Deiphago – Into the Eye of Satan (2015)

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Playing a mixture between the primitive South American black metal of Sarcofago, the unrelenting and mindlessly simplistic assault that borders on comedy of Marduk and something of its own, Deiphago’s Into the Eye of Satan is both a highlight and representation of half-cooked modern nostalgia metal. The references to the influences are pretty clear for someone to see and even though Deiphago escapes them and proposes something of their own, the sections in which we hear the older voices are two transparent. Rather than an integration of influences, we hear quotes to other composers in the midst of Deiphago’s maddened ramblings.

These raptures proper of a madman that Into the Eye of Satan exposes us to are as endearing as they are nonsensical. It makes one think of the epileptic attacks that Colombian’s Parabellum subjected the listener to. The difference is that the Latin American savant band actually produced coherent music within the wild and often disorienting music that nonetheless had a clear large-scale plan. Deiphago on the other hand attacks the listener with pure chaos, subjecting it to passages that border on noise improvisation and structures that appear to  consist of haphazardly placed extreme-sounding sections. The theme here is chaos, the destruction of music and ideas themselves while the picture is not completely given up on. While not incurring in the sin of trying to become atmosphere itself nor becoming self-referential symbols, Into the Eye of Satan sadly still falls short of a year’s highlight due to what I perceive to be compositional laziness and/or lack of controlling musical notions in spite of a solid artistic vision.


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5 thoughts on “Deiphago – Into the Eye of Satan (2015)”

  1. Balze says:

    In cauda Venenum

  2. Tor says:

    This band is utter horseshit, people kiss their ass because they are from far away. Live they are nonsense, war metal is grind ore made boring, just a big pose and marketing gimmick with zero musical content. Seth Putnam’s projects had way more going on than this. Don’t support the lazy path to underground fame, and question the cattle that buy into this trend.

    1. did you even read the review? Who says we are “supporting them”?

      We are not the kind of site that hands out 9/10s and 10/10s to every freaking band that is reviewed.

      We also do not limit ourselves to bands we “like”. Or even excellent ones. Otherwise we would almost never review anything.

    2. Eric says:

      Saw them live twice too, and man, they can’t play shit. I’ve never seen LP custom and a ricken being wasted and sounding like garbage. They sound just like on their albums only worst and I dig “war metal”. Maybe its true, being from far away catches attention but such a talentless band who spreads their name by breaking their back touring the states? I can respect that, but that doesn’t mean anything if the music itself suck so bad. The previous albums were even worst with ‘filipino antichrist’ topping the list. This song in youtube, however, is weak if we compare it to the “chaos” they’ve done earlier. Now that they somewhat sounded “clearer” we can hear how bad they really are. Savnok is the one saving their albums, while the two guys standing were nothing but bad musicians, tsk!

  3. Ross Gross says:

    Deiphago is no doubt the Gangnam Style of Black Metal for it is an obvious junk made by talentless fucks yet people still listen to it no matter what

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