History of a Time to Come (documentary)

Looks like someone is making a history of Brokeback Island UK speed metal (sometimes miscalled “thrash”):

Welcome to the website of A History of a Time To Come – the story of UK thrash, a documentary telling the tale of british thrash metal through the ages, from the early 80s to the present day.

The film aims to fill in the blanks in the history of the genre, where those bands who were once so popular, have faded from memory.

Check out the film:

0 thoughts on “History of a Time to Come (documentary)”

  1. speed metal lover who understands quality>quanitity says:


  2. Lord Mosher of the Crowded Pit says:

    It’s not called Thrash metal you fukking cunts! I know I was there when this shit began! You were probably wearing diapers or inside your slut mother’s wombs when I was smashing heads and windmill headbanging to -seven churches and hell awaits!!

    I saw Slayers all time second show and Exodus’s early shows at Ruthies. Man speed-metal was called like that, largely because of speed the drug. But you fukkin babies woudlnt know that cause you werent fukkin there!

  3. Carg says:

    This had better be mostly about Atomkraft (who were kickass on Monday) and Sabbat.

  4. @Lord Mosher of the Crowded Pit says:

    It was called Thrash/Speed metal dude. Listen to the whole interview. This is 1986 mind you. You know, when you were moshing in your mom’s tomb of a womb while I was in her twat.


  5. @@Lord Mosher says:

    Death metal was already developed by then you turd. Speed metal became “thrash metal” when speed metal started to merge with hardcore/thrash and verge on proto-death metal. think Kreator, Sodom etc

    source: fucking 1983, faggot

    I win.

  6. dumbasses says:

    >sometimes miscalled “thrash”

    Oh God, you aspies are at this again? The fucking movie you’re pimping calls it Thrash, the people interviewed in it call it Thrash. Give it a rest.

    As to “what happened to metal in that period”, everyone moved on to bigger and better things. UK Thrash blows ass anyway.

  7. you take it in the ass says:

    “Brokeback Island”

    Ha ha ha. Good one.

    You’re just mad ’cause only two things come out of Tex-ass: steers and queers.

  8. I lubs the heavy rock says:

    Hey, if you want to stick to historically accurate terms, Metallica was called Power Metal in 1983, and Black Sabbath used to be called Hard Rock. Why do you idiots insist on calling them Metal nowadays, then?

  9. deadite says:

    Who besides Sabbat was any good out of the UK? (In speed/thrash I mean)

  10. who gives a fuck about names like speed or thrash? stop acting like nerds... says:

    “The film aims to fill in the blanks in the history of the genre, where those bands who were once so popular, have faded from memory.”

    When were they popular really?

  11. @nerd above ^ says:

    They were popular in the UK dork.

    Who gives a fuck? I do.

  12. anus.com is an elaborate joke says:

    “sometimes miscalled “thrash””

    Truly one of the prime examples of metalheads taking linguistic pedantry to its most extreme levels of absurdity. Here are a few points to consider: (1) Even if you douchelords are right about the original meanings of the terms “thrash” and “speed”, it really doesn’t fucking matter, since the usage of these terms has obviously shifted and “thrash” has referred to what you guys refer to as “speed metal” for FUCKING AGES NOW, so there’s no “miscalling” here. What on Earth do you gain by constantly pointing to the alleged fact that these terms had different meanings BACK THEN? Nothing terribly important, as far as I can tell; (2) The term “thrash” does not REALLY mean anything other than what it means to the relevant community of language users who employ the term. Its meaning and reference is determined by how it’s generally employed by speakers who use the term. There is no REAL meaning of “thrash” and “speed” that these speakers are missing out on. The alleged fact that these terms used to be employed in a different way makes no fucking difference; (3) Metal subgenre terminology was hardly set in stone in the early to mid 80s, so just shut the fuck up about this already.

  13. Dave says:

    Thrash metal sux dick, kind of like I do. You people should be more open minded and listen to rap.

  14. voice of reason says:

    Drinking from the toilet again Dave. You have to stop such bad habit.

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