Does Strong National Culture Birth Better Heavy Metal?

One of the paradoxes of heavy metal emerges from the fact that small European nations like Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Texas produce disproportionate amounts of quality heavy metal. It offends our egalitarian sensibility which says that all people are the same, and local scenes are luck only.

More sensible minds recognize that nature is based on variation, not uniformity. Human minds want uniformity because it rewards our individualism with the idea that we are all the same, and only our wills determine our paths in life. Reality says instead that we are varied.

Like Sisyphus in his chains, humans rage against this reality. We want to be in control and we resent the power of the mathematical order of nature — called by Plato forms — and instead want an order only of our solipsistic selves and our social scene.

In order to assert our control, we make a god of ourselves. We then worship this god as a fungible thing, like a power covering the Earth more than a discrete entity, of human-ness, and through that, conjure up the idea that all humans participate in this and so are equal.

From that, we get universalism, which is denial of the soul and the variation between human beings. For us to have souls, we must be able to choose, and that must come from within because a choice forced on us from without is not a choice, but merely following our own advantage.

Universalism holds that all people are the same and respond simply to incentives and fears. The statement “I dunno what they put in the water in Sweden, but they sure have a lot of great metal bands!” is hipster universalism covering for the fact that Swedes are different within.

In addition to having some form of ancestral knowledge and a leaning toward a fundamental naturalism that inspires excellence, Swedes also have, according to recent suicide DJ Avici, a tradition of raising their children listening to folk music which develops their sense of melody:

He once said he was shaped by the Swedish pop sensibility. “We grow up singing great folk songs, so the sense of melody is good, and you grow up with that in you. I think it moulds everybody.

Strong national culture allows a civilization to have things like a folk music tradition and the consistent attributes of it like a certain approach to melody. This way of viewing music as a story told through contrasting melodic phrases fits perfectly into the metal riff-driven compositional approach.

When most of the world was fascinated by smash ‘n bang rhythmic death metal, the Swedes innovated a melodic form which used this interplay between phrases at its core. Bands like Carnage, Sacramentum, Eucharist, Cemetary, Therion, and At The Gates brought this to the forefront of underground metal.

Imitators like Opeth and others who followed did not understand that inner dialogue, like the inner traits of human beings, and focused on the surface. We now have many “melodic metal” bands who simply play as many melodic intervals as possible, creating sugar-pop mainstream music of another variety.

As metal confronts its twenty-year losing streak, it is time to look at what made metal great. National folk cultures help, as does looking inward instead of to the surface. Perhaps future generations will carry on this tradition of metal along with their national traditions.

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64 thoughts on “Does Strong National Culture Birth Better Heavy Metal?”

  1. Will says:

    Unexpected and rad to see a photo of the Knik River, Alaska on DMU. The best place I ever lived was about 10 miles up the valley to the right. I got to enjoy that view every time I drove home from Anchorage.

    Get out of the cities, retards.

  2. ghjkl; says:

    “Texas is a small European nation” is a more believable claim than “Texas produces a disproportionate amount of great metal”

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      a LOT of Texans have always wanted to secede from the rest of the USA, but year by year the chance for that wanes, as for decades there has been an influx of politically correct California faggot refugees escaping the crime there, that want to make Texas into another weak state.
      The west coast shall be sunk into the ocean for its crimes against God.
      Like rats escaping a sinking ship, they move into Texas, Wyoming, Montana,etc, and think they can dictate and infect their idiot multi-cult ways to all of the good ol’ boys ?

      1. Chopenhauer The Eunuch MGTOW says:

        You fags have guns, don`t you? Why can`t you just Alamo to fuckers then? And don`t give me any excuse about this and such laws and shit.

      2. Robert says:

        canadaspaceman, you’re a Christian. So your opinion is invalid.

        1. canadaspaceman says:

          because you are ???

    2. Robert says:

      Very true.

  3. unshadowbanme says:

    gotta shoehorn Texas in there as if its metal output in any way compares to Scandinavia lol

    1. Korrektor says:

      That’s why Pantera was so fuckin awesome bruh!!!! Fuck yes!!

      1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

        Trannies! Rape!

    2. canadaspaceman says:

      Don’t mess with Texas !

    3. Chopenhauer The Eunuch MGTOW says:

      The consequences of senility.

  4. some sperg on the internet says:

    Strong national culture births better art and music generally, not just metal.

    1. Robert says:

      Very true. Don’t want to exclude all that it provides.

