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cryogen-continuumTwo revelations before listening to this: first, when I first got into music I thought talent and ability were rare; now I realize they’re commonplace, but the ability to apply them in some non-inert interesting way is rare. Second, that metalcore — the mix of metal genres in the post-hardcore style of “contrast without continuity” riffing — borrows almost everything it has from 1980s speed metal.

Cryogen offer us a highly musical take on metalcore with Continuum, which displays excellent playing abilities, clear songwriting aptitude, and even the rarer ability to present songs in such a way that they are not only emotionally engaging but create a sense of transition that is coherent and not just random emotional outbursts giving way to one another like the rants of officer workers on sitcoms.

What brought us metalcore? A fusion of Meshuggah and The Haunted. Both used speed metal as a basis, but broke down the metal structure of internal riff dialogue and replaced it with the post-hardcore notion that great contrast between riffs to the point of incoherence makes for a better song. What it does is emphasize deconstruction and isolation to the point where the listener’s attention span is destroyed, which makes it easier to compose this way since the requirements are much lower.

Cryogen is best when the speed metal peeks out, or even when the heavy metal parts emerge. With their technical skill, they could easily make a classic heavy metal album. Instead they insist on burdening themselves with surface complexity, which because it must cram in more diverse elements, requires the unifying elements of the song be simplified. The result is very basic chord progressions underlying a pile of textural depth and intensive variation, which means that when you drill down you find your father’s bouncy heavy metal riffs.

I wish this band would knock it off with trying to stay current, and just drift in the direction they clearly want to go, which is in the direction of the first Cynic album. Those songs actually held together, and the core of them was a complex sense of harmony leading to a flexibility in key transition that gave them elegance. Cryogen is sort of the opposite: a lot of styling that is ultimately held back by the musically simplistic core enforced on it by the burden of participating in the great metalcore trend.

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3 thoughts on “Cryogen – Continuum

  1. La Bette Blanc says:

    I much rather listen to Stratovarius!
    This site reviewed their latest album, Nemesis. There was another Stratovarius review on, I think it was of their Destiny album. I’ve been exploring this band since, and learned to enjoy their earlier and mid-period stuff like Episode and Visions, heck even their Infinite album is great. I always sensed underneath their sugary go happy tunes there was sadness and despair. Just found out their composer was diagnosed with severe manic depression. Not even him knew… but I did, just by listening to their earlier output.

  2. fallot says:

    Please no more half-disgusted metalcore reviews. Obviously neither the reviewer nor the audience appreciates it. Breaking it down as a purely academic exercise is pointless.

  3. eman says:

    This is bad. My girlfriend says it sounds like As I Lay Dying.

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