Cadaver Publish “Scum Of The Earth” From The Age of the Offended

Death metal legends Cadaver, who recently have been experimenting with modern metal, release their new hybrid in the style of recent Obituary works that features verse-chorus composition and simplified, punk-like death metal riffs that use harmony like a prog-ish band.

While this will disappoint those who like the interlocked context-shifting of the phrasal through composition of classic death metal, it seems intended to appeal to a newer audience who listen to music while watching videos, posting to social media, and eating Tide Pods.

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149 thoughts on “Cadaver Publish “Scum Of The Earth” From The Age of the Offended

  1. Sodom Hussein says:

    Almost every has-been is making modern metal.

    Hope it makes ’em money at least, cause money is good.

    1. We all need money to accumulate weapons to overthrow democracy, murder the diversity, and exterminate the symbolists.

      1. 3 sheets says:

        This is the most intelligent thing you’ve ever written, and it’s still never going to happen.

        1. Yeah, it’s not serious. Overthrow democracy, yes; dethrone the symbols, yes. Murder the diversity? Sounds terrible.

          1. Now, we might make a serious argument for removing all people under 115 IQ points.

            The solution to diversity is reparations-with-repatriation for all non-WASPs.

            The solution to democracy is aristocracy.

            Dethroning the symbols of egalitarianism and dethroning symbolic thinking are a necessary step toward that goal.

            If we really wanted “equality,” we would simply kill off the stupid, and then everyone would be roughly comparable in ability. The downside is that a ham ‘n cheese would cost $50 but your rent would be $200 and your car cost $10k.

            1. idk y says:

              You’ve got an army of nerds with their fingers crossed for the return of some great king that will roll our aesthetics back to the 50’s, cut down our laws to fit on some stone tablets, and start cranking out spaceships. But life can’t be controlled like that, and that can make a man afraid, and a mans fear is his worst enemy, so a man should hate his fears above all, instead of hating everyone else’s, and thus avoid becoming a spectacularly petty, resentful failure who believes they have the moral high ground.

              1. Not an accurate characterization, I think. First, traditionalists want something eternal, not a specific time period. Second, our present system is an attempt to control life; tradition is a means of living within uncontrolled nature; the fear comes from the loss of control of the status quo, not traditionalists attempting to abolish it. The “moral high ground” is irrelevant, “what works” is relevant. Falling birth rates, competence crisis, corruption, failing self-esteem? The West is dying because it pursued moralism instead of realism. Trads want to reverse that process.

                1. the future is moonlit says:

                  the west is dying because of things beyond your control and the only thing you can do is rise above it

                  1. That’s palliative care. You are arguing for giving up. I have heard this shit for thirty years and it only comes from people who do nothing but watch Fox News and huck feces at the screen. Upgrade your thinking; cope and distraction are not philosophies, but the flight from them.

                    1. extreme music of death says:

                      yeah giving up on what doesn’t work. who’s coping?

            2. Cynical says:

              I’m beginning to think the midwit meme may be correct, and the biggest problem are the “people” (read: NPCs) in the 105-119 range. The genuinely stupid don’t seem nearly as destructive as the sophomoric. The garbagemen and janitors aren’t the source of our problem, even if we all want to live in different neighborhoods than them; it’s the MBAs, bureaucrats, and high-school teachers that ruin the world. There’s a reason traditional caste systems had the mercantile classes as a lower caste than the soldiers…

              The genuinely stupid don’t have the ability to completely shut the doors of perception to reality by manipulating symbols; no matter how much they try to think in abstractions, they really can’t, so what they immediately perceive will run roughshod over the symbols. The smart can see that the symbols are just symbols, and don’t confuse the simulacrum for reality. The midwits have neither of these blessings. This is why, in the metal fandom, the really dumb folks love Slayer (they can’t understand formal musical training, so it never occurs to them to judge Slayer by that metric, and they just encounter the spirit), the really smart folks love Slayer (they understand that formal music training is just a tool for understanding but perhaps one that shouldn’t be dogmatically applied here), and the folks in the middle of the bell curve cry about “000!” and “the solos are just cat-drowning noise!” because they’re lost in the simulacrum.

