Cadaver Releases Modern Metal Hit “The Age of the Offended”

For death metal fans, this will be less exciting because as usual with humans, they melded the extremes and formed a new hybrid average generalist, “modern metal,” which is as much emo, late hardcore, indie, and alternative as metal, and like most bands with labels Cadaver is trying to “stay current.”

That being said, this is (a) a better song than almost everything else in modern metal, preserving the nocturnal and organic atmosphere of the second album of Cadaver as a minority influence, and (b) a more honest approach than trying to hide modern metal in death metal.

Sure, we all miss the glory days of Cadaver when …In Pains graced the stereos of those elite and nerd-outsider enough to appreciate musical quality over “muh brutality,” but it is good to see them ride again.

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10 thoughts on “Cadaver Releases Modern Metal Hit “The Age of the Offended””

  1. helpful tic says:

    It’s okay for mainstream rock… but I’ll pass.

    Meanwhile here’s a rare, solid remaster of in pains:

    1. It’s okay for mainstream rock…

      Perhaps even better than almost all of it, however, Cadaver has never managed to be dramatic, and you need to do that for the big bucks. Thanks for the remaster of …In Pains, one of the greatest death metal albums ever.

    2. Nightstick says:

      Bro, your link is damaged, could you re-up it?

      1. Still working here. Are you sure it’s not a local ISP block?

    3. LGBT Christian Mulatto Death says:

      Damning with faint praise… barely any at all infact.

  2. NiggzggiN says:

    Discipline is one of the few y2k+ metal albums I like. Necrosis and the recent one were lackluster. This is at least a more interesting atmospheric Voivod direction than the revival death album.

    1. I re-listened to Discipline and while it is better than most of the review queue, I think it lags behind this most recent Cadaver material. Too much urgency and shapeless drone riffs in the hardcore style. Metal needs riffs. Drone riffs can work sometimes but when done constantly, are reducing the guitar to its role in rock as a timekeeper for the vocals. Metal vocals are never going to compete with rock vocals and we really do not want them to.

  3. Blinding Rays says:

    Anyone hear the Orsartag symphonic tribute to Burzum album? Just read about it, could be interesting.

  4. zooming heart says:

    wjhat were we listening to again

  5. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

    I agree 100% with the review. I also thought that was the case with Edder & Bile, where they were IMO trying too hard to make what I could dub “bubblegum metal” (named after bubblegum pop). Some tracks are cool (such as the opener) and the musicians are clearly competent, but it has relatively little “staying power” compared to stuff like In Pains… or, of course, masterpieces such as Onward to Golgotha & To the Depths in Degradation.

    Nu-Cadaver I would rank along the likes of Sewer and Warkvlt (did you hear their hilarious “tribute” album Burzumination lol?). I like the concept of trying to make “catchy” death metal that doesn’t go down the metalcore route (see Carcass), but sometimes I feel too much “death metal” is sacrificed in favour of sounding “catchy”.

    Just my 2 cents :/

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