Death Metal Underground blocked in UK


According to Blocked!, an Open Rights Group keeping track of content filtering in the United Kingdom, one of the bigger UK national ISPs blocks We’re not sure if this is for our embrace of openly Satanic bands, our bad language, the Profanatica picture or our utter flippancy toward society in general.


Either way, it goes to show you that metal — despite acceptance of its tamer forms — has a long way to go before it is accepted as it is by society at large. We’re contacting Sky to see if they have any comment on the matter.

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21 thoughts on “Death Metal Underground blocked in UK”

  1. puzzled says:



  2. ODB says:

    Just the way it should be, too. Forget mainstream society, a vast portion of material on this website would be frowned on, ignored or dismissed as overly pretentious, by horn-happy, evil face making metal fans that you see prancing around on social forums. Metal shouldn’t be gentrified; this is one of the issues I have with this site pushing “metal studies” by academics who don’t demonstrate anything like the depth of emotional involvement with the music most members here do, and so can only speak as outsiders and as part of the “establishment”. Why crave for this acceptance?

    1. amber the hammer says:

      Good call. 95% of metal listeners should move on to Dave Matthews and emo.

  3. tiny midget says:

    maybe they blocked us due to my incendiary comments.

    1. Wild says:

      Someone should tell Sky that discrimination against midgets is not progressive.

  4. trystero says:

    If very recent it may be Vikernes support. Too bad I have Sky in the UK but I am not there now and have not been there for just under a month. No issues with access then. Brett is probably the most suitable person to speculate.

    1. trystero says:

      Or it could be a simple error. I think pussy ass UK ISPs generally consider death metal a negative thing for society (hence good and to be promoted). It can be somehing as simple as an aggrieved party reporting `problematic` content too.

      Although I still think it is likely an eror. You can ask for clarification and removal, I will do so once I return to the UK and it is still not resolved.

  5. Richard Head says:

    DMU is really moving up in the world!

    Pardon me for being an ignorant merikan hick, but does the UK generally have more stringent internet censoring than the US? I had not ever wondered this until reading this post.

    1. My understanding of UK internet censorship is that by default, all providers block a fairly wide swathe of content. For now, a user can opt out of this if they so desire.

    2. trystero says:

      Compared to the US? By far, Sky bans thepiratebay and people regularly spend weeks in jail for saying a `problematic` word on twitter. You dont notice censorship of day to day websites but I believe anything goes in the US (except CP etc.) so in comparison it is more stringent.

      1. Richard Head says:

        Was totally unaware of that situation. In the US, we hear of China’s and Korea’s draconian censorship, and that’s about all, so I was assuming that most other countries were about as unregulated as the US appears to be. Interesting. Thanks for the info.

  6. veien says:

    Does this then mean that there is no way to access DMU via certain internet service providers in the UK?

    1. Nester says:

      You could use a proxy or a vpn.

  7. Shambler says:

    Another byproduct of a slow and subtle retarding process. Soon, people will turn to the metal-archives for reading about death metal. There they will read about video games instead while being subtly brainwashed by the moderator’s communist propaganda. After that, everyone will suffer the hyping of a band that sounds like Anathema with lyrics about feminism and green living. If you don’t believe the end is nigh, note that Opeth have released 2 concert videos filmed in London.

    1. Roger Wates' Unwashed Dildo says:

      As opposed to other outlets desperately trying to convince a marginal segment of the population that Opeths mere existence is a problem? Yeah I dunno. I don’t go to metal websites to get bludgeoned with the the ideologies of the authors. But I guess people need their pats on the back for being part of the initiated don’t they?

      1. Richard Head says:

        I only listen to DLA bands because Brett told me they were cool. Secretly I own Wolves In the Throne Room’s discography but don’t tell anybody here.

  8. Garmonbozia says:

    I’m on SKY and while sites such as thepiratebay are blocked, this site never has been.

  9. Dissident Aggressor says:

    I think that some ISP’s in the UK require you to tell them that you want access to sites with pornographic content, so yes the Profanatica album is probably the reason, believe it or not.

  10. MiddleIndex says: is classed as an 18+ site and they have put in new laws that mean every new account that is set up for broadband has to be asked to turn off family safety blocks.

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