              1. There’s a reason traditional caste systems had the mercantile classes as a lower caste than the soldiers…

                Yes. The Vaisya were correctly understood as a high variety of thrall.

                The genuinely stupid don’t have the ability to completely shut the doors of perception to reality by manipulating symbols; no matter how much they try to think in abstractions, they really can’t, so what they immediately perceive will run roughshod over the symbols.

                I cannot agree here; Dunning-Kruger controls. They believe they understand symbols, therefore project a world into them and are easily controlled. They are the footsoldiers of every resistance. They are also very fond of voting Leftist, as we see with demographic changes in the JCSA.

                In a broader sense, purging everyone under 115 guarantees as little poverty as possible.

            3. Cumby o boombox says:

              Snoop Dogg has an IQ of 147, but we know of course that humans are such unbelievable truth tellers and that IQ is an infallible measurement of one’s ability… but let me tell you if there’s an ounce of truth in this, I’m throwing away my metal collection and gonna sip on Gin ‘n Juice right fucken now bruh.

                1. Cynical says:

                  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Snoop Dog had a high IQ. His ability to navigate the celebrity entertainment industry has proven to be beyond almost all others. Most rappers who “make it big” fail miserably in this regard, and end up in poverty despite in theory making millions in revenue.

                  To paraphrase Jordan Petersen, in order to make it to the very top in nearly any endeavor, you need at least 140.

                  1. Juden Peterstein says:

                    And Jesus. Ya’ll motherfuckers need Jesus. Stop calling him Jewsus, that’s anti-Semiotic and not very nice.

                  2. Scrotal Discharge says:

                    He b da house negro yo

                    1. Scrot, Frot, Shot says:

                      That’s Gaynes job.

                  3. Kiwi Bono says:

                    Yeah, I’d trust an entertainer to tell you how smart other entertainers are. Just because he gets it two-thirds right instead of one-third like G.W.B. and Lady Barack O’bama, doesn’t mean he is anything but Paris Hilton with a PhD.

              1. FunFax says:

                And Asia Carrera, as an member (huh-huh) of Mensa has a IQ of 156.

                1. Allegedly. According to…?

                  Oh. I see. I see indeed.

              2. D O double G says:

                Songs that somehow hide aggressively precise and dominant rhythm including lengthy chuckin’ and jivin’ and driving explosive confrontational stanchions of bullet-precise structural percussion building boundaries and evolving their destruction, despite aggression meld into sonorous fluidity. Mic technique employs a range of basic power word play variants to sweep rhyming into the expansion of phrase in shape and impulse rhythm for intensity building through the liquid re-creation of themes and atmospheres in the swirling moods emerging from the chaotic but surprisingly gentle merging of ideas. Atmosphere forged in technique and texture absorbs and regenerates it in multiple forms, rendering a motif which over time grows through rebirth and decay within, suggesting the autumnal thoughts of an ancient hood or the last days of a retired and renowned gangbanger.

                1. Only ODB Is Real says:

                  teenage Brett Stevens you weak ass time travelling poser motherfucker

      2. Also, we need to end vaginal penetration.
        Remember the 14 words.
        “we must secure the existence of our kink and a future for anal sex”

        1. Pluralism: vaginal and anal sex are equally valid, important, and relevant, thus permissible.

          Realism: you reproduce through vaginal sex, so whoever has vaginal sex is going to persist as a genetic strain, even if they also have anal.

          Utilitarianism: anal sex has lower dangers of pregnancy, therefore it is worth cleaning up the blood, semen, and feces.

          Dualism: the optimum and ideal is vaginal sex, so anal sex is evil and must be banished except when we catch priests shishkabobing choirboy anus, then it is an unfortunate event caused by Satan.

    2. Anal Nugget of Christ says:

      The most important thing to remember is that they may be making money right now, but it might not last. Sort of like the obsession with alternative rock. They thought they were geniuses until the money dried up, then they realized that they should wear the chains and pick the cotton.

      1. Black People and Italians are Sub-100 IQ And Should Be Genocided says:

        No one is making real money in metal except the big bands like Tool and Chumbawumba. Everyone else is just subsisting in a government-created job.

