Google Censors Almost A Billion Search Results


Google¬†has censored over 900 million search results due to receiving DMCA takedown notices from rights holders’ legal representatives. The media conglomerates are fighting a losing battle against the widespread sharing of mostly mediocre content that nobody is willing to pay for more immediate or legal access to for good reasons. The quality of movies, music, and games has tanked over the past decades to placate the ape brains of a lowest common denominator third world audience.

The consolidated international conglomerates have been attempting to shove superhero tripe, commercial jingles, and piss water down the throats of third world slum dwellers living in culturally-underdeveloped societies for almost twenty years. Diversity and multiculturalism have universally failed and have only led Western culture towards universal mediocrity and unrest from insolent minorities refusing to conform to occidental society’s expectations. Attempting to appease the hordes with the artistic equivalent of high-fructose corn syrup has failed too. Witness the senseless pandering to the nouveau riche Chinese in Marvel and Star Wars movies along with “thinking movies” financed by indirect state sponsors of terrorism like Saudi Arabia that attempt to make cuckholded liberals cry over the deaths of religious fundamentalists praying for the west’s destruction.

Perhaps if Hollywood went back to releasing quality films that earn money over time instead of the roulette wheel of summer blockbusters that earn 80% of their gross in the first two weeks then maybe people would be more willing to pay for them. Corrupt governments letting financial institutions, corporate board members, and “activist investors” gut everything in the name of short-term profit, the financial equivalent of a crack high, has proved disastrous not only for western employment statistics.


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16 thoughts on “Google Censors Almost A Billion Search Results”

  1. Pandering to the Chinese does happen, this can not be denied. But I don’t think that pandering to non European and non American audiences is the reason for films being crap.
    I believe that if all of humanity consisted of European peoples living in European styled societies, films would still be crap.

    Lots of first world people pay for garbage. Enough to make garbage profitable.

    1. Weltmacht says:

      It’s not the primary reason but it’s definitely a component. Movies in the US have been increasingly geared toward the international market in the last couple of decades and that means they have to be more culturally neutral in presentation and content. That dilutes the possibility of presenting meaningful information from anything other than the blandest and most inoffensive point of view. Then you have to combine that with the fact that studios nowadays are extremely reluctant to take a chance on anything that doesn’t already have a built-in audience and what you have is a bunch of stuff that doesn’t break any new ground aside from financial records. Look at the top 10 grossing movies of 2015:

      1) Star Wars – based on an existing property.
      2) Jurassic World – based on an existing property.
      3) Furious 7 – based on an existing property.
      4) Avengers: Age of Ultron – based on an existing property.
      5) Minions – based on an existing property.
      6) Spectre – based on an existing property.
      7) Inside Out – original content.
      8) Mission: Impossible – based on an existing property.
      9) The Hunger Games – based on an existing property.
      10) The Martian – adaptation of a novel.

      Now of course that’s not to say that literally 90% of movies that were released last year fall into the category of unoriginal content, but the point is that they drown out everything else and studios are so risk-averse that they won’t bother promoting anything that doesn’t have the built-in audience. In 1996, about half of the top 10 grossing films were based on existing properties. Most other years in that decade were the same. In 1986, only 30% of the top 10 grossing films were based on existing properties. The really interesting and innovative films from the 1950s through the 1990s wouldn’t stand a chance of being made today. Even something like Pulp Fiction, which was independently produced, probably wouldn’t even be able to secure the modest amount of funding necessary to make it today, and it certainly wouldn’t have been as influential and successful as it was since it likely would have been relegated to appearing exclusively on Netflix.

      1. canadaspaceman says:

        Even after I discovered I can download movies, or watch on jootube or whatver other sites outthere that make you endure cimmecials or something,I STILL would rent or buy vhs taopes or DVD’s from JumboVideo or Blockbuster.
        ONLY when the staff were kind of dickheads and stuff I asked to be ordered would never come in, I gave up in these retail dickheads. Two local chainstores died, NOT just because of downloading, but because the cklerks and teh head office that ordered tehmjaterial were gawdam dickheads.
        They killed them,selves.
        I seen sooooooooo many peopl every week around 5 – 10 years ago , especially on weekends, lookingat everything.
        Youhad the bin hiunds, the dudes searching for the out of print stuff, even iof it was weird or downright shit..ifit was rare, and for an inexpensive price, they would pay.
        All of the ex-video store customers search online.

        Just like when record labels fucked over metalheads.
        I am now at the point where I am almost done with physical media if every fucking band joins the itunes mafia. Fuck them.
        fuck them all .
        fuck them up their stupid asses with a rusty knife.

