Death metal playlist for Ebola ravaging the world


As the Ebola virus continues to ravage Africa and spreads into America and Europe, it may be time to get over our squeamishness and explore the wealth of death metal that can be played as we all get headaches, have flu-like symptoms, and finally pass out in pools of blood expelled from our various orifices.

With the help of our readers, we’ve assembled an all-star death metal, grindcore and black metal playlist for Ebola fanatics:

  1. Baphomet – “Infection of Death” (The Dead Shall Inherit)
  2. Carcass – “Vomited Anal Tract” (Reek of Putrefaction)
  3. Pestilence – “Chronic Infection” (Consuming Impulse)
  4. Autopsy – “Ridden With Disease” (Severed Survival)
  5. Blood – “Ebola” (Gas Flames Bones)
  6. Banished – “Diseased Chaos” (Deliver Me Unto Pain)
  7. Suffocation – “Mass Obliteration” (Effigy of the Forgotten)
  8. Morbid Angel – “Angel of Disease” (Abominations of Desolation)
  9. Beherit – “Suck My Blood” (Engram)
  10. Immolation – “Fall in Disease” (Dawn of Possession)
  11. Repulsion – “Pestilent Decay” (Horrified)
  12. Dead Infection – “Start Human Slaughter” (Surgical Disembowelment)
  13. Blasphemy – “Weltering In Blood” (Fallen Angel of Doom)
  14. Mortuary – “Sickish Disease” (Blackened Images)
  15. Obituary – “Infected” (Cause of Death)
  16. Von – “Satanic Blood” (Satanic Blood)

And to kick it off, a rip of Blood’s on-topic 1998 hit, “Ebola”:

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22 thoughts on “Death metal playlist for Ebola ravaging the world”

  1. I miss Crow says:

    Ebola images used to adorn the anus, oh my. This is the end, we have returned to the beginning. The anus predicted this, the anus showed us. Praise and glory unto the anus.

    Good music also.

  2. 666ml Klonopin says:

    Therion – Pandemonic Outbreak

    It has been such a wimpy year for metal despite all the diseases and atrocities. Nothing new to inspire people?

  3. veien says:

    I love it when riff transitions are kninda ‘…like an ebola virus” :p

    1. veien says:

      haha but ironically ebola today is engulfing what were previously it’s borders. As with modern metal, short succinct riff sequences that kill themselves off before regeneration are a thing of the old-school. Now it all just spread, mutates and meanders…


    “It’s a message in blood
    It’s your cryptic warning
    Within the message in blood
    Marks the years of pain,
    And your godforsaken ending to life”

    Thats from Message in Blood, killer son, killer guitar leads Trey Azaghtoth wishes he could play

  5. Belisario says:

    There’s also a track named “Ebola” by Nominon, heard it recently by pure coincidence.

  6. tiny midget says:

    don’t worry humankind i´m here to protect you.

  7. wurd says:

    I remember finding that virus image on the old site really creepy without knowing what it was.

    We could stop this from ever entering the US by stopping all flights from West Africa, but our “global village” (read: money) seems to be the top priority.

  8. In my quest for enlightenment I have learned that the only way to find peace and absolve myself of the sins of my accursed European ancestors is through devotion to the liberation of my sexuality by means of homoerotic ass-eating orgies and butt play.

    I am a very spiritual person who is often visited by transgendered astral entities who offer me their guidance in my quest for Nirvana. In order to elevate my consciousness to a higher plane of understanding and equality they told I must contract the Ebola virus in an act of violent interracial homosexual masochism. Unfortunately, Ebola is hard to find here in Amerikkka so I’ve set up a kickstarter to fund a trip to the Congo in search of spiritual bliss that can only come in the form of hot tainted cum injected directly into my anus from an African.

    1. veien says:

      so you’re an amerikan huh? and you really want ebola? I mean really really want the EBOLA VIRUS??

      well PM me at the forums (username transquatch88) cause if you’re serious I’ve got a few things I’ld like to discuss with you in private. And NO this isn’t a joke.

  9. Count Ringwoem says:

    Fun fact: it’s not Ebola that kills, but rather our own immune system going full kamikaze and ravaging blood vessels in an attempt to thwart it.

  10. don't get your hopes up says:

    Here’s a way to pass time, while waiting for Ebola to reach your country:

    1. Richard Dead says:

      Clearly we should move to Madagascar to avoid becoming infected.