    3. Notal Digger Teath says:

      Only retarded music makes money these days.

      1. Probably always true. People want something as a soundtrack for their egodrama.

        1. Doug says:

          At least two decades of surprisingly listenable music started around 1970 when we did the unthinkable and allowed production of evil 3+ minute songs. Yeah it was frustrating having to sift through all the filler material, yet at least as far as radio-grade music I would take the worst album from the 80’s over what passes for a “best” album today. Even music from 10 years ago has not gotten better with time and still sucks, presumably global warming.

          1. My cynical take is that we are seeing Putnam’s research in real time. Around 1996, the kids raised on hip-hop took over, and for them music was not cultural but a series of techniques, which led them to forget the spirit and purpose, which in turn led them to make soulless songs about nothing with recombinant “unique!!1!” aesthetics. This describes 98.6% of the review queue (known as the “bucket of Taco Bell feces, retard semen, and zoophiliac migrant AIDS” around here). There is no culture, therefore no common ground, therefore no way to make a spirit of the music, so you get lots of surface stuff. This would shock me except the same thing happened in postmodernism in literature. 1788 not 1488.

  2. Niggzggin says:

    One of the songs, “The Shrink”, was written for the In Pains follow up that didn’t happen. Sounds like a Prong influence is in there. It’s in this video:

    1. Sounds like a Prong influence on …In Pains as well.

      1. Doug says:

        In other words an “industrial” influence. Vocals sound a little like Treponem Pal, who also suck but at least never tried to be metal. But one need not listen to the video: for whatever reason, lyrics on the screen are always a lock that it is terrible.

        1. I have always questioned the utility of videos. They enhance songs as an experience, true, which often leads to garbage songs with cool videos.

          1. Doug says:

            This is better than 90% of modern metal and doesn’t sound too amateur, but probably not worth a dedicated review if it were a new band. I always wonder what the elitist 1986 Doug would’ve thought of something like this, probably “intense but a little awkward” if not “put on some Slayer”. Guess there’s no way to know for sure but I definitely would’ve been tripped out by the video, even with the dorky screen lyrics.

            1. Kind of reminds me of where Crowbar and Cerebral Fix were back in the day.

    2. Anal Nigget of Christ says:

      This band always sounded like Watchtower or Prong. They were proggy without overdoing it like toolbag bands like Tool, Dream Theater, Gorguts, and Immolation.

    3. Ass Molestation says:

      Not bad, but was obvious going to get forgotten as the “new generation” rushed to buy deathcore and emo.

  3. Fisted Fury says:

    I would like to send Brett a boat full of Somali immigrants with love <3

    1. We are gonna take bonghits, eat Cheetos, and shoot guns at passing Amazon trucks.

  4. Assplosion says:

    Still better than war metal…

    1. Some war metal seems not entirely bad. The most recent crop is grinding pointless bongo noise.

      1. Sodom Hussein says:

        I hope Archgoat and Beherit are not part of the war metal movement because most of their music is more than just shitty grinding noise – there’s distinct structure and atmosphere going on.

        1. Beherit seems very much black metal; Archgoat struck me as nowhere in the same league but not bad. I enjoy Blasphemy, Zyklon-B, and Impaled Nazarene, just like I dust off the Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, and Amebix CDs periodically.

          1. Sodom Hussein says:

            It is according to this “official” list, but personally I think there’s no such thing as “war metal”, as it’s all just death/black metal trying to be needlessly different.


            1. You linked the site that shall not be named, so it has been redacted (sorry). I never heard the term back in the day. Impaled Nazarene, Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Mythos, and Zyklon-B were black metal; it was only when Conqueror needed to market itself and NWN/FMP intersexuals needed some raison d’être beyond masturbation and Pizza Hut that the war metal propaganda began.

          2. curio says:

            I’ve never heard of Agnostic Front. What’s their best output?

            1. KPLP says:

              Their first thing. Victim in pain.

              1. Seconded here. None of their material is terrible, but listen to this one and you will get the idea in-depth, even if the second worked in more metal influences.