  5. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    We’re kidding about the rape capital of Europe having a strong “European” “national culture”, right? I think it’s worth noting that the greatest metal bands from Burzum to Megadeth have been dissidents within their “European” “national culture”, and where nationalism was espoused in Scandinavia, it was a rosy-eyed view of nations that have long since died forever in both spirit and reality. Protestant Christianity is a big part of Norwegian culture, but the most notorious black metal musicians burned churches. Swedish “culture” right now is giving returning ISIS members more rights than ethnic Swedes. Swedish culture right now is appointing a foreigner Minister of Culture and tolerating her destruction of viking artifacts. Great metal comes from exceptional individuals, not followers of the crowd, even when that crowd is the nation. This article is the writing of a alt-lite coward who doesn’t want to just come out and sieg heil and propose that metal is an ethnically white and aryan art rather than tiptoeing around it with claims of “national culture” that doesn’t meaningfully exist at all in the way he implies it does. I’d still disagree pretty strongly with that assessment, but I’d at least respect the honesty.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      While some of us (like ME) would say the best heavy metal comes from white nations, the article above did not state this, despite what you think it says, because I will agree that any country with strong nationalist / ethnic pride has produced great metal.
      examples –
      Brazil’s 1980s black/death/thrash was similar to the dirtier aspects of Euro + USA sounds, but they created a vibe unlike what other countries had, and I suppose that spread to other South American countries.
      Japan – 1980s shred / visual kei scene.
      Slavic countries in the 1980s – every scene (Poland, Czech, etc) had a unique sound for the genres they were playing (whether black metal, power metal, death, etc)
      Huge difference between Germanic/Teutonic thrash (Living Death, Destruction, Kreator, etc) compared to New York thrash (Nuclear Assault, Overkill, Anthrax)…

      1. S.C. says:

        Sorry but the old south American scenes pummel all the others. Most diverse and most intense.

      2. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

        Any claim that great metal is a product of whiteness is laughable and can be immediately tossed out considering that many of the greatest names in metal are multiracial far beyond the national average, and often have prominent mixed race or nonwhite musicians (Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Suffocation to name a few off the top of my head, and I’m not going to bother researching all the big names even though I know I’ll find tons more). Brazil, an example you cited of a “strong national culture”, is literally the most culturally fragmented nation in the western hemisphere. Saying that different countries and different local scenes within countries might have different sounds is goal post-shifting, since this article claims that “strong national culture” specifically produces better heavy metal. His citing of Avicii and his quote about folk songs is particularly laughable and shows how hilariously flimsy his argument is (couldn’t even cite a metal band), as literally every nation, every people, and every subculture on Earth has a folk music of its own. Ridiculous.

        1. Svmmoned says:

          half assed claims about Argentinian or whatever ancestor makes Fenriz non-white or mixed-race?

          1. canadaspaceman says:

            I am starting to think that “Reduced Without Any Effort” is a bastard/kike.
            His/her/he-she(?) arguments at first seem plausible, but within a few sentences are abhorrent to my people.

            1. Kikedar 9000 says:

              It takes a jew to know a kike, ya money grubbing rascal!

            2. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

              I’m white and you’re a whiny faggot. White nationalism is feel-good egalitarian lies for the deficient whites that happen to be dissidents. Protip, the huwaite race wouldn’t be in trouble if it wasn’t rotten to begin with. You know what most libs have in common? Whiteness. You know what Sweden doesn’t have? A strong national culture.

              P.S. WNs are the most semitic of all whites.

              1. “P.S. WNs are the most semitic of all whites.”
                That isn’t a lie. Whites are the descendants of Shem, no other race is, certainly not jews.

                IF you are white, then you are self-hating and possessed by the jew mindset to destroy the white race, judging by what you have posted.
                Only a nut would want to spit on what his ancestors fought and worked for; their prime motivation was to continue their people’s bloodline, whether rich or poor.
                The only reason why “strong national culture” has been getting kneecapped everywhere the two centuries? Because of traitors like you working for the jews and their father, Satan.

                1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

                  LOL you’re a Christian Identity loon no wonder you’re so retarded. Enjoy your spiritual AIDS I guess.

    2. Schlomo Goldsteinmeyer says:

      “Rape Capital of Europe” immediately appears fishy. Look into it for more than two minutes, and it’s obviously based on a cherry-picked stat that idiots parrot because it suits an agenda. Why are rape rates in places like France, Germany, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy only at around 10% of those of Sweden?

      Anyway, you don’t understand that politics are trends, they’re not culture. Trends don’t spring up from the ground, and they don’t have real roots, which is why they always disappear quickly. Culture is organic, you can’t fuck with nature.

      1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

        If I’m to believe that musical trends like “a certain approach to melody” in Scandinavian metal are a product of Sweden’s inherently and uniquely “strong” national culture, then you’ll have to forgive me for blaming the suicidal politics on the shitshow that is Sweden’s “strong national culture” as well. The ones who are cherrypicking are you and Brett. So much cognitive dissonance just to support hilariously weak arguments.

