Cancel Culture Goes After Lemmy Kilmister

We make fancy terms for obvious things. Political correctness means making taboo any terms except those which support our “Libertarian Communist” style system; cancel culture and deplatforming mean the public spectacle of removing dissidents and non-conformists.

Unfortunately for them, metalheads are non-conformists to human society and have our allegiance to nature and cold dark realism instead of the fluffy, profitable, and zombielike social control to which human civilizations turn as they decay from within.

One of our number, the late Lemmy Kilmister, now finds himself under attack through the coffin lid by a member of KISS who wants us all to join in with the corporate and Leftist model:

‘I knew [Motorhead bassist] Lemmy Killmister for many years, I went to his funeral. He was a sweetheart. He loved everybody, we were friends. But Lenny was attracted to Nazi paraphernalia. He used to collect that stuff.

‘But you need to pick your targets. The subtle uses of hate, if it becomes fashionable, yes attack that. But the bigger issues are outright hate, neo-Nazi groups.’

He followed it with a call for political purges in the Communist style:

Simmons told he was disgusted by the racism he sees in America and said society should take a hardline approach to those spreading prejudice and hate, comparing them to cockroaches.

‘Identify them, make their lives miserable – legally. Shine the light on that cockroach.’

‘The guy with his drunken buddies hurling racial epithets, take photos of him. This guy’s name is so-and-so and he lives right outside of Manchester and works in this garage. Guess what the garage is gonna do? They’re going to fire his ass right away, because they don’t want the attention of hiring a hate-monger.’

Obviously, metal will be divided by the ensuing crisis as the Left has been trying to do for years, but metal always breaks for the natural over the human. In the natural world, conflict is the norm; only humans try to suppress it and are willing to use repression toward that end.

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31 thoughts on “Cancel Culture Goes After Lemmy Kilmister”

  1. Spaniard says:

    Nothing to be divided about as far as I’m concerned. KISS was a shit-tier band that got by on spectacle rather than talent. Gene Simmons is a living, breathing, walking and talking anti-Semitic meme. He’s all of his tribe’s stereotypes manifested in the flesh. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to trademark his mom’s pussy as he exited the birth canal. This kosher rat sent a cease and desist letter to King Diamond in the ’80s because the Kinger used makeup he claimed was similar to KISS:

    I guess after all these years we finally know what the acronym KISS really stands for: Kikes in Shlomo’s Service.

    1. I hope that some of those eighteenth-century operas that used similar makeup start suing. Where does Alice Cooper fit into all of this?

      1. Spaniard says:

        Alice Cooper was a shock rock trailblazer. He didn’t invent it, that distinction goes to Screaming Lord Sutch and Arthur Brown, but he is arguably the most responsible for its dissemination on a global scale; hence his moniker “The Godfather of Shock Rock.” I know he probably isn’t listened to much by the DMU faithful, but I’m a HUGE Alice mark. He’s not really heavy metal, yet he’s influenced many heshers and a couple of his albums are pretty metal. ‘Ol Spaniard is about to get a little intimate here: After I graduated high school, I had “I’m Eighteen” on constant repeat in my home and car stereo. That song was the aural expression of the internal restlessness I was feeling during that turbulent period in my life.
        Alice also has a pretty solid discography. In his FIFTH decade in the music business, he beat Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson the shitheel poseur extraordinaire at his own game when he released Brutal Planet and Dragontown, which I would argue are his most metal albums to date. So to wrap this up, yeah, Chaim Witz should be coughing up some shekels to not only Alice, but also to Arthur Brown who was the first to wear extreme facepaint in rock. Chaim is the quintissential yid; they rip us off and then have the balls to threaten us with legal action for infringing on their “identity.” Hell is better than what these desert vermin deserve.

        1. Anthrax covered “I’m Eighteen” on their first album. I think it resonated with a lot of people.

          Alice Cooper was also great in Prince of Darkness. Chaim Witz was killer in Runaway, a truly menacing presence.

          But, I think more credit needs to go toward Cooper, and less toward KISS, who were just fun-silly-funny and not very metal. Cooper scared people and then became a Christian who seems to take his own faith seriously. What an interesting fellow.

          1. Doug says:

            “you are receiving this broadcast as a dream, we are transmitting from the year one nine nine nine….” ha ha, good stuff.

          2. Seaman says:

            Also kicked booze cold turkey and married a dropdead gorgeous woman who’s since had plastic surgery I think (yuck but that’s the biz) but has also stood by him through thick and thin. Man won at life really.

            1. Plastic surgery is sort of scary and gross… especially considering how often it goes wrong.

          3. Spaniard says:

            Yup, the Coop is definitely a corker. As for Runaway, the real killer in that was Kirstie Alley. Hubba-hubba!

  2. Pastis says:

    He should have in mind that it’s always time to finish the job and get ride of his kind.

    1. I take a few lessons away from this:

      1. The concept of “equality” is inherently totalitarian.
      2. Becoming the opposite of your enemy does not work; you become a mirror image.
      3. Diversity doesn’t work. Repatriations are necessary.
      4. Modern society needs quality control. Idiots will always support idiocy.