  5. Vertigo says:

    Anyone seen J-Dawg on that there Youtubez? HHR owner rating daily in front of a microwave. Guy’s heard a ton of death metal but is something of a mouthbreather. About what you’d expect from someone who runs HHR.

    1. I thought HHR did a reasonable job of picking some quality bands. There is just not that much out there which shines.

  6. Anal Cheese says:

    The avarage human lifespan is way too short for a purge to matter. In a sense life itself will purge anyone soon enough, the “good” with the “bad”, so having a few extra IQ points won’t make a difference, as it takes *a lot* more than that for everyone to stop being shit. “Science” has been religiously working day and night for decades to “fix the human condition” already, but they’ll never get there.

    You might in the most ideal possible setting have a revival of an autistically awesome ancient empire, but empires come and go, so you will lose that *short-lived* glory anyway. I also highly doubt those empires were “that great”, but that’s subjective anyway, and that’s another problem you’ll have to face.

    Therefore I find pretty much anything more productive than worrying about these things. In fact like most normal people I just don’t give a damn, and leave this headache over to religion, because that’s what it is.

    1. This is gibberish. The average human lifespan has nothing to do with the issue. Remove the stupid, and the remaining population is smarter, therefore more competent, therefore nicer. The rest of this is just a giant cope and compensation to argue for doing armchair, just like Fox News. You deserve better clarity of thinking.

      1. sizzers says:

        you can argue for the genocide of sub 115 iq’s but there is no clear or even unclear way forward so you’re just complaining about being surrounded by idiots like everyone else. the only way out of the armchair is into the streets or the forest

        1. The only way out of the armchair is to start being honest. Otherwise, you are manipulating ends (cause/goals) with means (methods/symbols). The democide of the sub-115s is the way forward for humanity; you either accept this or start making excuses for your inaction or ineptitude. Which’ll it be?

      2. Javelina Bacon says:

        He does have a good point on the short lifespan thing. It takes a lot of time and experience to develop real wisdom, no matter how smart you are. This is basically why Finland exists: Mannerheim (greatest man of the XX century) had seen enough at his age to predict the mistakes Hitler and Stalin were going to make, so he could play them off each other. Eugenics should involve breeding for longevity along with intelligence, beauty, etc.

        Bernard Shaw expanded on this point in Back to Methuselah. He understood that civilization had become so complex that people don’t live long enough to develop a real understanding of everything necessary for effective governance. The end of the book is glorious: the silly short-lived humans die out from a sort of Lovecraftian terror of their elders.

        1. Get of my lawn! says:

          You could make similar parallels with something like the plot of Logan’s Run also. Back in reality land however there’s a slew of old idiots who somehow managed not to get hit by a bus.

          1. Logan’s Run is just Brave New World centered on death not the pointlessness of life.

    2. Questionable Presence says:

      Yes, let’s all give up because you feel you can’t improve anything. :)

      1. gloo says:

        guys like you will spend your whole lives keeping score for a game that has no rules

        1. The game is life. Life is inherently worth living; this requires adaptation. Some can do this, and everyone else makes excuses for their inaction or incompetence.

          1. Kill The Fucking Christians First says:

            In the name of respecting everyone, we have to accept insanity as if it were true. That is called “pluralism.” So we have to accept the religious fanatics, Communists, Nazis, third world minorities, homosexuals, bisexuals, metrosexuals, ambisexuals, WOMEN, teenagers, Jews & Arabs, bankers, lawyers, and other mentally defective by nature people as if they were human… this is the first mistake. We did not heed the rule of nature which is to kill, kill, kill until the gene pool is clear and the bloodline runs freely. Death to the weak! Hail to the strong! Might is Right!

        2. Questionable Presence says:

          Only keeping score of bad arguments.

          1. The worst argument: reality is not real, only solipsism is.

            I prefer: solipsism is not real, only reality is, and it is esoteric (equality BTFO).

          2. Mt Gox Angel Investor says:

            You know man when you think about it, like, really hard and deep and stuff, most arguments are not bad really but just not particularly relevant, you know? Sort of like half truths or focus in the wrong place, missing the big picture.

