Helvete, famous Oslo black metal hangout, returns

helvete_store_oslo_black_metalBack during the golden age of black metal, the shop Helvete was the focal point of the Norwegian black metal movement. Run by Mayhem guitarist Euronymous, the store was the go-to spot for the genre’s elites to spread their music and ideas.

After the first media explosion of black metal occurred, Helvete shut down in response to negative reactions from the community. Shortly after, it became famous after the events surrounding Euronymous’ death and gained mythic status amongst the newer fans to journey to and attempt to understand what had occurred there.

After languishing in other business purposes for over a decade, as of this August the location of the original store will be reclaimed for its 1990s purpose: spreading black metal. Neseblod Records has decided to relocate there and is busy setting up a museum experience to preserve the history of the genre. Featuring classic releases and rare flyers and posters, the project aims to revive interest in what inspired the original black metal musicians to create what they did.

Throughout this endeavor, the project has had the support of Darkthrone‘s Fenriz, who has directly involved himself in the moving process, guiding the presentation to be as realistic and truthful as possible, which can only help increase awareness of both the history of the genre and its future exploits.

In this case, realistic and truthful means making the past come alive once again and remembering those ideals, which are timeless, and carrying them forward into a new time. At least, that’s if they want to avoid nostalgia, which pretty much killed off the souls of Generation X before they even hit their forties. Those interested in seeing documentation of the progress can head over to the Facebook page.

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8 thoughts on “Helvete, famous Oslo black metal hangout, returns”

  1. EDS says:

    I read somewhere that for the past few years in April there was a tour that stopped by many of the crucial black metal spots including the old Helvete shop. I guess the tour started after the Inferno Fest ended or something like that. The shop was as of recent years a bakery, and the owners would let the tour patrons go downstairs and view the famous “black metal” inscription. All in all, it is pretty cool that at least a metal label has bought the site this time around. This would make for a “can’t miss stop” for metalheads touring the Oslo area.

  2. ericsyre says:

    So, will the ideals of the time be revived too? The music could also benefit from a revival of sorts.

    All hail Kenneth and Neseblod!

  3. Carg says:

    Neseblod was the best part of Oslo. I always said it was the Helvete of our time; glad to see that I can say that literally, now!

  4. Brutal Slayer says:

    A little bit out of topic, demo level Texan Death Metal warriors Cruxifix released a compilation of their 1991 demo material this year! It is titled: Crucifix – Visions of Nihilism 2013 and it is superb!

  5. Nice but sort of not nice town. Avoided shops and people. Loved Frognerparken. Would love to see a resurgence of old school Norwegian Black Metal. Maybe the new shop would help. Maybe not.

  6. Tarbuz says:

    It’s just seems a bit religious to do something like this–making it a Mecca for black metal or some other pilgrimage shrine for something that’s far in the past. Why not look forward to something new and creative?

  7. EDS says:

    Good point Tarbuz but I think in the end it doesn’t have to do with something “a bit religious”. As we know organized religion such as Islam is a fairy tale. However the old school black metal scene out of Norway had a definitive purpose and was real. It was a valid way of life. The current black metal bands however don’t seem to have the ideals bands such as Mayhem, Immortal and Burzum had. Hopefully this museum experience will reveal those ideals to the new generation of black metal musicians. Thus, unlocking a true revival of these said ideals which in turn will inspire new works of art which re-define the genre.

  8. daniel c. reiter says:

    Sorry, but I don’t think that Immortal ever possessed ideals even remotely resembling Burzum. And, why the hell isn’t anyone supporting Varg and his family in their time of need? I suppose all this is just “entertainment” for you? Remember, Immortal are “snitches”.

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