Happy 2015


2014 proved to be a heck of a year. Underground metal came bouncing back, and the hipster punk-metal of the past decade really faded away. There were many revelations and realizations which let us know what we must do in 2015 and from here on out to curate this artform and enjoy it. And, the collapse of the modern world continues on course, providing good fodder for lyrics.

To all of you out there, whether you’re participating in the official holiday(s) or not, have a great one. The switchover of one date to the next means little but it is a convenient way to think about the future. Another span of time awaits where we can create greatness or mediocrity, according to our own choice. Be careful out there and have a great time.

15 thoughts on “Happy 2015”

  1. Kingdom_Gone says:

    Thank you and let the metal flow!

  2. Aldo says:

    Wait for the new Cóndor album!

  3. Harry Balzak says:

    Why were the Nargaroth reviews deleted from the Dark Legions Archive? Is it because the vocalist admitted on an interview that his band was a joke to mock black metal all along?
    If so, what if he withdrew from such claim, would you repost those reviews back on the DLA??

    1. fenrir says:

      People, including editors, mature.

      Just as Hate Eternal was removed for not representing the highest ideals of Black Metal despite any other qualities, I imagine Mr Stevens had a good reason to remove Nargaroth which had nothing to do with band statements.
      This website listens to the music and pays little attention to “the people behind the music”, unless it’s for interviews…

      1. Richard Head says:

        But doesn’t Hate Eternal play basic death metal? I have Conquering the Throne and Phoenix Among the Ashes and remember them being very solid, blazing fast and very low-register melodies with cool guitar leads, but not really of classic quality. Maybe I am thinking of a different Hate Eternal.

        1. fenrir says:

          Basic? Nah, they just play WAll-of-Noise Death Metal.
          Which doesn’t even really build so well. It is more like bashing than anything else.

          1. Richard Head says:

            I have to disagree with “wall of noise”. They made a good choice with the very dry Morbid Angel-style guitar tone, because it lets the melodies of both guitars stand out. If the tones were any more saturated in distortion, the melodies would be mostly illegible, so the guitarists (or at least their sound engineers) knew what they were doing.

            Anyway, I meant “basic” death metal as in, no influences from doom, black metal, brutal death, etc. Portal play a wall of noise, and sound dissimilar to Hate Eternal.

            All the albums I’ve heard are solid but like I said earlier, short of classic status.

            1. fenrir says:

              share, upload and share in the forum.

              1. Richard Head says:

                Currently I am using a computer without a CD drive (I fried my old one with l33t war3z) but will as soon as I get a chance.

      2. Hans Urs von Balthasar says:

        Hate Eternal black metal? What what in the butt?

      3. Shit 666 says:

        Brutality is a weird omission, and Resurrection a strange inclusion. Just throwing my thoughts here on the review archive.

        1. discodjango says:

          “Screams Of Anguish” and “Embalmed Existence” are both solid albums. Personally I prefer the latter.

  4. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Have a great new year everyone.

  5. Hans Urs von Balthasar says:

    Have a great year! Destroy hippies n stuff

    1. Jim Nelson says:

      will do

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