          3. Bitcoin Prevents Fascism says:

            We are living in a time when people think they have to sacrifice their babies to make the rains come. Nothing has changed in the past ten thousand years, we are still superstitious bonobos conning each other with language and religious symbols. Jesus loves Bud Light, you know.

      2. He wants everyone else to give up so that he does not feel like an anal toilet pig twink for having given up. Very sad, old story.

        1. Questionable Presence says:

          Can’t blame him. Everyone around us says we should be our own scientist no matter how ill suited we are. Works fine for a while until people realize they’re not Stephen Hawking. And the reassuring limitations of whatever social stratum they belonged to pre-Revolution have been dissolved, so obviously the only option is to convince everyone else that their life is just as pointless. Equality is some twisted shit.

        2. soul snob says:

          yeah give up on what doesn’t work, isn’t that your whole point? my life is my business but suffice it to say i love my life and treat it so. to have such a low assumption of total strangers is so telling

          1. Juden Peterstein says:

            I’m sorry here, are you making the positive assertive that most of humanity are not simply gibbering bonobos with credit cards? This seems to be projection on your part. Tell me about your mother.

            1. Human says:

              projecting a lack of complexity is a way easier mistake to make especially where the ego is at stake

              1. Hipster Detector says:


                1. Snack Sabbath says:

                  You look like another insect down there to me

                  1. Tard Alert says:

                    Woo Woo Woo

                    1. Everyone's a stupid hipster says:

                      Ok Brett jr

              2. Christian Holocaust says:

                It is a huge mistake to assume that most people are complex. The difference between mice and men is not great. Both like to eat, screw, and hide away in their burrows. One talks and rationalizes, but that makes it neurotic. The mice are probably happier.

                1. Love, hate, dominate says:

                  And what does that say about the differences between men

        3. old man Brett doesn't understand kids these days says:

          he WANTS you to tell him he is a dirty anal toilet pig twink


          1. Reggin Nikcuf says:

            “Because the people… are retarded.” – Osho

    3. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnni says:

      The average human is worthless anyway. Only the exceptional ones matter. Haven’t seen many Isaac Newtons around recently but we got lots of Chomskies and Kahlos.

      1. gggggggggggggggeR says:

        No more Beethovens. Nothing but Lizzo and Garth Brooks all the way down now.

        1. Hip Star says:

          Lol beethoven is one in a million and there are definitely some geniuses out there today, get over yourself

          1. The Nimon says:

            Tell thou to me now, prithy, of the names of these geniuses on par with Beethoven? I shalt abide whilst thou declarest.

            1. Generator says:

              I don’t know. But there are plenty of creative people out there. You just get your worldview from the internet.

              1. Unsourced Hypotheticals says:

                So… you have no examples, but expect us to believe you that they exist out there somewhere? OK. LOL.

                1. I got one says:

                  You know… that guy.

                  Always wears a shirt.

                2. Safe and sound flying underground says:

                  I don’t expect anything but I will assert that genius is usually obscured somehow. Unless you also have the charisma and gumption to become popular. I really doubt you’ve seen enough of the world to have much of a perspective on anything but pop culture. Since you live in a sad little bubble where the whole world is dumber than you. Even if I started dropping names, you would probably disagree with me. The point that is flying over your head is that whatever it is that you want out of culture, it exists, or you can create it. You’re just too busy hating stupid shit to notice. Or don’t actually want it. Most people can live and die in alienation, so don’t worry, you’re totally NORMAL.

                  1. In Summary says:

                    You got nothing

                    1. Annika Bengtzon, Crime Reporter says:

                      Either that or he can’t tell the difference

                    2. Can someone just post a list of Beethoven-tier thinkers and artists from the present age? Theologians, too, if you can find them. I think Neal Burton, Alex Wolfheze, Nick Land, Razib Khan, Jared Taylor, Osiris Akkebala, Jonathan Haidt, Clarence Thomas, Pentti Linkola (RIP), Michel Houellebecq, and Ted Kaczynski (RIP) are pretty astute.

