Ex-Bestial Evil (USA) Guitar SJW Kevin Rucker Complains About Brett Stevens


Supercuck fetish SJW Kevin Rucker has seen his fortunes fall since leaving generic nu-death metal band Bestial Evil (USA) in a huff of pretense, and so he created a call-out video to attack vituperative Death Metal Underground writer Brett Stevens, who has if nothing else left a host of deserving enemies in his wake.

In the video, Rucker uses the words “fuck” and “fucking” as punctuation while he attempts to make the case that Stevens is stupid. While many of us on the staff may wish to agree with him at certain times, his delivery is poor and his argumentation is weak.

This shows us the state of metal in 2016: SJWs have taken over, adulterated the content, and now because they are so numerous, cannot launch their own musical careers without an avenue of attack that makes them appear unique. We are doing our part by giving Kevin Rucker the attention he desires, and maybe it will launch his next generic metal band as Bestial Evil (USA) settles into its own ashes of incompetence and generic tedium.

Kevin, you can reach Brett via the contact form, or his email address which has not changed for the last two decades.

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38 thoughts on “Ex-Bestial Evil (USA) Guitar SJW Kevin Rucker Complains About Brett Stevens”

  1. Seth says:

    I agree with Brett on his previous statement of (near) non-interference and letting nature pick off the weak, however attacking social justification warriors is a violation of that philosophy, and just proves to the sjw’s and others that we’re just as neurotic and mediocre as they are. As far as being in tune with nature, I think one can espouse esoteric/exoteric philosphies without getting tangled in a wheel of reactionary politics. Let Rucker, Wright and all the other antifa/sjw/authoritatians tire themselves out fighting trump supporters and involving themselves with pointless protests. Hopefully the existing right and left will annihilate each other in the long run. I’d rather devote myself to the pursuit of knowledge than throw sheep shit around.

    1. 8==D says:

      what if I told you knowledge invariably leads to neoreactionary positions?

  2. BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Rucker has several dicks, several frozen shit dicks, in his freezer? Kevin must eat a high fibre diet!

    1. OliveFox says:

      Let’s find out!

  3. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Señora Rucker is just throwing a tizzy to try & lure Fraü Stevens into a jello wrestling match turned snuggle fest,this would surely enhance her impeccable sjw street cred.

    Señora Rucker would most likely benefit from some patriarchal pms alleviating pharmaceuticals purchased at an evil capitalist medical supply dispensary. Tame your inner woman Señora, tame it.

  4. ANUSaanite says:

    That guy in the video might want to lay off the cough syrup and SSRIs… Maybe he’s mad Jack Donovan won’t fuck him?

  5. Deport All Hipsters says:

    > Rucker uses the words “fuck” and “fucking” as punctuation

    This kind of thing is really annoying. I don’t understand why more and more people do this.

    Also, a SJW that’s not a pasty white numale? This is actual news.

  6. heavy_metal_muhammad says:

    What an incoherent rant, this was painful to watch.
    Did this nigga even complete high school?

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      No he didn’t complete high school, he’s a [African-American].

      1. He speaks rather normally, actually.
        If his mind was put in a European body, no one would notice. I only watched a few minutes, but I didn’t hear any ebonics, just normal American English.

        1. In fact, I noticed more grammatical errors from Shawn Wright the white than from this man.

        2. 8==D says:

          “If his mind was put in a European body,”

          muh wacism

          1. I am a racist, but I have to call it like I see it (which is why I am a racist).
            This guy doesn’t speak like the bad stereotypes of African Americans.

      2. -_- says:

        wow, this comment really got censored. muh irony.

  7. Clint says:

    What a fine specimen of the black race. How do white Americans feel when their former slaves mouth off like this?

  8. Morbideathscream says:

    Not able to watch the video yet, I’m at work, but if I have nothing better to do later I might just watch it.

    Wasn’t rucker supposed to confront Brett at cathedral of the black goat fest? Surprise him like a blind date? Haha what a fucking joke.

    1. Spectral Nutritionist says:

      ‘Brett’ doesn’t live near cities.
      He lives in a log cabin somehwere in Texas. [sic]

    2. LostInTheANUS says:

      He probably realized that Brett would be the top in their relationship, because we all know that this “Sodomize the weak” stuff is really just an excuse for Brett to fuck other men in the ass without even having the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around.

  9. cornrose says:

    So fucking un-fucking believable u fucking fucks roast ur fucking self (sic)

    1. ANUSaanite says:

      Does he ghost write Kerry King lyrics?

  10. Nuke Baltimore says:

    Seriously what the fuck is wrong with this asshole, literally nothing going on in your life,Kevin?,Duoes this guy not have a job, career,creative outlet to focus his energy into?..has to manufacture more “enemies” to seem like some stupid fucking pseudo righteous “freedom fighter” fuck Baltimore,the only thing that place should be useful for is an Atomic bomb experiment.. No great minds or talents will be lost, aside from John’s Hopkins, but that is a sacrifice the world should be willing to make..the punk scene is a rotted dead ideology,and deep down they know it, so in an attempt to remain relevant it is assimilating other artforms and attempting to transform it from within

  11. fenrir says:

    “Murder is the ultimate act of censorship.”

