Decapitated Arrested For Kidnapping

Polish deathcore band Decapitated was arrested in Santa Ana, California yesterday for a reported kidnapping that supposedly occurred in Spokane, Washington.

Apparently a woman (probably a groupie) visited the band after their Spokane show and reported being kidnapped at 2am September 1st thereafter. The band’s attorney said:

“There is another side to this,” he said. “We have witnesses that can testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit the band of her own free will and left on good terms.”

Did a groupie discover the hard way that when most metal bands tour, they drive around in old vans like serial killers? She could have easily have gotten cold feet about sleeping with a sweaty Slav driving around in a white van.

The good news is hopefully, this may cause Decapitated to disband. Decapitated infamously switched from playing brutal death metal that sounded like Vader if they signed to Unique Leader Records to awful deathcore after a tragic bus accident killed a couple members.

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24 thoughts on “Decapitated Arrested For Kidnapping”

  1. A dick says:

    Team up a stupid band and a stupid bitch. Expect stupid results.

  2. Phil says:

    At least their band picture isn’t a cause for embarrassment.

  3. neutronhammer says:

    Earlier I was quite indifferent to Metalcore and Deahthcore, never cared for it as I did other kinds of music I never liked, but now thanks to DMU I actively hate it with a passion, as if it were something morally repugnant. I inwardly wish bad things befall practitioners of this style of music,am I overreacting?

    1. Nuclear Whore says:


  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Hmm … why precisely is this referred to as deathcore? I own the 2014 album because I read that this was a good band somewhere (technically, this is true, but I don’t like the music): This could be described as death metal riffs and vocals with extended ‘groove passages’ where the band was mainly playing rhythms. They seem to have moved towards nu-metal/ Rage Against The Machine styled stuff on the new album, especially recognizable in the vocals, while the guitar plays hard rock riffs and some Rammstein-style thingies. I wouldn’t even guess that this was supposed to be “death metal” if I didn’t know it. But deathcore?

    1. neutronhammer says:

      Yeah it’s mostly faux DM vocals over groove metal

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        This would be a fitting description for the 2014 album which is even sort-of cool if one also likes Reggae-style things which are mostly about changing rhythms. But this ‘groovy-feely’ stuff is really only good live or when stoned.

        Judging from the two videos for the new album, the music seems to be have been yet more streamlined for ‘easy mainstream digestion’, ie, moved towards rock song format. One of the video is the nu-metal track and »deathcore« would be a somewhat accurate description of the other because of the central use of chugs and something like a ‘breakdown section’, just a less simplistic than real deathcore bands would use, at the end.

  5. You know Daniel Maarat, it surprises me how you praised Mortalized as if they were anywhere good and yet, you seem to ignore the existence of underground grindcore heroes Pretty Little Flower !!

    Pretty Little Flower – Complete Grindcore Annihilation

    1. Death Metal Underground does not praise pizza thrash.

      1. Yuzerneigm says:

        Too much funny

      2. Pizza Thrash > Your shitty taste

        1. GO back to the sewers ninja turtle. Enjoy cheese pizza with special sewage sauce.

          1. bustin makes me feel good says:

            better than it sounds

  6. asdfghjkl says:

    Groupie skank fails to communicate properly with kurwa gibberish-speaking nu-metal band after giving them handies, ends up being stuck on the bus with them, sees opportunity to get $$$ out of the ordeal. sounds about right?

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      75-genders-and-counting people doing a stitch-up sounds plausible, too. They love to do that. And there’s no further information available.

    2. bustin makes me feel good says:

      Yeah, that sounds about right.

  7. Kimkehggy says:

    Fuck what I wouldn’t give to be that gurl in that van

  8. Svmmoned says:

    They were always just a boring Vader clone, but I have listened to some of their recent music and now I simply cannot believe that actual nu-metal is still being produced. Which of course must mean that it is still popular and profitable. What I hear in that music is that they simply returned to Chaos A.D. and all that much worse shit that came after and updated it a bit to modern requirements.

  9. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Accusations have meanwhile escalated to “gang rape by all band members”. At least one of said band members claims to have been sitting in a semi-passed-out state on a sofa during the alleged incident. Judging from the statement of the lady, she’s also so ‘innocent’ that the ‘sexual encounter’ came as a surprise to her …

    1. bustin makes me feel good says:

      Wouldn’t YOU be surprised if a bunch of drunk, weed-smoking Polack dudes in a van tried to have sex with your moderately attractive female body?

      I mean, what is this, the Middle Ages?

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        This would indeed surprise me greatly, although for entirely different reasons.

  10. Trashchunk says:

    They trapped her on the bus and forced her take video of them fucking each other in the ass.

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