Chuck Schuldiner honored on JornotJ

A death metal activist asked and got recognition of a death metal musician:

But even though we wouldn’t go near the seller, and even though death metal isn’t exactly our cup of tea (grunting is best left for the bedroom), when we got home, we read up on the history of the genre. And what we found is that Chuck Schuldiner, the frontman of the band “Death” (clever name there), called by many “The Father of Death Metal”, was Jewish.

So you see, at least one good thing came out from attending a street fair.

Clowns? Don’t get us started.

Verdict: Jew.


If you haven’t read this hilarious site, you should visit — it’s a semi-satirical yet fairly serious display of loyalty to origins. And now, it recognizes DEATH METAL.

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  5. Mastodon fag says:

    I have just read the ‘metal rant’ about Chuck Schuldiner on your website. I must say that I am quite disgusted and appalled, but somehow not surprised. While I do find your reviews to be original and quite comprehensive, I always had a feeling that everyone at the Hessian Society were nothing but a bunch of small minded, easily lead automatons.

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  8. Levy_Spearmen says:

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  9. solar metal guy says:

    I respect Chuck, he supported chastity and viginity plus he created solar or sun metal. R.I.P chuck anus misses you :(

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  11. Hunter Hunt Hendrix says:

    That’s pretty impressive. Not only was Chuck a great man who invented Death metal, proved that it could be more progressive than the typical shitty br00tal bands, embraced the love of God and finally died nobly of AIDS/cancer, but he was also one of God’s chosen race, and may even be related to a noble holocaust survivor. My respect for Chuck and death metal just went up



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