Gorguts preview new Pleiades’ Dust EP

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Article by Daniel Maarat

Gorguts have previewed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDyn5lkVNlo) their upcoming EP to be released on Season of Mist. “Wandering Times” is the first track of Pleiades’ Dust sole, thirty three minute long composition. Listeners can expect Luc Lemay’s LP length EP to continue in the technical life muzak style of Coloured Sands: Random dissonant verses clashing with jazz fusion interspersed with ambient interludes incongruent as a whole to all but music theory majors. The commissioned cover and lyrical theme of the Islamic Golden Age suggests this release will persist in trying to irrumate headbangers with vaguely oriental spiritualism. Lemay seems to be appealing more to coffee shop guitarists wanting salvation from their poor life choices.

Werner Herzog made a documentary (Wheel of Time) about fifteen years ago on the same sand mandalas as Coloured Sands. Here are his views on yoga to spare you from Lemay’s orientalism:

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11 thoughts on “Gorguts preview new Pleiades’ Dust EP”

  1. OliveFox says:

    Damn, did Gorguts forget to send you guys a Christmas card?

    I do have to admit, I only spin Considered Dead and Erosion of Sanity if I wanna listen to ‘guts. I can’t fucking deal with Obscura anymore or whatever Colored Sands is supposed to be. Erosion is underrated and I find it holds up extremely well.

    1. C. M. says:

      Those first two are my favorites by a long shot, but From Wisdom to Hate is too often overlooked as well.

  2. Matt Risnes says:

    “Coffee shop guitarists wanting salvation from their poor life choices”

    Lines like this are why I come to this site. I remember Colored Sands being hyped to high heaven by all the pretentious, milquetoast metal fans who love and/or write for Decibel magazine. When I finally heard it, I couldn’t even make it through one track it was so dull and full of itself.

    I mean, there’s a ton of metal that I love that this site either has or I assume would shit all over. But when we both hate the same things, now that’s music to my ears.

  3. Jordi Jizzenburrough says:

    This sounds like Tool covering a song from Streetcleaner while wearing Fallujah hoodies. If this album was written through Facebook messages I wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. Daniel Maarat says:

      Fallujah at least has blasting, breakdowns, and sounds comically awful.

  4. Dr Khan says:

    The cover art is pretty cool.
    I haven’t even heard Colored Sands, was kinda turned off by the hype which seemed intuitively inauthentic.

  5. bigsteeve says:

    I disliked all of the soft slowed down indie rock sections in Colored Sands and fear that they will come back again in this new EP.

    It seems that Gorguts’ days as a 100% death metal band died with Steeve Hurdle.

    When Colored Sands was just being death metal is was pretty good. The classical track in the middle of the album was alright too. It’s just the shoegazey indie rock bullshit that threw off that album.

    1. Frank says:

      From Wisdom to Hate has more death metal elements than Obscura, and Hurdle was not involved in the making of that album at all.

  6. MichelobMike says:

    Hurdle was the one pushing the really avantgarde shit on Obscura, the pick scrapings and noisey moments. The problem with CS is that it’s just ‘prog-metal’ rather than being truly progressive. It’s decent though.

  7. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    I never gave a fuck about this band, they were lucky to exist for some early 90s DM fame, maybe the old shit is good but they are a band for hip hop potheads into cheesy spiritualism and whatever else that sucks. Obscura is a pile of bullshit smoke and mirrors card trick, Colored Sands is penis flavored tard spasm, I hate people and music industries and musicians, all bullshit.

    1. vOddy says:

      Damn, son

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