10 thoughts on “Conqueror – War Cult Supremacy Reissue”

  1. Nathan Metric says:

    This is a war metal band I do like so call me a bit of a fan boy, but Conqueror is not “riffless” and nor is it as “chaotic” as noobs dubiously think they are. Conqueror’s song are very structured. They are just structured in a manner that is not conventional. Here’s a hint, they have narrative and circular songwriting elements in their songs. Ryan also uses no more than the first 4 frets 90% of the time with an occasional chord on like the 6th fret or so that is why they sound like “noise” to the untrained ear. What is great about Ryan’s playing is that he has this way of creating tension between riffs when there is only the tiniest of differences between them. This is a feat no other guitarist has even come close to pulling off in this genre.

    Totally unfair treatment of this band. Conqueror is non-linear, catchy and conclusive sounding metal. One proper demo, one proper split, one proper album…..DONE. None of that Metallica crap where you drag on a finished project for decades and disgrace the older stuff.

    Perhaps its the band Revenge that is disgracing the legacy of Conqueror. People think Revenge = Conqueror with a new lineup. It’s not. Vermin is not even in the same league as Ryan Forster. Forster knows how to create tension and drive a song to a clear conclusion. Vermin’s songs are more repetitive and meandering (yes I did say “repetitive”. There is nothing “chaotic” about this music to the trained ear). Even Revenge’s best work Infiltration Downfall Death is at best only half as good as War Cult Supremacy.

    1. Ia_Lieutenant says:

      All Revenge songs are written by James Read, not Vermin.
      For me, Forster riffs are more based in close semitones and have a mechanical feel on them – while J Read’s are more hostile / agonizing. IMHO opinion, best Revenge record is “scum.collapse.eradication”
      Another strong song is “Chaostorms Of Demonic Hate”, Ryan gave to Black Witchery to play.
      “War Cult Supremacy” is a classic album – nicely recorded, but it needs a different mix – guitars should be more higher in the mix, then it would be a fucking eternal masterpiece – but what do I know? I’m just an old goat \m/
      I’m still waiting for the Death Worship MLP.

  2. Hail Pain says:

    There is much more interesting Canadian war metal from around this period to be found if you one cares to look. Sacramentary Abolishment, their successor Axis of Advance, and several of Paulus’s other bands like Rites all come to mind.

    1. Butt Porridge says:

      ANUS has had a review of Landline up for a long time.

  3. Anthony says:

    Tags are absolutely right on. Conqueror has always sucked the big one.

  4. Necronomeconomist says:

    You couldn’t repress the urge to inform us that a band you hate is re-pressing a CD?
    What’s the fucking point?!

    1. Butt Porridge says:

      It’s news, you fucking dipshit.

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    Some extreme Canadian black metal, that falls under the “War metal” tag got something to it. It ain’t all just noise.
    Conqueror is decent…so is Revenge. Same with Ouroboros.
    But to each his own. (I like sadistik exekution for example).

    I wanted to dig Sacramentary Abolishment, but they had shit sound, so never knew if the songs were good.
    Axis of Advance were good.
    Rites of Thy Degringolade were good.
    Blasphemy will always be fuckin shit. Crap sound, crap songs. They will always suck shit as much as Nuclear Death did. Fuck those bands and all their idiot kiss-ass fans.

  6. Boreal says:

    Huh, the DLA used to have a highly positive review of this album. Wonder what’s the story behind its removal. For what it’s worth, I strongly disagree with this flippant dismissal of an artistically relevant and successful expression of chaos, which is miles beyond the knuckle dragging garbage usually described as “war metal,” including Revenge.

  7. Marc Defranco says:

    I dig this band/album.

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