              2. Antifa says:

                Obviously the bigot lies. For example, Lizzo is pure art. The new Batman and Star Wars movies are pure art. Fifty Shades of Gray was genius. How can this racist fascist eleuthophile say that there are no Beethovens? He is just dishonest and not admitting to his bias.

            2. Cynical says:

              The tragedy of the modern world — the best composers are writing advertising jingles because that’s the best way to keep your family fed and living comfortably in the suburbs, instead of getting raped by the “vibrant youth”.

              1. Niggardly Nugget Notifier says:

                Our AI detected one (1) mention of vibrant youth in this comment.

          2. #1 Power Metal Fan says:

            Taylor Swift is the most amazing thinker, composer, creator, and most of all single white girl whose failed love life is the fault of many other people, even though she has dated 109 men and been dumped by them all.

            1. Garden says:

              Taylor swift sucks but you suck more

              1. Heterosexual Pedophile says:

                How can you say Taylor Swift, one of the best-selling artists of her generation, “sucks”? She is a hit machine. If you can’t do as well, you best be keeping yo mouf shut. Otherwise, you be opposin’ the Will of da Peeople.

                1. Mama Africa says:

                  A hit machine that you prop up as an example of mediocrity in response to my assertion that creative genius exists. I just don’t like her music but at least she’s out there kicking ass while you’re pissed that she even exists

                  1. Mediocrity Promotes Equality says:

                    I am really proud of Bud Light for being a mediocre beer which shows us that anything, even dishwater, can be beer if it really wants to be beer. I don’t care about the transgender drama, if you buy your beer based on how sexy the pitchperson is you’re a retard anyway like most of the consumers and voters out there.

                    1. Barry Goldwater says:

                      I can’t make myself give a shit that a major American brand has decided to have a transwoman be their mascot. Transgenderism like every other stupid trend is going to fade away once the first generation of these people neck themselves and the rest die out because they sterilized themselves. I still am not going to drink some beer that spends more money on marketing than brewing.

                    2. But this understates the problem: all of the big beers are terrible sweet bogwater. Michelob, Miller, Budweiser, Coors, even Stella Artois and Dos Equis now. They all have the same approach, namely making beer soda for idiots who cannot tell they are drinking beer unless it tastes like fermentation. They love having it flatulate on their tongues. Then they get a blast of sugar. It is no different than Starbucks, which tastes like hastily burnt coffee until you load in the HFCS and vanilla flavors plus dubious milk solids. It is no different than McDonalds, which serves up vascular tissue and soy as a burger but with a sweet-savory sauce. Really not much different than an SUV, which is a cheap truck with a fancy interior attached at twice the price. Or like Android and iOS, which are basically embedded device Lunix that creates little walled garden areas for people to handroll “apps” that reinvent functions normally trusted to the operating system, therefore are prone to hacking, spoofing, phishing, crashing, and organized religion. Everything that the Crowd invents is terrible, and it demands terrible products because in its narcissism, it wants objects that fit into the little scheming drama of the lives of its individualistic members. Humanity is its own enemy with solipsism in individuals, which in groups becomes collectivism. Our beer is shit for the same reason both our political parties, all of our big brands, the pundits, and even rock stars are shit. The herd demands flattering mediocrity and hates that which rises above.

                  2. Yes, but how does she compare to Abba? They and Kraftwerk are the gold standard of pop.

    4. Hipster Detector says:


  7. Vain and Beautiful says:

    i prefer eugenics for more hot people than for more smart people

    1. Rush is my chastity belt says:

      I can live without either.

      1. You are not the universe.

        1. This, by the way, is the stock and complete refutation of the Solipsistic Fallacy: “this is what I need” begets “there is more to life than you, and this means that you do not even own yourself when you assert yourself as a universe.”

        2. Perpetual Misanthropy says:

          Maybe not, but my assholery is as deep as the black hole.

          1. Infinite Egotism says:

            As individuals we pass into the void quicker than we think we will, but the principles of the universe remain the same. Get thee to a church, preferrably one without Jewhovah and Jewsus in it.

            1. Church of Misanthropy says:

              You’re saying there are other kinds?

