How to write bad black metal: the hot tub

On an intuitive level, we can tell that some black metal sucks, and some is good. The difference mostly has to do with the state of mind of the musicians.

When a musician is in a sane frame of mind, they want to show us a journey that parallels life. They are passing along learning, as all art does, but they’re doing it in a form that shows us the experience, and not the conclusions.

Lazy musicians, propagandists and idiots take another approach. They view a song as a binary proposition, with a good and a bad represented directly by parts of a song.

You can see this in all boring or pointless art: there is no journey, no struggle, no learning. The characters or objects in the art face a dark evil, then suddenly see the light, go to the other side and everything is OK. That light can be God, Satan, liberalism, Nazism, sex, drugs or any ideal. It’s just a very basic technique that’s common to people who haven’t thought through the whole “art” side of music.

To them, it’s just music. You find something that sounds cool and hey, that’s all there is to it. This is what mature artists hate about jazz and avantgarde music. They hate “music for music’s sake” that it means nothing, so it either comes with some baggage of theory to “explain” it, or is like that art exhibit where you see a stuffed rabbit impaled with a dildo sitting on a Bible wrapped in a condom, and you’re supposed to think it’s profound.

And when you think about it, all really great art resembles some struggle we’ve faced in our lives. Early black metal sounded like social isolation and a yearning for more in life. It sounded like a rejection of the comfortable sounds of the blues and church music, replacing it with minor key distorted hellhavoc from which elegant melodies somehow emerged. Not what you expected? Or more likely, what you experienced: when you get away from the crazy crowd, and look at nature and your own soul, you find something of greater value than the callow affirmation of “we can all get along, honest” peers.

Bad black metal — and bad metal in general — suffers under what I call the “hot tub” syndrome. Because it is binary, and has a good state and a bad state, and wants us to go from bad to good, the song can have only one major event: the transition. Because that transition cannot be explained by the art itself, but requires added “theory,” it’s random. As a result, the song needs a lot more embellishment to make the transition believable at all.

The result is a lot like this:

Eddie Murphy – James Brown’s Celebrity Hot Tub

We sing a song of the hot tub — how great it will be to be in the hot tub, how cold it is out here, how lonely we are outside the hot tub, etc. ad nauseam. Then we get into the hot tub, and how warm it is! And then the song ends.

Watch your favorite terrible black metal bands and pay attention to how they compose the songs you hear. Are they two-tone, in/out of the hot tub songs, or like early black metal, are they epics that slowly and subtly build to a point where you are ready to make whatever steps are necessary to get in the hot tub?

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  1. thelovemachine says:

    Eddie Murphy’s as kvlt as they come.

  2. Glory says:

    new immortal has one of the worse cases of “hot tub” syndrome ever.

  3. Adrian who thinks anus is retarded says:

    What the fuck does James Brown have to do with black metal? I fail to see your point…And no I’m not stupid, I just think Vijay is just too white to understand black peoples music…

    Besides, I’d rather listen to James Brown than most metal bands today anyway…

  4. Adrian McCoy says:

    And you’re a dork Ray, no one gives a flying fuck about your gay ass theories about black metal accept yourself…

    And I’ll be dead honest with you, I think black metal sucks ass too..FUCK MALLCORE!!! FUCK BLACK METAL!!! LONG LIVE DEATH METAL!!!

    I’m thinking about checking out Nile’s new record…sounds very interesting if you ask me…

  5. Jesus says:

    @ commentors: the song is being used as a metaphor you fucking morons. It has nothing to do with James Brown or Eddie fucking Murphey.

  6. thelovemachine says:

    Yeah, really. Whoosh!

  7. fuck says:

    Nile isn’t worth the mention.. sure it sounds ‘interesting’ because of all of the retarded egyptian gimmick, but its the same shit as the rest of the modern ‘technical’ metal. Adrian, you are stupid.

  8. Adrian McCoy says:

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  9. Thundersong says:

    So that’s how you guys do it over in the Cascades huh Adrian?

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  12. Adrian McCoy says:

    Do you assholes really think I care what you do or do not like?

    Nile kicks ass, You don’t need lame assed big dictionary worded reviews or narcissistic analyzations of my comments or other peoples comments to figure that out…

    As if you knew what real metal sounds like, most of the bands reviewed on this site are has-beens or sound like shit, sure Obituary kicks ass, but you reveiw their lamest record? WTF?

