From banning “hate” to forced obedience


Originally, the “no platform” idea was that when outright neo-Nazi bands scheduled a concert, people would protest and the venues would stop supporting them. While I find this dubious and believe it will backfire against its original intent, it was at least clear and limited to stopping undesired expression.

Now we see that it becomes: forcing all bands to have the “right” opinion if they want to perform. As the Times of Israel writes, a performer is being censored for not being pro-Palestine:

Festival organizers were driven by intense pressure from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, the reports said. Artists scheduled to perform at the event threatened to cancel their appearances if Matisyahu were to perform because he was “seen to represent Israel.”

The organizers gave Matisyahu an ultimatum, telling him if he would “sign such a declaration [publicly affirming his support for the Palestinians, he] can perform,” according to Spanish daily, El Pais.

Now, I know that people on the internet can get feisty about Israel and/or Jews, but I view this as a mistaken notion. Oddly, what I used to hear coming from the far-right I now hear coming from the middle-left, which is the usual smattering of fears that Jews somehow control the world or are responsible for its downfall. Back in reality, Jews are a small minority that — while disproportionately successful in science, the arts, entertainment and business — act in their own interests which seem to be personal in nature rather than The Protocols of the Elders of Zion-style conspiracy takeover of Earth. It is beyond this article to comment on Israel-vs-Palestine except to say that it is clear that the two populations seem incompatible with one another.

From that point, we can actually discuss the issue. But that is not what SJWs — who are all liberal and should know better as presumed defenders of individual rights, including speech — want us to do. They want discussion to end and only one viewpoint to be heard, which is that of a pro-Palestine anti-Israel outlook. What happened to Matisyahu crosses the line into anti-Semitism. He is not known for a pro-Israel position, nor has he offered one. But he is Jewish… and he performed in Israel… which is enough for his critics to equate “Jewish” with “pro-Israel” and demand he speak out in the issue in agreement with them, even if he has either a contrary viewpoint or any of a number of differing views. It is unclear whether he has any political views at all.

Censorship forms a slippery slope. At first, it is designed to eliminate ideas associated with known social harms, like violence and pedophilia. No one will stand up for those people, so the next generation aims at a broader target. Eventually, it becomes what we see it is now, which is “Agree with us or you will be silenced.” If you want to know what keeps me and other anti-censorship activists going, even if it means speaking up for icky people from 4chan or Reddit, it is that we know how censorship expands from known ills to failure to agree, and we want to stop that process before it starts.

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6 thoughts on “From banning “hate” to forced obedience”

  1. Flying Kites says:

    I don’t understand how 4chan can be so anti-scat. Fureel.

  2. Nuclear Whore says:

    I have not followed in detail the opinion of this Mr. Matisyahu, but in general… Freedom of speech, people.


  3. OliveFox says:

    His music is no good, and I hardly spare any time thinking about Jews/Israel/Palestine shit.

    But, good for him for not signing some weird document espousing cunty, hyper-liberal ideology.

    He doesn’t REALLY deserve any praise, as any self-respecting person (much less artist) would scoff at such a ridiculous organization anyways…but, seeing as he has made his bones in the mainstream sector, I think he is worthy of at least some scant recognition from the enlightened fringes.

  4. Bringer_Of_Storms says:

    Classic case of the fear, knowing that ones position is so weak and baseless that it cannot stand in opposition to another. And so.. censorship… Like the Liberal-Hipster-EuroFag-Backpacker-JewLoving-ForeignorLoving-AnyoneNonWhiteLoving-Elite who scream “RACIST!!!” whenever hard truths come into a discussion…

  5. Meek Metalhead says:

    This article seems like it would be more fitting on “the other site”. Speaking of the Protocols, almost everything envisioned there is practically the same as what “the other site” is conveying, the only real difference is in the methods that the situations arise from.

    1. The other site takes a political position; this one really does not, except to debunk a few common misconceptions. I appreciate that the streams are getting close to crossing, but if we do not speak up against censorship, more of it will happen. We ding the right, left and everyone else on this issue.

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