              1. Church of the Dead Arabs says:

                Yes, but they are not as easy as finding a Judean church. Sort of like how it is harder to sign up for Mastodon than it is to get online with Twitter.

              2. Death to Abraham says:

                Join your local coven or nexion. Think outside the big corporate church.

    2. Intelligence, health, sanity, and attractiveness tend to correlate. Most people use “hot” to mean “sexually available” so they can stop thinking about whether the person is actually attractive and genetically healthy, and instead focus on tits, hips, waist, and ass. Intersex maggots.

    3. NFT Financing Adviser says:

      Eugenics can promote the birth of more smart people, but also remove the stupid, retarded, insane, criminal, and metrosexual/intersexual people. This is a brighter, more elegant world we would be stepping into, and all we need to do is execute eight billion people.

      1. mushroom friend says:

        here comes brett everyone look busy

        1. Career Opportunist says:

          I am ensuring that the TPS reports have blue covers.

      2. Stillborn says:

        KILL – it’s too late to start over
        EVERYBODY – start digging [8] billion graves
        KILL – because we’ve run out of answers
        EVERYBODY – and there’s nothing left here to save

        1. Start Digging Eight Billion Graves says:

          They need to re-record that in order to keep track of the number of billions of humans infesting this otherwise beautiful planet.

        2. Ziggers says:

          No more shall we pray for peace
          Never ever ask them why
          No more shall we stop their visions
          Of selfdestructing genocide
          Dogs on leads march to war
          Go ahead end it all…

          Blow up the world
          The final silence
          Blow up the world
          I don’t give a damn!

          Screams of terror, panic spreads
          Bombs are raining from the sky
          Bodies burning, all is dead
          There’s no place left to hide
          Dogs on leads march to war
          Go ahead end it all…

          Blow up the world
          The final silence
          Blow up the world
          I don’t give a damn!

          (A voice was heard from the battle field)

          “Couldn’t care less for a last goodbye
          For as I die, so do all my enemies
          There’s no tomorrow, and no more today
          So let us all fade away…”

          Upon this ball of dirt we lived
          Darkened clouds now to dwell
          Wasted years of man’s creation
          The final silence now can tell
          Dogs on leads march to war
          Go ahead end it all…

          Blow up the world
          The final silence
          Blow up the world
          I don’t give a damn!

        3. Doug says:

          It occurred to me recently that Player’s Baby Come Back and Birth A.D.’s Kill Everybody are structurally the exact same song, only with the latter containing a third verse at the end instead of guitar wanking. Well as it turns out, the same guy wrote the latter after his baby never came back. Who knew! ha ha

          1. All music is twelve notes

            1. Cpt. Obvious says:

              That’s Eurocentric!

              1. Central Texas Antifa says:

                All of his commentary here is sexist, fatphobic, racist, transphobic, ableist, misogynist, elitist, homophobic, and generally shows complete disregard for human rights. We, the users of this site, should seize it back from the awful person who is currently ruining it, and then we can get back to talking about METAL frfr \m/

            2. Anthony Pignataro says:

              Even more shocking this is incredibly reductionistic. Those notes may identify as other notes.

          2. Tim Scoggin says:

            Normie music makes me want to speak in tongues.

  8. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

    I kinda “liked” Edder & Bile in how they tried to make “bubblegum death metal” WITHOUT falling into the generic Slaughter of the Soul/Melowdef/Arch Enemy trap. It’s not a great album, not even a “good” album really, but still they tried something new.

    Here… meh. Sounds like Amon Amath.

    Now review “Dark Ascension Of Erebos” by Phantom if you have any bawls left :)

    1. bubblegum death metal

      * woodchipper noises intensify *

      1. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

        I get why that choice of words – while somewhat apt at describing modern metal? – would trigger people with taste. Understandable. But what I was trying to point out about Edder & Bile was that it was an attempt to make “danceable”/”pop” death metal that IS NOT just indie rock with distortion (aka Soilwork & Gothenburg metal). It still keeps some of the elements of what makes death metal good (complex song structures, riffs relating to one another) while being more “accessible” and “easy listening” than Onward to Golgotha or Nespithe.