    Fuck you and fuck black metal elitism…And death metal elitism too…Nobody cares what you think is real or false metal…

    And grow a dick before ask me to suck yours fuckfaces…

  13. Ezekiel Hatfield says:

    What in tarnation!?!? them dam gum McCoys again??? ooooooh whyIoughta!!! [shakes fist @ Adrian]

  14. Adrian says:

    I like your humor Ezekiel, maybe this website isn’t so bad after all…

    Long live death metal!!!

  15. ICP IS RETARDED says:

    I wish icp would just die…or Slayer would just kick their sorry asses…

  16. thelovemachine says:

    Whoosh again! Anyway, can’t wait to see Nile’s performance on American Idol next week, they’re gonna rock the hizzouse!!!

  17. Bill Hicks says:

    Eddie Murphy was HILARIOUS back in the day, you gotta admit it

  18. Brix Marlin says:

    “Kvlty McKvlterson”

    That’s funny. Prozak’s bloviated prose, however, is just as mind-numbing as ever. It gives me gout.

  19. Mike Gainer says:


  20. T.G. says:

    I think I want to stop listening to metal now, as everyone involved in it seems to have an intense desire to scream like a young girl when someone expresses an opinion that either varies from their own, or sets any sort of standard. WUT DA FUK U DUNT LIK OPETH!? EVR1 SHUD LIK WUT I LIK, FUK U!

  21. HATE says:

    I like this mini-article it’s well thought out

    The comment section, however, is only getting worse :)

    It looks as if the real Adrian only spoke his words 1 time but his zombified personality is carried over by 10 people who have nothing better to do or to say

  22. Prozak says:

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  23. Thundersong says:

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  25. Adrian McCoy says:

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  26. Adrian's Boyfriend says:

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  27. Adrian says:

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  28. Thundersong says:

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  29. Amber says:

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  30. Thundersong says:

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  31. James Brown once held up a radio station with a shotgun while high on PCP, then lead police on an interstate car chase. Don’t even try to compare modern black metal to the monument of awesomeness that is James Brown. Modern metal bands are mostly awful, WE FUCKING GET IT ALREADY.

    PS: It looks like too many people are mocking to do the “I suck cocks” bit on all of them. For the record, I suck cocks.

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  36. Bolos says:

    Black Metal always sucked bro. And don’t you ever get tired of repeating the same shit? Isn’t 10+ years of it enough? For chrissakes look for some other music beyond metal, or at least a different genre of metal.

  37. T.G. says:

    There’s quite a bit of music beyond metal promoted at the website.

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  39. Adrian McCoy who loves pussy not cock says:

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  43. Adrian who's going to kill you... says:

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  44. Adrian the man who's right says:

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  47. Thundersong says:

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  48. Adrian McCoy who hates you guys!! says:

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  49. Adrian McCoy's Sister says:

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  50. jezushkeyriste says:

    Didn’t this guy already play the “call me let’s fight” card a few blog posts ago? The “FUCK MALLCORE!!!” guy?? Who in the mother fuckin hell….well anyway, it’s bad enough that we have to drive on the same roads with the invertebrates of the world. Now they want us to “call” them as if we would EVER even consider indulging them (only invertebrates call other invertebrates). Lowlifes can bluster all they want but it will never relieve that nagging inferiority complex, and it will never make Nile not suck. All bluster does is show that they got their fragile little feelings hurt, and peels back even more layers of that disturbing freak show that we all must endure. Ready to tie up a noose ’cause your Pantera-weenie pals are all who ever call you, huh? Well if you’re looking for someone to stop you, you’re looking in the wrong place. BLUSTER ALL YOU FUCKING WANT, you are a 1-916-856-PUTZ.

  51. Adrian says:

    Your verbal attacks have really upset me, I’m in a deep depression. I have no friends, only my Pantera CDs and posters that I talk to sometimes.

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    I just need a hug :(

  52. TJ Kincaid says:

    Hi. I’m an over-weight American living in the South and I am totally diggin’ the newer USBM bands. For instance, Krallice live is truly something to behold. After checking them out at the inaugural Scion Fest last year, intense psychedelic black metal had me captivated with every turn after twisted turn their music took. Most of the time there weren

  53. T.G. says:

    I seriously bet that everyone who reads any of the material at thinks that everyone who doesn’t agree with them fits the portrait that Adrian McCoy created. I mean, it’s not like people here just appreciate the ideas and like the music without any club-house pretentiousness, right? That would be silly!

  54. T.G. says:

    Disregard that, I suck cocks.

  55. T.G. says:

    Grr, how did you figure that out carbon-copy!? I’m so angry now.

  56. Cargast says:

    Far too many trolls.

  57. Gay Jesus Hitler Vijay Prozak says:

    Yeah, it’s not funny anymore.

