Calling Opeth gay is an insult to homosexuals

Trollsk, arise!

Obviously everything that follows in that link is troll material. This part especially sounds like it was written by someone who barely once listened to half of a song and decided that they are crap:

Opeth “sounds like” prog even if it has none of what made prog great: real musical development, song structures that build upon themes instead of being random, and truly mindblowing chops.

And I’m pretty sure I’ve never read or heard anything about Mike saying they are a progressive death metal band (though they most certainly are imo), but rather just a death metal band so really the foundation of that article, which is to slam their approach to prog music, falls upon itself. Fakken trolls they troll don’t like em – ANUS topic at official Opeth forum

The trivialist band OPETH, who specialize in making boring simple death metal “sound like” progressive rock so that emosexual manpanties neurotic tweebo children of divorced homes and failed lives can cry together, and then consider themselves smarter than the rest of us peons, make their money selling what’s basically warmed over Dave Matthews Band songs with death metal riffs (sometimes). The foolish, unaware, uneducated, illiterate, inexperienced, confused, lost, low self-esteem and possibly uncle-raped flock to it as they search with mooning faces for some kind of meaning in their disposable, interchangeable part lives. And then they get upset when we point this out to them.

I want to make a fatwa here, which is that we make it illegal under ANUS Shariah law to compare Opeth to homosexuality. To do so is to insult homosexuals. Instead, we must focus on the truth of Opeth, which is that it is music for boys to cry to so that they do not have to become men. It is music for people to feel like they’re having a profound experience to, when really they’re just projecting their own neurosis (expanded rectums from parental rape, divorce and repetition of failure). If you like the thought of telling a rapist to go ahead and have his way with your ass, because you’re just too into yourself to muss your hair fighting back, Opeth is for you.

And that, mein munchkins, is why we troll them.

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0 thoughts on “Calling Opeth gay is an insult to homosexuals”

  1. what is this i don't even says:

    emosexual manpanties neurotic tweebo children of divorced homes and failed lives

  2. dsdsd says:

    Does Dorkthrone and Graveland or whatever you like have time signatures and technicality? LOL. Have fun with your little kid kvlt metal.

  3. Also says:

    I’m sorry you can’t see that metal can have an artistic side.

  4. Serious and REAL metal fan says:

    Just because it isn’t covered in corpse paint and frostbitten doesn’t mean it isin’t good. LOL enjoy being kids, you will find the rest of us in the REAL world, being REAL adults and listening to REAL music like Opeth and Krallice, not some silly dress up music.

  5. Real Adult says:

    lol @ Opeth and Krallice being real music. Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you have to listen to shitty music, fortunately.

  6. Krallice fan says:

    It is real music. Opeth and Krallice don’t have to dress up like it’s halloween and pretend they are something they are not. the music comes from the SOUL and heart and is therefore a thousand times better and more honest then your stupid “AWGLE BRAGGLE SAATAN” crap.

  7. Opeth fan 4 life says:

    I know man, Opeth is so deep and soulful. I love their sophisticated lyrics and acoustic passages. Anyone who can’t appreciate this music is obviously an immature child. Hell, Opeth is almost as deep as Slipknot and Korn. Almost.

  8. True Metal Art says:

    Opeth and Krallice are for pretentious manchildren. Real adults who appreciate TRUE metal art that comes from the soul listen to great bands like Blind Guardian and Stratovarius. Opeth, ughh… their songs sound like a chorus of street dogs farting in unison. Keep listening to that crap and believing that you’re anything more than a fat, slovenly, overgrown highschool student with a neckbeard.

  9. Carg says:

    Too many trolls. I’m too drunk for this shit.

    Anybody else like Tempa T?

  10. LOL says:


  11. fix says:


  12. da jungle says:

    “Anybody else like Tempa T?”


  13. anal gossip says:

    I heard the Wiht dude fucked the Into Oblivion vocalist.

  14. Rico says:

    If you go to the thread at the Opeth forum : , you wil notice that the original poster is someone named “moc.suna” which is backwards for ! He copy pasted Prozak’s rants againd opeth to offend opeth fans. This guy is the same that has trolled the opeth website since trolling gojira was fun. Gojira fans get offended by trolls but opeth fans fight back with irony.

