Ferngully: The Last Rainforest


Although it has little in common with the horror movies and apocalyptic fantasies reviewed here, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest won me over with its themes of humans losing touch with nature and becoming greedy narcissistic dorks who then cause the destruction of rain forests.

Warning: this movie is about 1 hour 15 min long and is children’s animated film, thus can be forgiven its heavy-handed approach since we all know that movies for children are basically propaganda from well-meaning but usually delusional dipsomaniac adults. The soundtrack has traditional Slavic folk music that sounds mystical and yet upbeat like Dead Can Dance, and this redeems much of the loss of atmosphere that occurs once any story transitions to cartoon.

The story involves loggers using a leviathan of a machine to chop down trees in the last rainforest and polluting the land. A human gets accidentally shrunk by the forest spirit (faeries in this case) and sees the reality of the situation and makes attempts to stop this. Meanwhile, the leviathan machine causes the emergence of a physical/metaphysical antagonist who is contra nature/the forest. He was trapped in the trees in a long-past age but the churning of the machine inadvertently releases him and he melds with the machine and takes control of it. His intent is to finish his diabolical plot to destroy all forests and the life within them, possibly branching out Antaeus-style to destroy all life after that.

Naturally, our heroic characters launch on a quest in situ to defeat this monster. The intro mentions the pre-history: the humans also used to know of the existence of the fairies and during the black-demon cataclysm a Satan figure called Hexxus was spawned whose goal is to destroy the forest, and while the humans ran away, the fairies trapped Hexxus inside a tree. As you can imagine, a restoration of the magic in the soul brings back the fairies and possibly saves the last rainforest.

You probably do not want to watch this as an adult unless you are so drunk that you have an irrepressible urge to destroy rainforests and need a simple, step-by-step guide to changing your attitude. I mostly recommend this for adults to show to children, who are never too young to be taught the right propaganda — and I think this is probably better than the other options — to program them for zombie-like life among the office towers, fast food joints, sewage treatment plants and arms dumps of the modern world.

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12 thoughts on “Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

  1. Climate Clinician says:

    Warming us up here for a different cartoon to be featured? ;-)

    Ready your sugarcubes for metal bronies: http://mlpforums.com

    Pony Horns! (\/)

  2. sweeterman says:

    so, did anyone appreciated the latest Massacre release, Back from Beyond ??

    1. Rotten Ralph says:

      I gave it a go seeing as they were playing in my area a while back. I wasn’t expecting much but I thought they’d be at least some cool riffs. I didn’t hear one. Luckily they only played 2 tracks of the new album so it was still a good show. I guess they know themselves it’s crap.

  3. DEATH METAL GUY says:


    1. Lord Mosher of the Solitary Pit says:

      Seriously! Here Obituary become a force of nature. From the wild yet elegant headbanging of all band members to the gaze into infinity of the lead vocalist as if gracing us with some dark secrets extracted from beyond the void. Perfect sound too.

  4. Fantastic article, brother.

  5. Balls McSuck says:

    Gay….. Super-duperly Gay. Homosexual. Hairy man anus penetration laden romping bum loving.

  6. Richard Head says:

    Interesting; I was thinking about this movie thanks to Robin Williams’ recent passing (because he voice-acted the bat).

    Interesting analysis. Good movie, one of the better ones from my childhood with a relatively extreme environmentalist message.

    How about The Brave Little Toaster? Talk about a kid’s movie with a message… Don Bluth’s films are interesting as well; An American Tale, The Land Before Time, The Secret of Nimh, etc. All of those movies told me things that other human adults would not dare mention.

    1. Menschkind says:

      The Brave Little Toaster turned me into this autistic mess I am today.

      I`d love to see a review of Watership Down. I think its very relevant.

  7. Alexander Neville says:

    One of the songs from the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQcQ0nRM_7I

  8. jarryl revok says:

    In addition to Watership Down let’s add The Plague Dogs. Shit be sad, G.

  9. questionraiser says:

    I wonder which Miley Cyrusmovie this site is going to compare with Immolation

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