Hipster metal has officially jumped the shark

Hype Cycle: 2004–2007
Key Artists: Boris, Wolfmother, Dead Meadow

What It Was: Dave Grohl’s unexceptional Probot vanity project brought attention to avant-metal label Southern Lord, making it cool for the ironic-ringer-T-shirt set to share warm PeeBeRs with the denim-jacket-back-patch set. Soon, bands like the Sword, Priestess, and Saviours brought all the energy and aggression of metal without zitty geekazoid tropes like “chops.”

Creative Peak: Mastodon, Leviathan [2004]

Typically Effusive Praise at the Time: “If Sunn 0))) is the ZZ Top of experimental metal, with matching beards and Gibson Les Paul guitars, Boris might be the Kraftwerk, or the Ramones, or even the Jimi Hendrix Experience, depending on the album.” —The New York Times Magazine, 2006

What Happened?: For most people, standing through two hours of Sunn O)))’s fog machine and drone turned out to be “not really my thing.” Indie rockers started their own terrible metal bands (David Pajo’s Dead Child, Rob Crow’s Goblin Cock), and the burnouts nerds laughed at in high school resumed shaking their heads at us all. – The Village Voice

When even the Village Voice says hipster metal has jumped the shark, you know it’s official: both that “hipster metal” exists, which hipsters deny, and that it’s a dead played out trend, which is good news for people who like real metal.

Indie hipster music and metal cannot coexist. They’re coming at the world from opposite angles. Metal is about power, but indie hipster music is about sounding cool and ironic to pacify your friends. Power is war, pandering is pacifism. No pacifism in metal — only war — IF YOU ARE A FALSE…

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  1. Sean says:

    Do not entry or you’ll be burned and died

  2. Unicorn says:

    wow you sure talk a lot about hipsters.
    I don’t know how wide this Hipster stereotype is spread in America. I’m not aware of such a stereotype/style in Israel.
    But I have noticed people who like telling stories in groups… especially in geek groups(computers, anime, metal, etc..), because geeks consume lots of “art”, but some people care more about telling a cool story about art to their friends than art. So they go actively spread and advertise some shit they may not enjoy by themselves alone (or may even claim it “sucks”) but that has some quirkiness (usually something superficial so that it’s easier to explain to a bunch of people who don’t really care…)

    so now they’ve acquired something to talk about for hours because it’s funny. It’s kind of depressing to be around, really. “Wait, why are you talking about this so much if you told me upfront that it’s lame?” then they make an avoiding excuse to and show how cool they are “taking life easy” too much to care about even their own opinions. Taking opinions seriously is not funny enough, or fun to talk about in a group of not-really-connected individuals who need desperately to socialize even if they’re geeks

    I said before that it is depressing, because it gives a feeling the people have given up hope that their free time could be spent on anything which has greatness (or maybe believe greatness exist in the world but are too afraid/unconfident to talk about it) so they just play Who can find the most uniquely smelling poopie of them all.

    So this combination of low self esteem, cleverness, nihilism and more low self esteem is what you may call “hipster” if that’s the case it’s not a group, the “hipsters” do not exist yet they’re everywhere, including probably on this site (because they share some attractions) because it’s just (I find a very common ) a mentality.

  3. SPHINCTER says:

    on a very srs note that asian kid looks liek a mudkipz

  4. Trevar says:

    Unfortunately I see these kids a lot. They were fizzling out in Colorado, then I moved to a small town in Pennsylvania where they all seem to be a few years behind aside from a few Hessier buddies who go to the college here. These are typically the same kids that say “Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest aren’t Metal” which makes me want to knock their teeth in, what fucking ignorance…I had the pleasure of attending a Dark Funeral show where a 24 or so year old one of these was fucking with the vocal amp and Chaq Mol walked up and kicked him in the face, it was grand

  5. SPHINCTER says:

    trevar that has nothing to do with a mudkipz, please engage in conversation with me about mudkipz because tehys so funneh :L

  6. Mike Gainer Reigns Here says:

    We can all blame Jewcular Blast for this travesty.

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