triad and has yet to fully change itself to accommodate a multicultural existence as the others have. But it’s certainly starting to, with strong female voices and gays starting to pop up within it.

          2. Leftism is just a secular form of what you dislike in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

            Breivik, McVeigh, and Kaczynski are heroes. I don’t care if Breivik killed white Norwegians; they were Leftists, therefore defective, and his act of aiding natural selection was just and wise.

            Even more, people who cannot figure out that there is a mass shooter and get into the water to swim a short distance are untermenschen-retards. He did not shoot at anyone who was in the water. Most of them cowered and died in pools of their own neurotic urine.

            1. Robert says:

              It’s hard to believe you’d actually believe this, Brett. Breviks is no hero. He killed white children who probably had no political affiliations whatsoever. Also, when have mass shootings ever done any good? Mass shootings actually turn more people liberal. Most of Western society abhors reactionary violence and it actually hinders whites in the long run. Because of Breviks, I’m sure the liberals are finding more ways to bring in multiculturalism to Europe.

              I can hear them now. “The only way to fight white nationalism is to bring in more immigrants to diversify our lands.”

              They do this to spite us. They think it’s cute to “culturally enrich” us. Breviks is a dumbass. Same with the dumbass in Texas who shot those Mexicans. You’re pushing the cause backwards. The only way to beat these stupid liberals is at their own game. Take the route that Jared Taylor takes. Aggression will only make us look bad and for the majority believe that we’re savages.

              1. He killed white children who probably had no political affiliations whatsoever.

                The children at a retreat organized by a socialist party were not politically aligned?

                No, I think he’s great.

                I’m less fond of the people who go around wasting minorities, who are just being used as tools by Leftists in their gambit for total control.

                I like what Jared Taylor does, but I think we need to be both pleasant and faintly threatening, just not quite as much as the Left is.

                What wins in the end is logic, not the usual human monkey drama.

                1. Robert says:

                  But don’t you think those children could have become more conservative with age? I’ve even read articles where you’ve mentioned you were once Liberal in your early years. I just don’t agree with radical and extremist ways bringing about results, especially the murder of Norwegian children who happen to be socialists. Depleting the numbers of minorities who threaten our people on a daily basis, I’m not as empathetic but for the murder of our own people, no matter what their beliefs are, I cannot condone. Especially when they’re others that are more deserving of those bullets.

        3. death metal is antichristian by nature says:

          Christians did not build a single brick of society you fucking faggot.

        4. wiser than thou says:

          Thanks for the tip, will check out the author. But Varg is right.

          One can understand and appreciate Christian culture: it is European culture.
          One can even respect some Christian traditions: they come from pagan thinking and they build sociality.

          But one can never endorse the spirituality of Christianity : it is poison for the ‘spiritual aristocrats’ or the ‘higher types’ as Nietzsche would have it. Think Cesare Borgia. Or simply anyone grounded in realism with the means and will to achieve his goal.

          Respect traditions, but get over Christianity.

          Varg is misguided on a few points, but he gets the general idea and does some very good advertising.

        5. Western Civilization existed before Christianity, which is mostly poached from the Greeks anyway.

          Turn the cross upside-down, or rightside-up for all I care, but be a realist. If you are pursuing symbolic fantasy worlds instead of reality, you have become delusional.

          1. Thewaters says:

            Can you clarify this? I think the writings of the early Church Fathers do indeed rely heavily on Greek Philosophy as a sort of hermeneutic tool but I have yet to see what Catholicism poached from the Greeks outright. This is a sincere question.

            1. mlotek says:

              The “Catholic church” in the first few centuries were forced by Rome to merge with pagan worship/traditions that originated from Greece and especially mystery Babylon / Sumeria.

              1. Thewaters says:

                Respectfully, can you be specific? Or point me to an author or text that might do so? Thanks!

    2. This is metal. Neo-Nazism is to the Left of us and not extreme enough.

      I’d settle for a global holocaust of all idiots. The remaining ten thousand people would have a grand time!

      1. I don’t think you have ever even punched a guy says:

        Because you’d carry this out via faux-metrics like IQ you’d leave ten thousand idiots.

        1. To Spread Disease says:

          Idiot savants shall rule the world… and promptly die out for being incompetent in everything pertaining survival.


        2. IQ works great for separating the bands in any population. After that, you have to look at character.

          1. Have you even read Taleb? says:

            IQ works great for separating the mentally retarded from the autistically competent in any population. After that, you have to look at normal people’s real-life success, a function of character.

            1. Have you read Nicholas Vahdias? says:

              Where is autistically competent found exactly? Have you ever worked alongside 130+ people? Competent is hardly the word I’d choose to describe their performance.

              1. yes says:

                I only meant autistically competent as in closed-bubble competent: being good at an IQ test does not translate to being good at anything else. Doing puzzles fast has zero predictive powers regarding the life, character and success of a person.
                Actions before words (and puzzles).

                1. Gotcha just checking says:

                  ty bb

                2. Cynical says:

                  This thread is proving highly useful at finding the people with low IQs.

          2. Seriously have you punched anyone before says:

            This makes zero sense. The test was designed to find people with learning disabilities which ends around 80. After that it’s useless. People with these learning disabilities are not necessarily deficient in character as evidenced by say Down’s syndrome types who notoriously are good natured, often very caring and nurturing despite intellectual limitations. Likewise if you know anything about the history of treatment of the actually mentally ill or deficient prior to psychology and institutionalization you’d know that there used to be “funny farms” which were self sufficient semi isolated communities for these people so any perceived harm caused by the minor fact that they can’t participate in industrial societies is mostly mitigated. Not that deficiency in contributions to industry should be looked down upon in the first place. There are valid contributions that they can make to the household. You’re kind of an asshole but not somebody who has the cojones to run a gas chamber (or a business) yourself.