        1. Schlomo Goldsteinmeyer says:

          We can’t go on if you don’t answer the question.

          1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

            Because Swedes, far from having a “strong national culture”, are suicidal retards and they think importing even more mass amounts of backwards third worlders than the rest of Europe is a good idea.

            1. Schlomo Goldsteinmeyer says:

              What a cop out, lol. Sweden hasn’t imported more third worlders than those other countries.

              1. canadaspaceman says:

                Yes, the swedish gov’t insanity wasn’t like this before.
                makes me wonder if they had pressure from somebody like Angela Merkel.

                1. Chopenhauer The Eunuch MGTOW says:

                  Sverige was full homo even before they were a part of the EU.


                  Also a cameo from the same show.


      2. Ben Fat Yehuda says:

        Carnage is the most enjoyable album I have listened to but, Merciless shreds ‘n skates.


      3. canadaspaceman says:

        from what I have read online, rape all across Europe has gone mental soley due to the muslims and [African] “refugees”.
        You know where where it didn’t?
        Everybody laughs how “backward” Poland is for sticking to being Catholics.
        Who is laughing now, while the rest of Europe is butt-raped as Poland keeps out the invaders?
        This jewdeo-christian “love them all” mentality will eventually result in a backlash against the kikes.

        1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

          “Everybody laughs how “backward” Poland is for sticking to being Catholics. (<<< AKA JUDEO-CHRISTIANS) Who is laughing now, while the rest of Europe is butt-raped as Poland keeps out the invaders?"

          "This jewdeo-christian “love them all” mentality will eventually result in a backlash against the kikes."

          pick one and only one

          1. canadaspaceman says:

            Brazil – the 1980s bands that broke out were mostly of Portugese descent.
            Metallica – was all white, until Hammett joined, and Lloyd Grant doesn’t count as he was never a member, just laid down one guitar solo.

            There does exist Christianity, without it being “jewdeo-christan”. see

            Roman Catholicism (i.e. the Vatican) is intent on being a “universalist”/multicultural religion and the ones controlling it have tried to make it jew-deo christian, which means they worship the jewish race and give them a free pass, even though the Bible condemns it.
            The politically correct term “judeo christian” has always been false.

            If you have an honest talk with any Catholics (especially in Slavic countries), they might not be able to explain or prove why, but they all know the jew is evil, and from Satan, and Christ could never have been a jew. They know not to trust outsiders, but the media and gov’t and shill websites and an army of trolls leaving comments have fooled some of the younger folks.
            The Holy Bible has been tampered with many times, but the Racial Law, (to not adulterate their bloodlines), that the Creator put in his children’s hearts, cannot be destroyed entirely. There will be still a small remnant of pure folk left on the Final day.

            There are independent Catholic churches, just as there are independent Protestant ones, but you will find anti-jew, and anti-multicultural, sentiment even in Roman catholic churches across Europe and North America.
            Many clergy and church members are simply not vocal about it in public.

            1. Impaled Christcucks says:

              Fuck off, canuck, no one cares about your slightly modified special version of jewdeo-xtianity.

          2. Svmmoned says:

            I think that the protestants are the real judeo-christians, in a more than one sense.

            1. canadaspaceman says:

              well. can;t argue that… the USA evangelicals have pushed the pro-jew issue more than any other…
              I checked out a ministry/college in the early 1990s, when i thought about being a pastor/preacher, in southern Ontario,
              and they all seemed nice at first, and when I brought up they were wrong who/what the jews were, then they got almost violent and forced me out of the building, saying I would not fit in..
              they would not even tell me why I was wrong…
              maybe THAT was when I KNEW for sure the jews held control over the white race.

              1. canadaspaceman says:

                but the jews’ control aint for long

            2. As dookie rains from the sky... says:

              protestant heathen fucks

    3. Chopenhauer The Eunuch MGTOW says:

      He probably thinks Midsummer`s Eve is more than an excuse to get shitfaced while listening to bad festival music and future regrets, not dissimilar to Burning Man, or whatever the fuck they have in the States.

      1. Marilyn Manson's sparerib broken for autofellatio says:

        I think Midsummers Eve is a short distance from this douche:

        ’80s niggas were bombarded all day by TVads for them shits

    4. Korrektor says:

      I bet you’re a fan of Amon Amarth, huh??

      1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

        What does Amon Amarth have to do with anything I said? I bet you suck dick to pay the bills since you clearly aren’t smart enough to even work at McD’s, huh??

      2. canadaspaceman says:

        Amon Amarth is ok.
        personally found them nothing spectacular, but Amon Amarth is always enjoyable.

  6. Nordmannen says:

    Formulated in an expansive yet succinct way and making the abstract tangible by concrete examples, this has always been why DMU and Brett remains an uncontested pillar of insight into music, philosophy, and beyond!

