Former Morbid Angel drummer/vocalist disgruntled about David Vincent’s wife

Wading through the endless memes and cat pictures on social media can unearth some interesting news.

Mike Browning has long been a lone voice correcting the happenings of Morbid Angel after he left the band. For many people there is confusion about the status of the Abominations of Desolation album. Most fans that have followed Morbid Angel have heard that it was just a demo recording, but Mike Browning has always stood behind the notion that it was intended to be their first full-length. According to Mike Browning’s Facebook page he was recently barred from a nightclub over David Vincent’s wife assuming that Mr. Browning initiated a smear campaign against Morbid Angel, which seems very unlikely. Morbid Angel started their own smear campaign on themselves by releasing Illud Divinum Insanus.

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7 thoughts on “Former Morbid Angel drummer/vocalist disgruntled about David Vincent’s wife”

  1. Having held the vinyl of Abominations of Desolation in my hands, and not the Earache version, I have to say: it looked like an album and I’ve never heard of a 12″ demo.

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that Abominations of Desolation was their first full-length.

      At least Mike went on to form Nocturnus. The Key was a very daring album.

    2. Uh says:

      I didn’t know a non-Earache vinyl version of this album existed, aside from boots.

  2. Rectifier says:

    Mike Browning banned!!!

    Yes everyone I have been banned in Tampa from going to a local gothic club called The Castle by Gen Vincent, David Vincent’s wife, because of the comments that I have previously made about old Evil D and their last album!!!

    It’s really funny how Gen has always been a big supporter of people being able to use their First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech, but when it is used against her so called husband it’s not OK, so she had to try and punish me in some way by having me banned from a club because she is very good friends with the owner and it had nothing to do with the club itself or anything I did there!

    I guess that I am to blame for them putting out an album that was rated by several magazines as the worst Metal album of all time and out of the literally thousands of people that have made fun of that album and David Vincent in generla, it was I that was to blame for all that!!!

    Let me tell all of you that for years I have not been paid any royalties from Morbid Angel and I was never given any credit for co-writing almost every song that was on Abominations of Desolation and that the band has lied to ALL their fans about Abominations of Desolation not being an album, but only a demo, and yet it does state that on the Official Morbid Angel website!

    David Vincent has taken credit for songs he had nothing to do with writing, like Chapel of Ghouls, Angel of Disease, Lord of All Fevers and Plagues, Hellspawn, Abominations and several others, basically everything on that album that Trey and I spent several years working on, only for him to come in and take credit for it himself!

    I was actually the one who got Morbid Angel signed to David Vincent’s Goreque Records back in 1986 only to have him lie to everyone and call AOD a demo and then take credit for it all, so I guess it is OK for David Vincent to do that and get away with it for all these years, but for me to make fun of their last album, that is not OK and I have to be punished for it!

    Sorry if I went on a little rant here, but I think it’s been a long time in the making, because David Vincent, I was crossing the line with Morbid Angel way before 1989!

  3. Metal bands should not be the center of soap opera style drama. This is unmanly and lame. Up the Irons!!!

    1. TheRipplesofReflection says:

      Have you followed Mike Browning’s career at all? He’s been abused by both Morbid Angel and Nocturnus. As far as I’m concerned, he’s allowed to put them in their place.

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