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About half of us spend about half of our time complaining about how labels don’t get it, and haven’t adapted to the new MP3 age, it seems. Small production company METALHIT founded by artist and musician Mike Riddick is trying to change all that, by selling reasonably-priced metal MP3s and giving away a free compilation:

ACEPHALIX “Interminable Night”
from the album, “Interminable Night”

AUTOPSY “Always About to Die”
from the album, “Macabre Eternal”

from the album, “The Oculus”

from the album, “Heaven Sent, Hellbound”

VREID “The Sound of the River”
from the album, “V”

from the album, “The Beginning of Times”

TYR “Hall of Freedom”
from the album, “The Lay of Thrym”

GAMMA RAY “Brothers”
from the album, “Skeletons & Majesties”

BLEEDING FIST “Devil’s Ferox”
from the album, “Devil’s Ferox”

FLAME “Black Realm of Satanas”
from the album, “March Into Firelands”

GALLHAMMER “Aberration”
from the album, “The End”

Here’s a huge variety of stuff from labels big and small, bands known and unknown, for you to appreciate at zero cost. No signup necessary; just download — although you can enter to win a free PHYSICAL copy of the new AUTOPSY CD.

Free Metal MP3 Compilation (MetalHit Records)

0 thoughts on “Free metal compilation”

  1. lolza! says:

    Selling mp3s is the stupidest shit I have ever heard of.

    And what garbage this compilation is!

  2. Levy_Spearmen says:

    I always thought that Aquaman was the stupidest super hero ever. I think Spider Man could kick Batman’s ass anytime. Thor could beat the shit out of Green Lantern. Iron Man vs Booster Gold anyone? I think that’s a battle I’d lie to see!! Who do you guys think would win??

  3. Nigger Cumlord says:

    Unless you’re really interested in what is coming out of metal now-a-days, don’t bother listening to the free songs. Seriously, the first song sounds like Autopsy, and Autopsy sound like they’re trying to imitate themselves circa 1995, and the rest is really fucking terrible.

    PS – I had no idea Amorphis turned into that. It’s like finding a severed human scrotum in a toilet full of turds. I was expecting the turds, really, but that..

  4. bitch be hangin out in the all-ages praying mantis pit watchin dat chiastic staircase pornography says:

    “Autopsy sound like they’re trying to imitate themselves circa 1995”
    I thought about the same thing.

  5. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Why post this shit? Poster man, go write a letter to these fags and tell them to stop trying if this is their effort. And yeah, Amorphis are fucking gay. Someone should kill them. “You I need,” lawl. What was that in a previous post about Metal not having love songs?

  6. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Who do you guys think would win in a dick sucking competition: myself or Barack Obama?

  7. Levy_Scholar says:

    Shit, Baldy_Spearmen always asks the though poignant questions.

    Why don’t you suck me off so I can gage how your dick sucking skillz are?

    Also Baldy: you have Daddy issues. Resolve them.

  8. fucking your sister right now says:

    Gamma Ray, Tyr, Amorphis and Vreid are the only good things on this compilation. Anyone who even gives a shit about Autopsy these days is an utter fucking faggot.

  9. > says:

    Any nEgur_vonda fans here?

  10. Levy_Spearmen says:


  11. Irish Hamite says:

    O’bama is a fine Irish man and a great dick sucker. Us Irish are world renowned for our homosexuality and our average IQ of a mere 90 due to the North African blood flowing through our veins. O’bama has all the dusky features of a noble Irish warrior and homosexual. :)

  12. Levy_Spearmen says:

    I think me and Barry need to have a 69ing competition to determine once and for all who is the king of deepthroat. I’ve got a decades worth of experience sucking off down-low thugs so he’ll have his work set out for him. :)

    Oh and Baldy, if you’re nice I may even let you in on the action. I’ve been wanting a good rimjob for weeks, ever since my last German Shepherd asphyxiated.

  13. Pres. Barry O'bama says:

    You’re on Levy_Spearmen! Those rumours about me loving white dick are true! I love role-playing that I’m a dirty nigger slave whilst a white guy slaps me in the face with his Aryan cock. There is some fantastic cock in Ireland too. I was in a sandwich last night between an Irish farmer and his sheep.

  14. tiny midget says:

    can I have some of that dick too? i pack a 1.5 inch weapon-matic midget perforator!!! my anus is still virgin if anyone here’s interested.

  15. Levy_Spearmen says:


  16. bubu says:

    more like METALSHIT

  17. limptoolkornbizkit says:

    I was not aware that Gallhammer had a chihuahua as a lead singer. Here I was expecting a some japanese chick to prove that women can sing metal. No disrespect to chihuahuas, but they should stick to what they know, like being ground up into delicious tacos! Mmmmm

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