Dave Mustaine Wants One More Big 4

Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine has been vocal these past few weeks of pushing through one final Big 4 tour before Slayer hits the nursing home. He believes, however, that there’s no chance Metallica will be in. Mustaine, committed to getting a piece of the Slayer retirement pie, goes on to say he’ll headline a big 3 tour (minus the big 1) or perhaps start a new big 4 with two other thrash metal giants….

Truthfully, it’s always been “The Big 3” as Anthrax is mostly irrelevant and comparatively poor in quality.  Unfortunately, Mustaine’s big 3 would indeed include Anthrax along with Slayer and of course Megadeth.  So what happens if Slayer doesn’t want to cut the retirement revenue?  Mustaine claims he’ll then venture out with his own Big-4-lite including Exodus and Testament as replacements.  This actually does provoke intrigue as an interesting lineup although Anthrax would better serve as the opener.

If only promoters would give us a cash grab tour package of German thrash metal’s Big 3 featuring Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction.  The clock is ticking…..

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14 thoughts on “Dave Mustaine Wants One More Big 4”

  1. Johan P says:

    SODOM/KREATOR/DESTRUCTION has previously shared the bill – at least in Europe. One of the better shows this side of the millennium…

  2. Necronomeconomist says:

    Sorry to go off-topic, but can anybody weigh in on Order from Chaos? I guess it was proto-Angelcorpse. Anything I simply must hear?

    1. kl says:

      stillbirth machine rules

    2. canadaspaceman says:

      Well, anything by Order from Chaos is good, if you like the mix of oldschool death/thrash/blackened metal. ie. 1980s era bands – Sodom, Kreator, Sepultura, Death, Possessed, Bathory, etc.
      I haven’t listened to any Angelcorpse for a long time, so unable to compare them to OFC.

      1. ODB says:

        OFC is Keller through and through as can be seen in much of Ares Kingdom’s work. Angelcorpse/Palubicki is a more rabid version of post-Altars Morbid Angel.

    3. ODB says:

      Yes, An Ending In Fire for better developed songs; Stillbirth Machine for more chaotic, noisy fare. Or you could simply buy the boxset which came out a while back for a complete overview. No band comes close to matching their “martial” aspect for mine. It goes beyond playing technique, image, lyrics, though such things go some way in embellishing that effect. I don’t like to cheapen it by calling it attitude, but to be frank, their core sound does carry a certain aura of breathless aggression (Cryptopsy had it on their first two albums, but in a completely different paradigm). You can poke holes in the writing if you find speed-soaked 80s guitar distasteful; because of that same indulgence, the writing also has a certain loose, jam-like quality that might not sit well with an analytical ear. But if you can get past those caveats, and don’t mind the frequent primacy of motif over structure ,then you might find them worth investing in.

    4. Trashchunk says:

      Xenomorph – Empyreal Regimes is like a more focused Order From Chaos, it was re-released by Dark Descent and still isn’t listened to much by anyone, but it’s pretty fucking awesome.

    5. Necronomeconomist says:

      Thanks for the replies + insight, guys. I’m actually curious to hear such speed-soaked 80s guitar…

    6. Thewaters says:

      There is a review somewhere on this site.

  3. Chad Welliington says:

    Brock Dorsey, I know your father Ron Burgundy and your mom Buffy. Will you be at the country club this weekend?

  4. Darkseid says:

    Mustaine should have killed himself 30 years ago.

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    dammit, my original cd of rust in peace is defective NOW??? after I played it a million times …
    Metallica should replace it as they have more money from ripping off fans for shit music;
    plus they are gay

  6. Cock Dorskley says:

    you should “of” titled this article

    “Dave Mustaine Wants One More Big COCK”

  7. Dispirited says:

    I don’t think Slayer would want to tour with Dave Mustaine on their final tour. But who does?

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