    Also worth noting is that the Swedish language has an innate sense of melody to it, with its manifold cadences, making it sound like singing to non-Nordic peoples.

    1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

      LOL no it fucking doesn’t you fucking dick-riding sheep, it literally sounds like EYERNORBORGHOLM JAGSVENHOLMBERGENSHUS you god damned fruit. It only sounds like singing if you have your head so far up a Swede’s ass that you have forgotten all other smells than pure Swedish shit, causing even the rotting fermented fish he just swallowed to smell sweet in comparison.

  7. Flying Kites says:

    Sweden isn’t preventing the continued Nazi witchhcunt. Bin Laden was loved by many, a concept Christians now fail to grasp.

    Stack ’em & Gas ’em

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      Bin Laden isn’t even dead I bet, just somebody that looked like him, if even that.
      A supposed war criminal that the controlled media compared to Hitler was not executed on live television?
      something stinks.

      1. Flying Kites says:

        It’s all one giant shitshow. 9/11 happens and we need reason to annex Iraq wtf?

      2. Another Jewish deep hoax says:

        Search Benazir Bhutto on Osama Bin Laden on JewTube. These parasites can’t keep their lies straight.

  8. GGDD says:

    The irony not mentioned in this article is that Sweden, Norway and Finland are probably the only few functional SOCIALIST countries in the planet, probably due to their small size and the fact that they their populations are homogeneous (excluding of course the recent low IQ immigrants from africa and the middle east)
    So, YES, SOCIALISM has allowed some great metal to be created, by freeing Scandinavian metal musicians to create some great music, without the worries of catering and surviving in a commercialized “market place”
    This means that you will never find any Scandinavian bands or artists denouncing the socialist follies of their governments or adopting nationalist socialist stances, because doing so will mean challenging the all powerful big-brother Scandinavian governments.

    1. Chopenhauer The Eunuch MGTOW says:

      You know, metal would actually benefit from a good famine (no relation to the frenchfag). I’m a firm believer of the starving artist trope.

      1. I am the wack blizzards says:

        I mean not having food would be kinda annoying for a little while but so long as better metal is being released it would be no big deal really

        The greatest art has always come from widely malnourished populations

        1. Chopenhauer The Eunuch MGTOW says:

          Yes comrades! We need full communism again, only then will metal thrive!

          1. I am the wack blizzards says:

            Right dude, have you ever checked out the quality metal coming out of China and Russia? Instant classics

            1. Chopenhauer The Eunuch MGTOW says:

              I heard Russia makes good NSBM, or someshit.

              Something, something, Blazebirth Hall, we wuzz Arayanz n`shit.

      2. GGDD says:

        Da!. Famines are good for humanity, it weeds out the wimps.
        Higher Intelligence was basically developed from cold, freezing weather and long winters.

  9. GGDD says:

    and let me add a little comment to the loser who wrote “Any claim that great metal is a product of whiteness is laughable”.
    Metal and most of its variations were INVENTED by white Europeans and their descendants: Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Judas Priest, ACDC, Morbid Angel, Venom, Helloween, etc etc
    Even the most well-known South American metal bands (Sepultura, Angra) are pretty much comprised of white European descendants. Megadeth guitarist extraordinaire Kiki Loureiro, looks and is as European as Dave Mustaine.
    The fact the Metal is the only bastion of world-wide White European popular musical culture left in the world, is the only reason why it is under attack by big-nose shlomo Goldstein and the soros-financed Brooklyn scum (metalinjection, metalsucks, toiletovhell, invisibleoranges, etc etc)

    1. neutronhammer says:

      This is mostly true, except for certain Mexican and south American outliers. DMU favorite Daniel Corchado is very European looking too.

      1. Spinal says:

        Terrance Hobbs looks like he’s got some whiteness in him too.

      2. GGDD says:

        Yeah yeah yeah.. there are always exceptions to the rule. The Chasm are a great band, but they are but a footnote on the book of extreme metal. Suffocation are most significant, but Mr. Hobbs was a PART of the band.. he didn’t single-handedly create their sound, plus Suffocation came out of a very WHITE town in Long Island (Centereach),
        I should know, i lived and went to school near by. i’ve been to Smithhaven mall a zillion times.. it used to have a great Mongolian Wok.. i also know a couple of Pyrexia members.. the entire Long Island DM scene has always been very white
        So Mr Hobbs is really an anomaly.

  10. canadaspaceman says:

    isn’t it time to show how Taco Bell is garbage to the superior Taco Time?
    It is a shame that taco time that serves CLEAN FOOD might be going under.
    Oh well,. go eat at Mcdgarbages and other garbage drive thru’s.

    1. New World "Culture" says:

      Arguments about what fastfood is less diarrhea than another always amuses me.

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