EQM holiday music sale

We’ll be conducting our first clearance sale ever, to make room for the exciting new year ahead. Your help would be much welcome – get
together with some friends and combine your requests for additional savings, or spread the word around!

This special offer covers all the items from the list below, as follows:

2 CDs = 20.00EUR
5 CDs = 45.00EUR
10 CDs = 85.00EUR

Prices include worldwide shipping via regular air mail and PayPal fees, if you’re using that payment method.

To place an order, you can email us the list of items that you wish to purchase, together with your name / address and information on the
payment method that you wish to use. We will send your total once we have checked availability on the items. Alternatively, you may also
place your order using the shopping cart system on the site – the discounts will be applied when sending your total.

Please note: the offer is limited to the available stock and to the items listed in this file. When applicable, the order will be dispatched in
multiple parcels and/or without jewelcases for the sale items (if this is a problem for you, please let us know).

Kind regards,


12 thoughts on “EQM holiday music sale”

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  6. Nah I didn't read the whole list, just stumbled upon it says:

    Negru Voda – Unplugged CD

    Who’s gonna go for it ?

  7. jazz guy says:

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  9. 42 says:

    what a bargain. what a bargain for me.

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  12. Just lookin' out 4ya, Big Guy! says:

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