  15. KKK says:

    Rico, you’re a genius…

  16. BARACK OBAMA says:


  17. HILARIOUS STUFF!!! says:


  18. Power Metal \m/ says:

    the Opeth fans on that forum actually have a sense of humor about it rather than getting butthurt. That’s a pleasant surprise, although Opeth still sucks.

  19. Carg says:

    (Reach for the baseball bat, SWIIIIING)

    That thread there is pretty amusing. I don’t know if they’re counter-trolling or just retarded. That guy who tries to refute the points made in the OP early on basically says “no, that’s wrong”, and leaves it at that. I’d be impressed with how calm they are about having their favourite band/meaning in life mocked, but they probably haven’t stopped smoking weed since they discovered that they could be some kind of Metal Stoner.

  20. Prozak is Lord Humungus says:

    This blogpost =


  21. hmm says:

    They’re calm about having a band they like mocked because they’re not flabby fucking kvlt aspies who treat music like political punditry.

  22. High school kid who loves Slipknot says:

    WHAT?! You mean muzak is not srs bizness?! And to think I’ve been basing my life and self-image around something that is not equal to politicl punditry :(

  23. it's no longting says:

    Kick man in side of his ribs
    Kick man down in front of his kids

  24. serious question says:

    Is it still ok to call Opeth fans retards?

  25. serious question 2 says:

    has anyone here listened to a german band called THINK OF MISERY ? what about DEATHCORP theyre both from the late eighties! also what do u guys think about HELLBASTARD’S “natural order” ??

  26. deadite says:


  27. Gaping Rectum says:

    True story, I heard Opeth playing in a gay club whilst I was balls deep on a black ghetto thug in the bathroom.

  28. users are closet gays says:

    True story, everyone who habitually makes jokes like that is a latent homosexual.

  29. Someone should open a gay bar named "Prozak's Anus" says:


  30. Confused Mac User says:

    Isn’t Opeth bashing just like the christian practice of encompassing a miscreant’s misery to elevate one’s own existence?

    Can Opeth fans be held responsible for the tardiness of their fandom?

    Why haven’t I yet felt compelled to listen to Opeth’s music?

    Download links plz?

  31. fagpeth4ever says:

    it was so totally rad how they arrived at the Grammys in that giant egg! LOL!!!

  32. huggariffic says:

    I always get my anus handed to me by eloquent and witty Krallice fans so I sure do hope Opeth fans are less hard nuts to crack!

  33. sinofsodom says:

    agreed completely. gay and lesbian people should not be compared to this travesty of music.

  34. Prozak's Anus says:

    That’s how it was in the 80’s, man.

  35. Adrian McCoy says:

    Haven’t i been saying that korn is faggot shit all along? Opeth does not suck as bad as korn, not at all…

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  36. faggot says:

    shut the fuck up

  37. kunt says:

    what he said

  38. You can’t blame homosexuals for Korn, Opeth, Cannibal Corpse and other horrible music. It’s effete twee and weak like a homosexual bottom, a receptive rectum, because it panders like a whore to all that’s weak in humanity.

  39. Discursion says:

    What, are you guys even serious? This is just music after all, so calm down. There’s no purpose in trying to blast people for what they listen to with subjective ideas concerning subjective matters. Might as well stop that elitist behavior already before it overwhelms the reputation of this website, which unfortunately seems to be the case already. But then perhaps you’re only seeking some kind of attention, otherwise you wouldn’t care. Let it be, really. The nature of this comment is only incomprehension faced to such form of pointless hate.

  40. DJ says:

    Opeth is surely still way better than shitty bands like Slayer. Slayer sucks.

  41. Warr says:

    lol at True Metal Heart, Blind Guardian is a great band, but so is Opeth. You’re only an idiot who doesn’t know how to listen to music.

  42. Moonlight says:

    Totally agree with the guy who said Slayer sucks.

  43. Spark says:

    @”Real Adult”, or better “Real Coward”, go back listening to your crappy Slayer, Stratovarius or some similar mainstream shitty music… while I listen to some Opeth, thanks

  44. Sunbrill says:

    Opeth is better than any band mentioned in this thread

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