    What a cuck! hahahahahaha

  12. Motumbe says:

    So this nigga just admitted that ‘Brett’ s editorials are too hard for him to read and that people like him would be bleeding out of their noses if they tried to read his books? Well, that’s what happens when your least common denominator is four brain cells!

  13. Motumbe says:

    Is this what happens when the amount of vocabulary you teach a [African-American] exceeds his capacity to use them?
    He kept stumbling over words and stacking “literate” adjectives.
    Sounds like a Zealotry fan to me.

    1. Special Incisionist says:

      *an [African-American]

  14. David Rosales says:

    Brett Stevens’ band released demos decades ago? what is he referring to? More info please!

    1. Mythic Imagination says:

      For real my nilla, just show us the demo’s

  15. thewaters says:

    Kevin, please write your ideas down before presenting them. It is hard to believe that after 5 takes that was the most coherent video you could make. In addition, please refrain from using so many curse words as it makes it difficult to take you seriously. Lastly, it is a well known philosophical principle that one must be as charitable as possible regarding the ideas with which one is engaging. My suggestion is to leave off the drama (I know this is hard to do) and actually read some of Brett Steven’s ideas, and at least try to understand them. You only betray yourself when you state that you don’t understand his ideas, have not read his books, but that his ideas and the man himself must be stupid.

  16. Kevin Rucker says:

    Alright, my nigga, since you spoke so politely, I might entertain your requests.
    This is me, Kevin Rucker, str8 reppin’ BodyMore all day.
    I made it through the Bestial Evil clusterfuck, so I’ll make it through all this Brett Stevens drama. [If that even is a real person; I’ve heard most motherfuckers posting on this fucked up website are sock puppets for one douchebag.]
    At any fucking rate… It’s hard to believe that you can’t comprehend this shit I’m saying, it was my 5th video because each one ended up being like 15 minutes long cuz it’s so easy to spout off about this nigga. I don’t need to right cue cards or whatever you’re imagining cuz it’s so easy to find fault with this assclown Brett. I just don’t need them!
    Curse words make it difficult for you to understand me? You may be a baby or a pussy-ass nigga, you just shudder cuz my shit is too unpolite, maybe too BLACK for yo azz.
    Who is that a well-known philosophical principle to? Philosophers? This isn’t some Socratic shit. This is street level, I’m calling a nigga out, come out of your East Texas hovel, come up to MDF and I’ll surprise your ass like a tranzsexual blind date whose dick you were gonna suck but it ended up being a pussy, and you said you don’t like that! I DO understand his ideas, and they are fucked up!

    1. Fish says:

      Why would Brett risk a bit of his own life meeting you, if he can still write and create while he is still alive?

      1. Kevin Rucker says:

        Right. It’s a test for his fucking ass… would he rather live as a pussy — writing and ‘creating’ — or die as a fucking semi-real man? Just kidding. I won’t put his life at risk. I don’t hit a motherfucker once he’s down. But if he comes back up? He’s going down for real. The fight’s over when he stops getting up.

        1. Fish says:

          Taking into account how you make fart sounds with your mouth, which are supposed to make someone believe that Manticore publishes bad books, I assume that you are childish. So what you do now is not serious. That explains you behaving like a spoiled child, calling out Brett to meet you face to face knowing that he will not come.

          This utterly childishly stupid face you do when you make your irritating fart sounds, which remind me how children interrupt their opponents, is commong among SJWs. It is strange, it is not Evil. It is worst, it is shallowness.

          English is not my first language.

          1. Kevin Rucker says:

            Dumb-ass: no one even knows what you’re trying to say. Make your weird-ass assumptions. Fuck off.

    2. Is this the real Kevin Rucker?

      1. Kevin Rucker says:

        Yes, all fucking day, all fucking night.

  17. Darius Rucker says:

    Kevin,my man, please stop this madness before you get in over your head. I know what Uncle did to you was wrong and you grew up rage filled, feeling dirty and shameful. That is no reason to lash out at this man Brett Stevens, drop this whole metal persona you have concocted for yourself, clean up your act,and I just may consider letting you get on as a guest on the new album I am producing. It’s not loud, nor is it heavy, but you and me both know you are about as metal and useful as a loose Tupperware lid. I implore you again cousin, it’s not too late to dig yourself put of this hole you are in. Sincerely, Darius..

  18. Kevin Rucker says:

    Ray Crouse Rules

  19. Actual Kevin Rucker says:

    Interested to see the rebuttal to this. Assuming, of course, that you’re not a hypocrite and will actually read it/watch it to respond to it, after highlighting my decision to criticize Stevens’s book that I’d not read.


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