Confusing social judgment with reality

I like this short essay in defense of Gonzo-style subjectivity:

So the concept of opinion here is strictly experiential – it is your vision of this record that is being sought and an interpretation unshackled by the influence of individuals exerting which records that are supposedly valid or true. To tap deep into the essence of why your chosen opus matters to you should render all other considerations redundant. My fundamental concern is for readers to be able to channel your vision and either discover an offering they hadn’t had the opportunity to prior, or at least determine an unconsidered perspective.

Pre-empting reader response is futile, they will extrapolate the messages as they see fit. Considering the likely audience for a publication such as Black Metal Revolution, it is naïve to consider it some sort of “rule book” or “guide to BM for the uninitiated” as there is no prescribed list of the records that should and should not be included. There are offerings I would like to see adorn the books pages, but this is not something I intend to contrive as it is at odds with the production’s essence.

A submission to BMR is a clear account of a record that matters to the author and why. Sure it can be more should you wish it to be. Some are better equipped than others to provide such an insight, though creative prowess is not necessarily a gateway to divination. VON is always going to appeal to me over some sort of pompous, overblown and overproduced act like Dream Theater; though try to explain to a Dream Theatre fan WHY that is the case is futile. The language of reverie is different for all individuals who are truly channeling their innermost. – Black Metal Revolution

None of the DLA’s critics have ever noticed this, but we have never been cruel to subjective opinion. We have only said that beyond the individual, it is unimportant.

We are nihilists. What matters to us are consequences in reality, not peoples’ feelings, perceptions, desires, emotions, aesthetics and so on. We are ultra-realists.

The fact is that some art stands above others; the counterfact is that this does not necessarily determine why you like it. Our goal is to find the art that stands above the rest. Otherwise, why both read a review? Who cares what the other guy likes, unless you’re looking for something to listen to, or a canonical depiction of a genre?

We all have some bands we like because we like them, not because we think they are good. For me, it is older punk bands, who now stand revealed in the light of experience. They are amateurish, sloppy and often redundant. Not all punk bands are this way.

In defense of VON, who we have listed on the site, they like punk were an important step in removing the pre-conceptions of rock music from metal, especially black metal. They are also good, in a limited sense; they are probably not good for repeated listening, as musically, they are boring. No three magic notes exist which are so fascinating they trump complex melody; it’s basically rhythm and arrangement at that point which determine the band.

As far as this listener goes, I like both Beethoven and Von — I recognize Von’s limited historical importance, and that Beethoven is objectively better than Von, and that to think otherwise is mental retardation. I still like Von.

0 thoughts on “Confusing social judgment with reality”

  1. hipster says:

    The Anus staff are not nihilist. You’re pan-nationalist and elitist. “Active nihilism” is a farce. There’s only one type of nihilism and that’s a belief in nothing. Nothing. NOTHING. Fuck what Nietzsche said.

    Von is good though, I agree.

  2. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Von is pure distilled darkness. There is nothing I love more than cranking that shit up during the early hours of the morning and feel myself consumed by the utter hatred the music emits.

  3. @hipster says:

    What’s wrong with elitism? Are you afraid you’re inferior?

  4. hipster says:

    A better question I have for you is how finding something wrong with elitism and afraid of being inferior tie together?

    That’s the problem with anus and it’s proles. The thought process of the rectums here is that if you’re not an elitist, then you’re dysfunctional or broken and are “inferior”. Elitism in the sense that Anus and the proles use it is a snide, distasteful, anti-social way to be. Don’t be fooled, it may seem relative of nihilism but it’s something completely opposite. What that something is, no one knows? It’s all one big contrived mess.

  5. DEVIL... PIG says:

    FUCK merely ‘historically important’ albums. Put that shit in a museum, leave it to the idiot ‘collectors’.

  6. durrr says:

    An associate of mine who is into dancehall and stuff basically came up with a similar reasoning. He knows that kind of music sucks, but he enjoys it. He freely admitted that it couldn’t ever compare to something like Mozart. Wish more people would adopt that attitude.

  7. @durrr says:

    “Wish more people would adopt that attitude.”
    Every people adopt that atitude. Everybody knows that classical musicians are the most gifted of all musicians even if they dont listem to them and think classical music boring.

  8. tiny midget says:

    What about Tartaros from Norway, the Red Jewel cd?
    I think that album is better than fucking Levy_Spearmen’s mom.

  9. Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base_ment says:

    To me Von and Messiah are good reasons to stay home on a Friday night. The pleasure I get from those metal albums are more satisfying than getting laid.

    I am also an ultra-realist which means I understand no one can guarantee me I will be alive by the end of the week. The twisted poetic melancholy of black metal blasting from my speakers is more important than the socialization and its social-bores passing judgment over me.

  10. fucking retard says:

    I know I’m living a life of mediocrity, but I enjoy it. My life will never compare to someone of worth, and I know it. I wish more people would adopt my attitude.

  11. ultra anti-aspie militant power metal soldier says:

    >I understand no one can guarantee me I will be alive by the end of the week.

    Right, except for your mommy providing you food and shelter. Maybe you should act on that statement and kill yourself already, saving us all the chore of dealing with you.

  12. lol says:

    Prozak still doesn’t know what nihilism means.

  13. Negro Vodka says:

    hrep drep i sukk pollock kokks durrrrr

  14. ONLY COCK IS REAL says:

    As an organization concerned with reality, we find it embarrassing to be so thoroughly isolated from our object of concern.


    ANUS Staff

  15. Hahaha says:

    Everyone stop, the above comment wins Everything else is pointless

  16. homeless alcoholic says:

    Hey I like Von too. And I’m not that much into classical music but I think Gentle Giant is awesome music to drink to.

  17. Lord Aspie of the Solitary Base_ment says:

    @ ultra anti-aspie militant power metal soldier

    No man, I don’t live with my mother. I live alone and yes, alone I will die.

    I agree with you though, I should kill myself but honestly, I do not have the courage to do so. Besides, I love Metal so much, I do not think of dying just yet.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

  18. question says:

    If you live alone, how do you support yourself? Or do you get money from your parents?

  19. tiny midget says:

    I give him money, now shut up and go find something else to do.

    Where’s Levy_Spearmen?

  20. best thing ever says:

    these comments are the best thing ever

  21. question says:

    whatever, midget. I have much more important matress to attend to anyway.

  22. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:


    Did someone call my name?

  23. Levy_Spearmen says:

    What do want, midget? What?

  24. Vikings Vandals and Visigoths!!! says:


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