    3. HxS says:


  2. adsgfa says:

    Meanwhile Beithioch creates vastly superior works, while Bumzur creates novelty crap. But by all means, don’t review actual good works, keep chasing novely you fuckfaces.

    1. Flying Kites says:

      Not some Irish guys but a Polish dude with Cyrillic on his album, surely do you mean so?
      Батюшка – Панихида:

  3. Rapscallion says:

    You have to be seismically retarded to care about this honky’s music both before and past Hvis… It’s all shit besides that album.

    1. Tim "babydick vampire" Wise says:

      “My autistically idiosyncratic taste is objective truth” is a phase you’re supposed to grow out of after your teens

      1. I see these two things as complementary:

        (1) “Be excellent to each other!”


        That is the future of humanity. Good to the good, and the bad vanish silently into the slurry tanks used to grow artificial meat from algae.

      2. Rapscallion says:

        See the thing is, I’m not wrong though. Det som… is a travesty, Aske is just shit bathory worship. Filosofem sounds like if someone intentionally made the black sabbath interludes sound bad.

        And his RPG is unabalanced shite. Fuck him.

  4. Tim "babydick vampire" Wise says:

    Varg can say “bye bye” to Burzum, but he can’t say “bye bye” to not wanting to stock shelves for a living at the nearest supermarket in bumfuck France.

    1. Eat Mi Fucc says:

      There’s enough of those who will eat anything up with his name attached to it and even if that fails he can always fall back on gibs.

    2. Artists rarely end up rich, but artist-imitators always do.

      Maybe we should all be Metallica, and put out a few legendary albums before speeding up honky-tonk music and adding distortion to be megastars?

  5. Fangorn says:

    I don’t know why replys here are always easy to made several cynical remarks, in order to show your ‘wisdom’? You don’t like something subjectively, you call it shit/garbage, and done. What is the value of your views? Like a fool in a excessive ‘(so-called)freedom’ foolish democracy? I’ve done that before, but it is pointless. We should provide valuable thinking to support our point of view. It’s not about right or wrong, absolute truth doesn’t exist, we are all prejudices holders, but at least generally(and optimistically) we are not what kind of animals like, completely constrained by genes and instinct, you want to fuck and you just fucking. Someguys might call it hypocrisy, but in my opinion, imaginary/illusory is a necessary condition for human(or humanity) beings to survive, whether in terms of social system or individual(or love). Someguys might think that animals are better than humans, but just like someguys think that human beings are better than animals, are prejudices, the point is which concept do you choose to accept to building your cognitive system and ego.

    Philosophers are high-risk professions for suicide, because everything that supports them in building their ego and sense of meaning are collapses. Nietzsche is a romantic, romanticism means seeing a certain emotional value as the greatest sense of meaning, means imaginary.

    People love and hate someting it will be because of prejudice and imaginary, or because of the profit in practical sense, it is common and harmless. But harm others based on whatever imaginary or profit, obviously history(under the human concept and system) will not give it a good end. Peoples are truly hate Nazi now, hate anyone who is disgusting selfish guy. It may sound a bit like the left wing thing, but I am not at all, now the left is the other extreme, same disgusting.

    Returned to the subject of music. Music always has autonomy and heteronomy two way to explain, well I think that’s largely based on your preferences. Usually I tend to use ‘music-autonomy’ way to understanding music, namely ‘absolute sound’, So even if it’s not instrumental works, I sitll regard voice as sound, and not to minding lyrics, or cultural background. If you say, Metal to a large extent is the ‘heteronomy’ music, I actually agree with you.

    If you want to connect something outside of music from Burzum ambient works, personally I feel the Buddhism thing first(although it’s probably that Varg won’t agree), especially the three tracks already released in 2015 on this album. I think Burzum ambient works is better than Metal works. The friend above said Hvis Lyset Tar Oss is the best, but actually this entire album is the beginning of Burzum ambient works, include Filosofem. After being released from prison, It can be seen that Varg wanted to continue creation of both ambient and metal thing in Belus, but compared with the Hvis.. and Filosofem, obviously those three albums all failed, the latter two albums are tolally crap of european refugees stupid honour, it’s unpleasant to hear and meaningless at the musical, so he back to the shadows.

    Factual proof, Varg giving up guitarand start the synthesizer works is success, many people said they don’t like ‘neo-Burzum’, but in my opinion, the steinkern of Burzum’s music it’s never about war/fight/battle thing, if you don’t like neo-Burzum ambient works, I think you not really like old-Burzum metal works, you can find other ‘blackmetal’ then fuck the whole world and cut your wrist.

    1. Vigilance says:

      Shut up faggot you’re gay

    2. The ambient albums vary, it is true, but so do the guitar albums. Working with keyboards and sequencers gives him more possibilities and if he can crank out material like “Daudi Baldrs” and “The Ways of Yore” from his countryside bunker, we will all enjoy it more than another soundalike Blasphemy/Zyklon-B clone bedroom “hwar metal” album from the NWN/FMP brigades.

      1. mlotek says:

        Hear, hear!
        Like you said in another comment, it is imitators that are raking up the praise and money.
        If it wasn’t for Varg, then what would the likelihood have been for ambient black metal to get as popular as it did?
        I wouldn’t even know if a new Burzum release was out if it wasn’t for deathmetal.org, or some downlaoding sites I visit. I usually avoid all the so-called metal “news” sites / webzines, as they’re all full of politically-correct shit.

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