  58. ANUS fanbot says:

    me thinks the web’s anus has a bigger tent than you give it credit for.

  59. ANUS fanbot says:

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  60. /b/tard says:

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  62. Adrian McCoy who loves Krallice and all other forms of Post-Black Metal faggotry and pudding pops says:

    I totally agree with you T.J. Kincaid, Krallice is awesome. You know who’s the clear superior though? Sluts in the Boom Room destroys them! I saw Nerds in the Home Room live and was changed radically by all of the hippie women there. I now know that hippies are the core black metallers of America. Thank you Boners in the Bath Room for such an awakening experiences.

  63. Adrian McCoy who loves big cocks in his ass says:

    Belus is a great album, too. Before that I never understood his work, but Belus is a masterpiece of homo-eroticism.

  64. Count Adrian von McCockinbutt XVIII says:

    Belus is a masterwork of monumental proportions. I love how Warg decided to jump on board the whole art-rock bandwagon and do the things that Sunn O))) and Drudkh and Bums in the Soup Room are doing. It’s only natural to copy what other hip musicians are doing on the moment. I mean, you’ll never make money any other way guys, c’mon…

    But look, I love you all, in my ass of course.

  65. Adrain who's tired of your punkasses says:

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  66. god says:

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  68. fuck says:

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  69. Adrian who's back for more cocks says:

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  70. thelovemachine says:

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  71. fuck says:

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  72. Adrian McCoy is obviously a practical joke played by those characters at DLA says:

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  94. Concerned Mother says:

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  97. Nigger Cumlord says:

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  98. oh says:

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  106. Adrian McCoy thinks ICP should be killed says:

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  107. Cargast says:

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  108. fuck says:

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  109. Mortiis, the conqueror of Adrian's butt cavity says:

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    December 8, 2004

    How about you people actually read the articles before you post huh assholes?

  115. Adrian McCoy says:

    how come I haven’t figured out this article applies to me? and why do I think nu metal is such a fucking crisis? oh wait its because I suck cocks.

  116. Chris Barnes says:

    OH MAN what would we do without Adrian and his ungodly throat?

  117. god says:

    you’re welcome for spell check, Adrian.

  118. internatio says:


    the December 8 2004 stuff was nearly true untill it came to proposing solutions : the “boring utilitarian society” is exactely what you get when everyone fights for survival : you only get that, survival, i.e. boring repetitive stuff where everbody dies just out of bad luck before achieving something truly great. Because mind you, luck is what happens most of the time, look at all those “geniuses” of Wall Street who made millions a week and jumped by the window on the next : were they “better” the first week ? no, it’s just luck.
    So is Warren Buffet “better” because he always scores right ? not even that, because for a single person to achieve that is also within the scope of randomness.
    Go to hell social darwinists, darwin described nature without conscience, good writers on society started with Spinoza, went on to Voltaire and Rousseau, then Marx, then it all went a bit confused but it’s no reason to want to downgrade to animality.

  119. internatio says:

    herp derp

  120. Adrian the main man McCoy says:

    Good point internatio…

    And fuck Korn, Necro, Slipknot and ICP…Their the ones who suck cock, not me…

  121. Adrian McCoy says:

    How about I shove my kitchen knife down your throat instead of my cock huh asshole?

    The only reason you call me a fag is because you’re not man enough to call me out in public, you know I’d kick your ass you little bitch…Just try me fuckface, I’ve been in jail, and I’m not scared to go back again…

  122. Adrian McCoy says:

    …cuz it was a helluva lot easier to get laid in there!

  123. Prozak says:

    how are we going to engage in a fight to the death if you don’t pick up the damn phone, Adrian?

  124. Adrian McCoy says:

    I was in jail for fucking a goat.

  125. Abbath says:


  126. Espinoza Gay Prozak says:

    This site is officially dead, and its carcass is full of rotting trolls.

    I’m gonna suck Adrian’s fat cock, brb.

  127. Adrian thinks you're stupid... says:

    You prove my point every time you call me a gay slur….

    You fucks are posers, and as long you live you shall never ever get laid…

    Now excuse me while I bang your mothers and jizz all over their faces like the mack daddy I am…

  128. fred says:

    …that shit’s just got to be a practical joke. “mack daddy” ?!?! Okay Anus, ha fuckin ha, we get it already! you can stop now!!

  129. fuck says:

    Can anyone really be as stupid as Adrian? Humanity, I am disappoint.

  130. Adrian loves black metal... says:

    I am sorry for dissing black metal. I love black metal, it’s just that I FUCKING HATE MOST BLACK METAL FANS…

    Their immature, stupid and closed minded, I don’t think that’s beneficial to the black metal scene at all….

