Fiscal Christ versus sculptor Satan

Someone else attempts to explain Satanism in metal:

To quote Beauvoir on Hegel, followed by a Hegel quotation found in DsO’s lyrics: “Hegel tells us in the last part of The Phenomenology of Mind that moral consciousness can exist only to the extent that there is disagreement between nature and morality. It would disappear if the ethical law became the natural law.”

“Death is the most terrible of all things; and to maintain its works is what requires the greatest of all strength.”

Perhaps, then, Satan is the terrible marriage between natural and ethical law. Such might explain DsO’s utter lack of moral consciousness. The only conclusion that can be soundly drawn, without their peculiar cacophony of influences to draw upon, is that Deathspell Omega’s metaphysical take on black metal has eclipsed their grim-and-gore-obsessed predecessors along with 99% of everyone else claiming to be in it for the music or the message. They remains true to the core of the black metal ethos — a notoriously difficult task — while simultaneously repurposing traditional black metal structures to their own end (anathema to black metal on paper, epitome of black metal and AMSG in practice), almost sidestepping into an alternate reality where Satan reigns, bleeding their world into our own until it’s hard to tell which is which. – Tiny Mix tapes

All of humanity has since the rise of liberalism, and before it populist Christianity, been attempting to reconcile natural law with social law (morality).

Social law says that everyone is equal, and that only this order makes sense.

In dramatic contrast to the above article, most thinkers do not see nature as chaos or chaos as a lack of order. They see it as an order beyond human comprehension, but nonetheless, perfectly rational.

The difference? It’s not biased toward the human equation.

“Good” and “evil” create reality, which is a “meta-good” — it is a good thing, borne of both good and bad things.

The human definition of “good” means what is safe for humans; what denies reality, in other words.

Evil is the insurgent reminder that this simplistic viewpoint is incorrect and therefore, will bring us into collision with reality. Like peak oil, economic crashes, constant statist-versus-nationalist warfare, and social decay.

For too many years, we have let the herd rule. Their doctrine: every person is equal and important.

Our rule: natural law and its order are important, and everything else is human wishful thinking.

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  11. 2prozak says:

    you see, even though the starting point of nihilism is this recognition of the hypocrisy of the social law that overlays the natural law (and our minds), i think it’s impossible that you do not realize that everything espoused on this website is nothing but a new social law itself (the ANUS morality, that is, your personal viewpoints on morality, e.g. killing everyone with IQs under 120).
    if you really think YOUR morality is perfectly in agreement with the natural law, then you must really be fucked up in the mind.
    I personally think that what you propose is good, in theory, BUT, I propose you follow the scientific method first (e.g. is a society composed only of over-120 IQs really amazing, or just very cruel and marked by constant strife amid very intelligent but anti-social human beings ?) – that is, social experimentation on a small scale (a small country to begin with?)

  12. 2prozak says:

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