Floating Tomb: Black Metal Theory released


If you do not assert the truth, idiots come in and talk endlessly about their vision of it, which other idiots accept as truth, and soon a circle jerk starts where just about everyone thinks the lie is the truth. This is what happened to writing about black metal.

As the genre attempts to recapture itself from the theorists who will convert it into an esoteric sub-field of either Marxism or economics, new books emerge such as the Black Metal Theory (BMT) series advanced by the same people behind the symposium Hideous Gnosis. The latest from that group, Floating Tomb: Black Metal Theory, collects writings published on BMT “focusing on mysticism, a domain of thought and experience with deep connections both to the black metal genre and to theory (as theoria, vision, contemplation). More than a topic for BMT, the mystical is here explored in terms of the continuous intersection between black metal and theory, the ‘floating tomb’ wherein black metal is elevated into the intellectual and visionary experience that it already is.”

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21 thoughts on “Floating Tomb: Black Metal Theory released”

  1. Lord Mosher says:

    How cum no one talks about the connection between the romantic völskischer movement and early Norwegian black metal?

    Those Germanic peoples who feared the industrial revolution would steal them from their souls and traditions and the romantic movement created in response to that is linked to early European black metal.

    1. How cum no one talks about the connection between the romantic völskischer movement and early Norwegian black metal?

      Or Romanticism in general, which birthed among other things Frankenstein.

  2. Cryptid says:

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    1. pisslam says:

      try doing it more often as to not get so excited about it

    2. Balze says:

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      1. 1349 says:

        Activity reports are essential if you want to run an effective non-profit.

    3. hipster poser says:

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    4. Richard Head says:

      Got punched in the face by some fat neckbeard wearing a Colored Sands shirt.

    5. hypocrite says:

      I responded to some douchebag on some crappy metal website.

    6. Count Ringworm says:

      Was at a kvlt black metal show, saw some dude get punched in the face then passionately made out with the members of Krallice on stage

  3. Cronald says:

    “I punched a hipster poser in the face tonight. What did you faggots do?”

    But then the so-called hipster poser gets very angry and kicked
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    1. Anthony says:

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  4. Dagon says:

    “The truth is, there is…intellect to this and there is substance to this and the substance is what you want people to absorb.”


  5. Dualist says:

    You’re home early

  6. Thomas says:

    I recently bought a King Diamond album because a friend of mine told me it’s black metal although I think this band is more power metal than black. Could anybody here recommend me the best King Diamond album?


    1. Richard Head says:

      I couldn’t tell you which albums are widely considered his best, but personally can recommend Abigail and Fatal Portrait. Neither of them are black or power metal, they are about the most basic style of heavy metal with Queen-like degrees of theatricality. I’m a death metal guy almost exclusively but I love those albums.

      1. down-syndrome guy says:

        you and i hav a lot in common Richard head.

        1. Richard Head says:


          You also left out a comma.

    2. Anthony says:

      Depends on if you’re asking for the best King Diamond (the band) album or the best album that King Diamond was involved in the construction of. For the former, Abigail is probably the easiest to recommend. Conspiracy is also quite good as well. For the latter, get Mercyful Fate’s Melissa, which was one of the major innovators in moving metal from rock’n’roll to narrative songwriting.

      Black metal in the ’80s was a catch-all term for everything satanic. Hence, Slayer, King Diamond, and Angel Witch are all black metal if you go by the definition of the term as it existed during the times those bands were releasing their seminal works.

  7. Cronald says:

    Incorrect, early Slayer was thrash metal with primeval satanic lyrics, King Diamond rather classic, yet innovative heavy metal with an theatrical approach, Angel Witch was more of a power metal band.
    They all have deliverd their own quality gems in their respective style of playing, but it lacks the darkened obscure substance ,
    which emanated the enigma of Black Metal

    The ancient ones pioneering the first 80’s tribulated wave of Black Metal were, Venom, Hellhammer, Bathory, Poison (ger), Bulldozer,
    Necro Schizsma, Necrovore, Delirium, Equimantorn, Mortuary Drape..(..)

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