Hellhammer – Blood Insanity 7″ Out July 22nd

Hellhammer - Blood Insanity

Hellhammer‘s Blood Insanity single is finally being released by Century Media and Prowling Death Records over thirty years after it was originally conceived.

Century Media Records & Prowling Death Records have announced the joint release of the HELLHAMMER Blood Insanity 7″ vinyl single, originally conceived by the band in 1984.

The 7″ in includes the title track, “Blood Insanity”, on the A-side and “Maniac” as B-side. The two songs have been restored and remastered from original demos of 1983.

The worldwide release date for the Blood Insanity 7″ will be August 19th, 2016 and the pre-sale via CM Distro has started today at the following location: www.smarturl.it/hhcmdistro

The Blood Insanity 7″ release (Which comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve) is limited to a one-time only pressing of 3,000 copies and will be available in the following vinyl editions:

Picture 7″ / 500 copies
Silver 7″ / 300 copies (Century Media exclusive)
White 7″ / 300 copies (Nuclear Blast exclusive)
Clear 7″ / 300 copies (High Roller exclusive)
Transparent Red 7″ / 600 copies
Black 7″ / 1000 copies

All 7″ vinyl single copies will be shrink-wrapped in plastic and marked with a colour sticker (Golden colour for the Picture 7″) to indicate its respective edition.

Tom Gabriel Warrior: “In early 1984, after HELLHAMMER’s third demo Satanic Rites, HELLHAMMER bassist/singer Steve Warrior, HELLHAMMER roadie Marco Dinosaur Suremann, and I contemplated properly releasing some of the music HELLHAMMER had recorded the year before. We planned a NWOBHM-style 7″ vinyl single, containing two songs taken from the Triumph Of Death demo recording sessions of June 1983.”

The single was to feature Blood Insanity as a title track, and Maniac as its b-side. The cover of the single was to be a photo taken by HELLHAMMER photographer Martin Kyburz in early 1983. We drafted a brief typewriter memo, recording the outline for this single proposal.

At the time, it was difficult and prohibitively expensive for a band to directly contract a manufacturing plant to produce a vinyl record without the involvement of a record company, so the single eventually remained a mere idea, while HELLHAMMER ultimately signed with Noise Records in West Berlin. The Blood Insanity single project thus languished in an unrealized state until the eventual dissolution of HELLHAMMER rendered any plans for further HELLHAMMER releases redundant.

Nonetheless, the unrealized single never really faded from my memory throughout all the commotion associated with HELLHAMMER’s past existence during the many years since the band’s termination. Moreover, Prowling Death Records, founded in my bedroom in 1983 to release the HELLHAMMER demos, had in the meantime become a proper record company. When I presented the idea to Century Media Records, the long-standing licensing partner of Prowling Death Records, they immediately pledged their support.

The original single was to be issued in a simple card sleeve; but the gatefold format now chosen allows us the luxury to expand the visual presentation: the outside representing the single exactly as it was to be in 1984, the inside adding information about the project’s history.

The result is this single, produced in full coordination with the HELLHAMMER members who played on these songs, and designed as faithfully as possible in accordance with the original concept we devised 32 years ago. The two songs have been painstakingly and deferentially restored and remastered from original demos of 1983. The single features the Prowling Death Records number we originally assigned to it: PDR 007.”

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4 thoughts on “Hellhammer – Blood Insanity 7″ Out July 22nd”

  1. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    Cash grab double dip, ” hey look! I’m old skool and underground toooooo!”

  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

    I suggest a Hellhammer sound bite competition. Three I came up with so far:

    Truly living up to the legend it is.

    If Venom’s too technical for you.

    Real amateurs!

  3. morbideathscream says:

    I already have the demon entrails comp of all their demos. Why pay for an overpriced 7″ which contains songs that I already have? The fact that those songs have restored and remastered, they’ll probably sound more sterile and too clean. But hey, who knows? If I run across it at a decent price I might grab it, but definitely not a priority. Surely, all the fucking hipsters will be snagging copies of this.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      In all seriousness, what’s the point of this? Beyond, as someone aptly put it in a youtube comment,

      My Mom and Father used to hate these guys when I played them!



      I’ve known people who recorded more interesting stuff in their parent’s basement with a tape recorder. At best, this is meta-music selling the listener an image of himself, as demonstrated above. At worst, it’s a cleverly executed way to make money by amplifying a lack of talent.

      NB: I completely ‘get’ what this image is supposed to be but that’s ancilliary to the incredibly and presumably deliberately crude mannerisms (this text written with the help of half of Transilvanian Hunger to provide some perspective).

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