      Anti-Semitism works like organized religion, class warfare, cults, and other easy answers: it summarizes all of our problems into a convenient symbol.

      I don’t think it will cure the problem, and along the way, horrors await. We do not want to become our enemy, because then we destroy what we are.

      1. Birkenhain says:

        Naming the Juice is of utmost importance. Can they be blamed for everything? No. „Vor der eigenen Tür fegen“ is the first thing we should do, but conveniently ignoring their corrosive influence on our societies is suicidal.

        1. In my view, their influence is no different than any other diversity, but they have higher average intelligence (especially verbal) which makes them more effective. The Chinese, Southern Europeans, Arabs, Eastern Europeans, and Irish behave similarly (note something in common between all of these groups, and Jews, is Asiatic ancestry). The India-Indians, Africans, and Hispanics have their own behavioral patterns. The only solution to my mind is to end diversity, because even if our diversity was high-IQ well-behaved Japanese, the resulting cultural fracture would doom us. That means that going after any group in particular misses the bigger question. I see two questions here: one, diversity, and second, eugenics. Our society cannot survive with diversity. In addition, we have lots of homegrown idiots, sociopaths, liars, criminals, perverts, retards, insane, etc. who need to be exiled. Then, there is the problem of democracy, equality, and individualism themselves. Once we beat that, we have to find a way to re-inspire the spirit within ourselves to want excellence (arete). It is a multifacted, complex problem and obsessive hatred toward Jews, negroes, the Rich, etc. just misdirects us.

  3. Fckk Godl says:

    Does (((Gene Simmons))) condemn the racism of the apartheid state of Israel? Of course not, anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.

    1. Anti-racism is also a code word for anti-Jew as far as Israel is concerned.

  4. Seaman says:

    Surprised more hipsters haven’t pulled Lemmy down from his pedestal. Based on today’s pussyfooting standards, the guy had a pretty interesting life but he crossed a threshold of social cachet that even the most bleeding-heart liberal is unwilling to attack.

    1. He split the image. Obviously was not a dogmatic conservative, but clearly not a liberal either.

  5. Shank Herman says:

    Simmons: ‘I believe in my heart these bands just aren’t educated,’ he said. ‘There was a holocaust, but we just don’t confront these things. Especially guys in bands, let’s face it, if it wasn’t for the guitar around their neck they’d be asking you if you want more fries with that. They’re not the sharpest tools in the shed.

    What a pretentious prick and total hypocrite. For fucks sake has he looked at his own logo??

    1. Uh, well, that is really sort of awkward isn’t it?

      Then again, Jewish people love Holocaust/Nazi fetishism… look at all of that great 70s porn on the topic. “Great” is a matter of interpretation here.

      1. Peter says:

        Definitely the Jewish State should open its doors and let the Palestinians drive them into the ground for the sake of anti-racism. Right Brett?

        1. If we repatriate all Jews worldwide to Israel, they will outnumber the Palestinians and dominate politics, at which point Palestinians will flee. Everyone wins.

    2. PISS says:

      Has he ever looked at his fanbase, or measured their collective IQ?

      1. Everyone in America seems like a total moron. The bad news is that most of the rest of the world is even worse off.

  6. PISS says:

    The goyim are only created for manual labor. This is already envisioned in the holy scriptures.

  7. Robert says:

    Isn’t it funny how Jews conveniently forget what the Jewish owned diamond industry has done to Africa?
    I had a black g/f once, wasn’t very political or afro-centric, but she would get pissed at what Israel/Jewish owned diamond mining has done. If you look into, it’s fascinating how these companies have created many of the tribal wars in Africa. They aren’t called “Blood Diamonds” for nothing.
    But it’s not really addressed by anyone.
    As far as Lemmy, there are no words to describe any asshat who attempts to diminish Lemmy and who he was.

  8. Robert says:

    ‘The guy with his drunken buddies hurling racial epithets, take photos of him. This guy’s name is so-and-so and he lives right outside of Manchester and works in this garage. Guess what the garage is gonna do? They’re going to fire his ass right away, because they don’t want the attention of hiring a hate-monger.’

    Thankfully we have Andy Ngo shining the light on Antifa cockroaches wearing their Che shirts waving the hammer sickle. The only problem is, half of Antifa are unemployed and the other half work at Starbucks…
    so it’s hard to get them fired

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      a lot of Starbucksa locations are being closed down.
      yes, I am so sad for these left wing destroyers now unemployed, maybe I will cry
      …nope, I farted instead.

      1. I can’t wait for the cannibalism to start. Now practicing recipes (with perfectly legal pork)!

        1. Haitian recipes says:

          Let them eat mud cake.

          1. I’m hoping for cannibalism.

            1. Reality SHITS on your ideals and expectations says:

              Careful what you wish for.

  9. ChoseDeath says:

    I fucking love you guys. Just reading these comments makes me very happy, not because I agree with all of them, but because they’re being said. It makes me sick to see “Metal Fans” toeing the SJW/Mainstream/ Commie line. And here I thought we were the rebellious sort. Anyway, Gene Simmons is a fucking fag, KISS sucks ass, and they’ll never cancel Lemmy. Long may the Rock God reign!

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