“Heavy metal is tribal music”

Someone finally explained heavy metal in terms simple enough for the nodding nobodies to comprehend:

Biff Byford, lead singer of 1980s heavy metal behemoths Saxon, is preaching to convert the non- ferrous among us to his cause. “Heavy metal is a tribal music and everyone is a member of the tribe,” he explains.

A wistful look passes across the features of a man memorably described by one critic as “the dray horse of heavy metal”. “The music’s not about love,” he adds, warming to his theme. “Our songs are more about Richard the Lionheart, steel trains and thunder. But when you do click with a big audience, it can be quite an experience, a massive connection… I suppose you could say it is a religious experience in a way.” – The Independent

As some people have been saying for years, metal is the one true alternative in pop culture — most of pop culture is about the individual and its desires, and the ethic of convenience that accompanies them. Don’t do the right thing — do what feels good! Ignore history, we’re inventing a new regime! One for the people, by the people, about the people. And when we gain power, and throw out those bad old fuddies with their social standards, everything will be totally awesome!

Heavy metal is the opposite. It minimizes the individual, and reduces you to the role of one in a tribe. It de-emphasizes the now, and replaces it with a broader view of history. It makes desires secondary to quests, goals and heroic struggles. It’s the anti-pop-culture, or the counter-counterculture. It’s a war against all of the illusions that allow our modern time to be corrupt. You can’t fight a corrupt society with flower power, pacifism and universal tolerance.

You can fight it by taking a look at reality for once, which is what heavy metal does. And because we’re the oddballs, we are the tribe of those who drop out of the “consensual reality” created by media, social pressures, advertising, government propaganda and what the crowd is talking about. We look at hard reality, fire and iron and blood, instead. While we may look like the other drop-outs, space-outs and individualists from the outside, we are in fact made of different stuff.

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  1. 604753 says:

    “But we have no records of the great successes of anarchy, chaos, permissiveness and”

  2. V.P. says:

    being a nigger!

  3. adfg says:

    With misinterpretation & overanalyzation of escapist fantasy lyrics and minimal knowledge of the writings of Nietzsche, I have concluded that metal is an anti-individualistic collectivist movement for tribal viking warriors. Furthermore,

  4. Bebop says:

    I find it funny that you agree about this whole tribal thing and metal not being about the individual. With the kind of bullshit reviews and outlandish claims this site and their writers make about people who like certain types of metal and bands, you alienate yourself and your little crew to just a small bunch of uptight individuals that think they’re on their high little mountain looking at a collective that like different kinds of metal.

    Let the racist and childish comments (where you dicks take peoples names who post and put “words” in their mouths) commence.

  5. 604753 says:

    Guise. The “this is an isolated interpretation expounded solely by ANUS intellectual gay aspies, so we’ll just pick at those ridiculous reviews written 15 years ago to get credibility for pointing out ‘pretentiousness'” thing is getting rather old.
    I think that most metalheads live in a state of limbo between the majestic message of heavy metal and the popular face of metalhead culture, and can’t get themselves to admit that it’s the quality and vision that makes this music particularly interesting, not the socializing aspect.
    ANUS seems to support listening to what the music has to say, as opposed to beating off at any external factors.
    Oh, and @Bebop. The whole Adrian McCoy thing looks like an elaborate troll, and it’s surprising that this blog didn’t scrutinize its comments as intensively, as it should have. I do however get the feeling that there have been less intertard flame wars here lately.

  6. Bebop says:

    Sure thing.

    I’m a nigger who sucks cocks.

  7. 604753 has nailed it. ANUS listens to the music and analyzes it as art; the social aspects of metal are transient bullshit that never did anything but help a few lost adolescents feel like Chuck Norris for ten minutes.

    But I think the constant repetition of the n-word around here is retarded. It’s funny because it’s taboo, yes, but it’s also kind of mean to people who are black. Put that energy into ending diversity instead.

  8. Doofus Exterminator says:

    In other words:


  9. Anonymous posting eats penis.

  10. Stan Shepard says:

    Everybody’s got a little Anus in ’em

  11. Stan Shepard says:

    Except for me, I take big ol’ cocks in my mouth. Feels super good man.

  12. Bebop says:

    Stan impersonator = ballsy and noble

    Keep up the good work bro!!!!

    Your pal, Bebop

  13. Contrabandanist says:

    When the fuck did ANUS comments fall into 4chan levl disfunction?

  14. gaynigger says:

    I’m a gay macaca from outer space, has anyone seen any females?

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