Castrator – “No Victim” (2014)


Approaching deathcore like a doom metal band, Castrator mix invariant riff-chorus pairs with extended solos over slower riffing and hybridize the chromatic riffing of their influences with Judas Priest style hard rock riffs. The strength is the melodic soloing which, while very much cut from a conventional metal/rock mold, guides the slowly looping slow-paced riffs to make an interesting atmospheric piece. Their death metal riffs however both conform strictly to archetypes and achieve no variance, so that a wall of extremely similar sound gives way to a solo, then repeats briefly and fades away. Many of these riffs stick to fixed patterns at a single note, which produces the kind of droning that made post-Suffocation clones excruciating. Melodic hooks drape over power chords in a backdoor way of creating a groove, but these become repetitive quickly as well and have the kind of pop tendencies that trivialize death metal. The vocals perhaps provide the strongest point of focus for this band, but that in turn becomes a weakness, because vocals alone cannot unite a loop of similar verse/chorus riffs with breakdowns into a song. The gruff monotone vocals keep a bass-heavy pulse going that drives songs forward with aggression and anger. While the band write catchy songs, the low internal complexity and archetypal riffing detract from the desire to hear this again.

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15 thoughts on “Castrator – “No Victim” (2014)”

  1. BreadGod says:

    Great review, man. I agree that Castrator is boring as shit. The only reason anyone is gushing about this band is because all the members have vaginas.

  2. thewaters says:

    Into Oblivion review! Come on….or at least Space Jam.

  3. blackmetalkid says:

    As much as it warms my heart to see extreme metal getting ripped apart and totally assimilitated, why can’t they choose to play black metal instead? Much better style to use Shocking imagery.

  4. Richard Head says:

    This is the best band I’ve listened to in recent memory.

    1. Bert Stebbins says:

      yeah bro Fuck these elitist idiots, this shit is SICK!!!! it was probably too fucking brutal and twisted for a little nerd like Brett to handle. Id like him to tell me i have low internal complexity to my face, he’d probley pee his pants and run away once he scoped my shredded bod lol

    2. Ara says:

      Is someone posting as Mr. Head again?

      1. Ara says:

        I’m starting a new used condom collection, any suggestions ?

        1. LostInTheANUS says:

          Check alleyways around bars and clubs.

          1. who? says:

            And public school yards.

      2. Richard Head says:

        It’s the sincerest form of flattery, I’m told .

  5. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    So boring.

  6. nuclear weapons test says:

    You can really find a few gems while looking through the Noisey/Vice tags for death & black metal:

    1. nuclear weapons test says:

      PS – reports say that former infidel and death metal aficionado Adam Gadahan was killed by a drone.

      1. Thank you for posting this.

  7. Greg Muscles Bartolo says:

    Dear Brett Steven. While listening to Sepultura Morbid Visions I realized that you complete me. I’d like to first fight you, and then fuck you. Then show you my competence recognizing quality metal by sharing Slayer’s Seasons in the Abyss while we cuddle. Just you, me and my teddy bear. Please tell me if we can meet.

    Yours Truly,


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