    Why don’t you fucks talk about the articles (Or music in general) instead of cock huh assholes?

    You already know I hate horrorcore rap and nu-metal,but what about yourselves, do you have any particular bands you just loathe with a passion?

  131. fuck says:

    Cannibal Corpse, Pantera, Wolves In The Throne Room, Nile.. have you forgotten? “close minded”? natural selection, you little shit. LURK ANUS MOAR

  132. fred says:

    if that dude IS an actual dude and not a sick joke, i’ll bet you dollars to donuts he’s on facebook!

  133. Adrian McCoy says:

    I can tell your fustrated and lonley, it must suck to be you…

    That’s your opinion, and your entitled to it, just as I am fucking entitled to like those bands you hate…get over it…

    Have you forgotten the first amendment genius?

    Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws. Criticism of the government and advocacy of unpopular ideas that people may find distasteful or against public policy, such as racism, sexism, and other hate speech are generally permitted…

    Maybe you should grow up instead of challenging me huh fuckface?

  134. Adrian McCoy says:

    Unfortunately the law also protects assholes like you, ICP, and Korn, a real bummer if you ask me…

  135. Cynical says:

    So, if I do a and decide not to close it, it’ll stay open for every comment until someone does?

  136. Cynical says:

    It looks like it!

    Perhaps something like BB code should be used instead of HTML for these purposes.

  137. fuck says:


  138. You-know-who's Brother says:

    Burrav-oh! You are THE MAN, oh yes you are! You’re not butthurt one bit and don’t let any of these fuckfaces tell you otherwise! Oh yeah, speaking of butthurt, don’t forget to pick up some KY at the CVS on your way home. Don’t get that "Nile Intense" shit again, let’s try out the Panteralube this time. I know of one Mack whose Daddy won’t be lonely tonight! (he he!) I know of two Cannibals whose Corpses are gonna knock some boots! (te he!) I know of one Dow whose Jones is gonna be bullish … (I still gotta work on that one).

  139. Adrian thinks your dumb... says:

    Like those fags in Insane Clown Posse, you have proven to be one of the dumbest people I have ever had a chance to encounter in my entire life…

    Please get a girlfreind, or at least attempt at getting one, don’t waste your time challenging people like me who are smarter than you…

  140. Adrian says:

    Disregard that, I’m clearly twelve years old.

  141. Adrian can kick your ass... says:

    I keep forgetting I’m talking to a bunch of 40 year old virgins…my bad…

    I bet Steve Carell is like your Christ, his movie represents you and most metalheads quite well…

    FUCK YOU!!!

  142. Adrian McCoy says:

    Funny that you call me twelve when I was getting more pussy than you at that age than you are getting now…

    Grow a dick, and quit bashing me…

    Unlike you, I don’t follow like a brainwashed zombie, but make my own decisions on what music I like based on the actual talent of the band…Cannibal Corpse and Nile are talented bands, just because they aren’t recognized by your god prozak doesn’t mean they will stop selling records, or that I will stop buying them…


  143. fred says:

    did you study at Princeton or Harvard?

  144. Adrian McCoy says:

    Both, you negro.

  145. Adrian thinks your all stupid... says:

    The only reason i go to this site is because i think your childish comments prove my point…


  146. Thomas Schwartz says:

    Well I’m certainly convinced.

    Hey!!!!! You finally got the whole “your” / “you’re” thing figured out!!! Congrats and nice goin’ big guy!

  147. Adrian... says:

    I miss so much it’s not even funny…motherfuck…

  148. Adrian McCocks says:


  149. MiKKKro$oft Bu$hitler says:

    Fucking awesome video, makes me long for the days when Eddie Murphy was funny, hell, when SNL was funny. Of course I was of single digit age in those days but who cares?

    I was initially a bit confused as to what the overall meaning if it and/or its relation to black metal was, though I eventually did manage to get the general gist of it at the "in the hot tub/ideological conclusion" bit. That said, I was hoping that the hundred+ comments would at least provide some further insight or elaboration on the concept by sheer volume-granted odds. Unfortunately, combing through what read as a BASIC loop of miserably failed attempts at pre-adolescent anger via generic fellatio verbiage proved no such luck. Oh well.

  150. ffffff says:

    “I was initially a bit confused as to what the overall meaning if it and/or its relation to black metal was, though I eventually did manage to get the general gist of it at the “in the hot tub/ideological conclusion” bit.”

    Hint: it’s forced. He had the idea before he knew the meaning.

  151. ftggf says:

    lkjhj ipage

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