  11. Jae-yun Kim says:

    Hordes of disgust
    Hungers, hasty, roaming at night
    Red eyes leering
    Apparitions of the darkest kind
    Heinous rodents
    The past of the modern agglomeration
    Living terror
    Indestructible abominations

    Symptoms of fulminant diseases
    The number of infected ones increases
    Inimical towards the human race
    Death in its most efficient way

    Ghastly creatures
    Enticed by decayed filth
    Abjective vectors
    Crawling in fermenting dirt
    Seed of infection
    Wallowing in stinking slime
    Malicious horror
    Still unaffected by time

    Spreading an awful and deadly zymotic
    Whole parts of mankind contaminated
    Bubonic plague, immortal enemy
    Several populations attained
    Verrucous corpses lie in the alley
    Mephitic cadavers are rotting away
    The living covered with furuncles
    Vermin, infesting another decade

    –Asphyx, “Vermin”

    Covenant of abominations
    Book of chaos and flame
    Chant of the ancient curse
    Demon of the southwest wind
    Sacred seal carved in flesh
    Blood spills upon the stone
    Howling demons open the gate
    Arise from the dark abyss
    Lord of sickness and disease
    Dark angel of the four wings
    Pazuzu, morbid god of plague
    Possess us with impure blessings
    Locusts swarm in rage
    Scourge the earth with plague
    Humans fall in disgust
    Unworthy of ancient blood
    Lord of sickness and disease
    Dark angel of the four wings
    Pazuzu, morbid god of plague
    Possess us with impure blessings

    –Demoncy, “Impure Blessings (Dark Angel of the Four Wings)”

    Decadence of your mind
    Sanity you can’t find
    Rotting flesh diseased your brain
    Painful death the final reign

    Stained with blood the dead now weep
    Struck by plague and black disease
    Stenching piles of mangled dead
    Agony in their heads

    Plague has struck the innocent
    Virus of contagious death
    Death infliction set on course
    The earth is piled with rotted corpses

    Omen of deadly fate
    Sent into a world of hate
    No more war only death
    The earth becomes a fiery crypt

    –Repulsion, “Pestilent Decay”

    Awoken from dormancy I find myself alone
    Standing in primordial ruin
    Of an ancestry unknown, a race of elder gods

    Dreams caress my agony as I live in decay
    My spirit pines for a time before humanity

    Voices haunt my sleep
    As I travel by the moon
    Vibrations from the dawn of time
    Shadows beckon me

    Cannot resist my heritage
    I leave behind a corpse
    Torn back through the ages
    Through the memories and dust

    To lands of ancestral shadows…

    Arrived my visions a reality
    My reign to survive eternity
    An emperor of chaos
    A ghost of insanity

    Enthroned I am now king
    Dominating prehistory
    A forgotten lord of blasphemy
    But soon the time shall come
    When I awake in frenzy
    To slaughter the invaders
    Known to me as man

    –Revenant, “Ancestral Shadows”

    Condemned in misery
    For my state of being
    My life has just begun
    In a world far beyond

    I’ve left this mortal world
    Of sickness and disease
    Visions race my eyes
    From the pain inside

    Banished from the living
    Some mock at my demise
    Mortals never learn
    Violence fools their minds

    There’s nothing left for me
    My body’s long decayed
    I’ve lost my mental health
    For my life I no longer fight!

    Now at the world I’m laughing
    For the life they’re living
    Laughter created by their dismay
    As I watch them rot away

    Now at the world I’m laughing
    For the life they’re living
    Now I’m on the other side
    Never go back to reality

    Now as the end draws near
    I know this hell is a plot for me
    Insanity take my mind and soul
    Into an unknown world I’ll go

    –Sadistic Intent, “Condemned in Misery”

    1. Anthony says:

      I got chills from that Asphyx one. I heard that song in my head before I even scrolled down. That album has some excellent lyrics.

      “Absorbed in insanity
      Souls dwell in depths of pain
      Roaring with laughter
      As the dead die rattling again”

      -Wasteland of Terror

  12. hi my name kostas from greece my band mixophagia death metal old school underground 1992

    mixophagia 2 demo
    1992-gas of death
    1995-spontaneous human combustion

  13. Linux or Death says:

    This Ebola virus better not inferere with the release of Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain this spring, I’ve bought a PS4 just for that.

    1. Anthony says:

      Video games are for nerds.

      1. veien says:

        Say’s who? there’s no way to objectively prove any of this. Your comment is unfounded and ridiculous.

        1. Anthony says:

          What a nerdy response. Nerd.

  14. veien says:

    It will spread and get worse from this point. Either cut all transport to and from known infected areas or prepare for the end (most westerners sub-consciously hate themselves anyway and so long for contact with the virus, asthough wanting to run their course and finish this miserable existence) It is more likely that Ebola were in fact contracting them, rather than them, it. Hence them welcoming the fucking thing with stupidity into onto home soil. But anyway, I’ll listen to early Graveland, Beethoven and Biosphere on special occassions only.

  15. Nurgle-sama says:


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