        These faggots want it all digital? Ok, good then..then, it is digital warfare!, and we want it all for free you fuckfaces,
        especially for fucking it up for us, the customers that enjoyed the big LP cover jackets, with great artwork and lyrics large enough to read instead of weasel-dick/tiny print.
        Ya know, I keep hearingthese whiny edomite jews say “never fogive, never forget”, well us as metaklheads shoudk do the smae to the record industry.
        IF you buy major label digital, like from itunes, you are the same as the idiots that pushed us away from vinyl in 1990.
        ..I think I am getting angry…
        this site better start showing some hacked iphone, lobster claw titty porn soon for fuck’s sake
        might even join any local right wing

        1. canadaspaceman says:

          yeah. my drunken typing skills are atrocious….. but I NEVER cheated in typing class in higschool, unlike everybody else…I also never kissed ass.
          Hence, why it took me 3 years to pas a Grade 9 typing class…funny how a Pakistani teacher passed me, as she might have been an outsider just like me, and she didn’t care what the rest of the faculty said about me.
          Yeah, teachers talk, and their cliques determine if you will pass or not. I failed many classes – did my work, but, did not agree with the politics, refused to join afterschool sports, would not kiss ass, etc

          i still wonder how they do not see themselves as mentalcases. THEY NEVER even told me when graduation was, so in the fall I went back to pick up my diploma and the vice principal gave me shit for not showing up to the ceremony! the one I was never told about! The one never mentioned in my classes!
          I just stood and took his shit and stayed silent as my father would want me to see that fuckin piece of paper after all the times I dropped out or had classes “failed” onme by the teachers.
          My Dad probably knew the score, but he was busy grinding it out in a machine factory every day to pay the mortgage.
          He warned me after a couple times I messed up, to not get caught up in stupid shit with the rich kids, as they had rich daddies for help with jobs after completing highschool, but I lived in the real world.

      2. Syphilis says:

        “Pulp Fiction”

        You could just slap Quentin “the Cuckold” Taraninos name on it and it would still make a profit. Unless in this hypothetical present of your Tarantino isn`t famous, in which case no one would care.

  2. canadaspaceman says:
    The search engine that doesn’t track you.

  3. Morbideathscream says:

    So jewgle is censoring search results? Can’t say I find that the least bit surprising.

    And yes the vast majority of mainstream movies have been shit the last 20 years. It’s very seldom that I go to the movie theaters anymore.

    1. C.M. says:

      Complying with DMCA takedown requests != censorship.

      These censorship articles have effectively robbed that word of intent and purpose as now it simply applies to everything deemed disagreeable. Let’s just be honest with ourselves and go back to using “gay” for dumb shit that is, you know, just gay. Antifa is gay. Leftists are gay. See how much more descriptive and potent that is?

      1. I don’t see how preventing theft of one’s intellectual property is a problem, unless the methods by which it is done are questionable.

        I don’t watch films, because they are crap, but if I want to, why should I not have to pay for them?

        1. C.M. says:

          Precisely. Using a lawful and nonviolent and unobtrusive method of preventing your work from being stolen is by no means censorship.

          Films are crap because people still pay for them. Perhaps piracy will help turn the media industry about, since the idiots who consume crap for idiots will take it for free whenever they get a chance, and others like myself will gladly pay artists for producing valuable stuff. Notice how every worthwhile musical act is still selling their stuff on vinyl, tape, or CD?

          1. I think that free expression is a better goal than free speech.
            Revealing information that should be private can be done through speech, like the passcode to a person’s locker.
            However, expressing that a person is an arsehole and deserves to have his locker raided, should be allowed.

            The expression of values should be completely free. It should be utter anarchy, with the government not intervening.
            But missile launch codes, locker codes, and the like, should not be legally revealable through speech.

  4. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    The days of Sam Peckinpah, John Ford, Kurosawa, Sam Fuller, Clouzot among others are long gone. I can’t remember the article but it noted movies are now dominated by wimpy fan boys with not a single man among them making the same cinematic swill as always but more cleverly dressed up and always loaded with liberal propaganda and trashy degeneracy. House wives now like zombies and subplots about lesbian revenge abortions (with gory details), where as not too long ago they were screaming at me to turn off that awful Romero and Fulci trash. It’s over!

  5. I'm trying to read my cybernovel says:

    aw fuck, everybody pack up your shit

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      the thing is buddy, the “hills” in the USA and Canada are both full of idiot freemasons.
      They don’t know half the shit that we do.
      They are all sell-outs, and rats.

  6. I don’t know why you all know so much truth about the degeneracy of this world, but won’t out the REPTOIDS and won’t let CHRIST into your hearts. CHRIST will end this GOOGLE filth once and for all when he returns in all his endless power, glory and honor

    1. C.M. says:

      What can we do that would hasten Christ’s coming and subsequent retribution?

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