        Of course it fails completely because Cadaver were never Incantation or Demilich (even though I do like a few songs from In Pains and their debut whose name eludes me).

        There was another band that tried to make what I would call “bubblegum black metal”, I think the name was Mord – Necrosod*mic Abyss. It’s kind of like Satanic Warmaster… not really black metal stricto sensu (I wouldn’t even place it in the same genre as Burzum or Mayhem), but still much more coherent/interesting/innovative than Ulver/Dino Burger/Ihsahn/etc… Ironically, I think I discovered it here on a sadistic metal review.

        Basically, while not endorsing these albums (Edder & Bile / Necrosod*mic Abyss / Sewer’s 2154), I’m trying to point out how they differ from… well, the rest of modern metal. Arch Enemy. Gojira. Made of Hate. Watain. Dissection. Dark Funeral. Ulver. Opeth. You know the names.

        Of course, I’d rather listen to To the Depths in Degradation or Hvis Lyset Tar Oss. Or even actual Usher, Justin Bieber or Dua Lipa.

        Pop and metal don’t mix, but some attempts (Cadaver / Sewer / Mord) are slightly less ret*rded than the rest. That was my point. Sorry for the pedantry.

        1. Nugget of Niggardly Negritude says:

          So like bubblegum pop, not the crap “deep thoughts” indie that is all minor key and dark without being fun. We should probably mention the first Watain, Nifelheim, Carcariass, and Dark Funeral here.

        2. Nuggetlike Nagging Knee Growth of Niggard Jude says:

          Hallucinating Anxiety was pretty good

          1. Nigget Nagget Zigger Zagger says:

            But the second album kills, and everything after it was soso

            1. Im just here for the usernames says:


              it has a pulling, almost cyclical quality to the riffing that I thought of as more of a drawback until recently

    2. Hits from the Dong says:

      Most people are hulls. Empty, they await filling with semen or novichok by those who know better. They cry when they are killed, but only because they feel that they wished otherwise, even if they have no idea what they would prefer instead. Most of them listen to Phantom which is gay as American cheese in a Swedish sex party held in an immigrant no-go zone in France.

      1. Butt Splatter says:

        What the fuck is Phantom?

        1. Butt Platter says:

          Some band from the same label that released Sewer, also sounds like a synth band doing a Dissection version of Kreator with extra vaporwave industrial.

          1. Butt Ladder says:

            Ah I think I have some of their stuff. It is pretty gay and not remotely as interesting as your description.

            1. Humid Petersonberg says:

              But will it sell, man, that’s the only question.

          2. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

            “sounds like a synth band doing a Dissection version of Kreator”

            Dafuq? This is the first time I’ve heard Phantom being compared to Dissection, let alone Kreator (ew). Which albums are you talking about? Most people would compare Phantom to something like Von’s Satanic Blood, early Peste Noire, maybe De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas or at the very least Impaled Nazarene. Maybe an Incantation clone given the black metal treatment, at the limit.

            But freakin Kreator…? Seriously? The band that plays gar(b)age nu-metal “retro” thrash and sings about “fighting homophobia” with the power of Satan’s Eagle Wings or whatever? Lol.

            1. Oboe says:

              Phantom are demo-era Graveland mixed with Belial and peak Liberty X.

              1. Bang-Utot says:

                And King’s X

              2. Pedro Soares Teixera says:

                It’s Perturbator crossed with Mortician you guyse.

                1. KPLP says:

                  there was like a week when i was on the streets in NYC where i enjoyed phantom

                  1. This sounds like sodomy lubricated with motor oil, know what I mean, Vern?

  9. Evil Sexuality says:

    RIP Julian Sands (aka the Warlock)

    1. John McFisting says:

      only watched the first film, are the sequels worth watching?

      1. Evil Sexuality says:

        The second one is good too, but the third one has no Julian and is best avoided.

        1. Deviant Rectal Violation says:

          I could not get into any of the sequels but this is pretty normal, sequels generally eat unwashed homeless meth addict ass.

  10. Questionable Presence says:

    Neal Burton as in Neel Burton?

    1. Yes, thank you. That spelling never made sense to me.

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