Hypocrisy – A Taste of Extreme Divinity

Like the previous Hail of Bullets, Pestilence and Seance albums, the new Hypocrisy is an attempt to retain old-school death metal cred while putting out an “updated” and “contemporary” style. If you cut through all the marketing and bloviation by inexperienced fans, you’ll see this for what it is: Behemoth-style metalcore.

A Taste of Extreme Divinity, like most things that rank appearance over content, uses a formula which is designed to wow you with its slick style so that you fail to notice it’s a collection of random riffs that sound good if you’re not paying attention to the rest of the song. Fast melodic riff, then a doubletime stomp, then a breakdown with a Gothenburg riff, than nu-hardcore style rant and blast; repeat in random order.

Add rattletrap triggered drumming that overplays its technique every time, and wrap the whole thing in semi-synthesized “digital whisper” vocals. If you look at how this music is composed, you’ll see that it is “embellished” verse/chorus constructions where the band designs two riffs of radically different types to serve as verse and chorus, then adds in slight rhythmic variations and purely random diversions. This style of composition is the basis of rock and punk, but not death metal. In fact, it’s the opposite of death metal, which tries to make a series of riffs express an expanding similarity even though they appear radically disparate.

The oldest con in the world is mixing some even older stuff into the old, repackaging it and calling it new. With this album, Hypocrisy are trying stuff that was old even in the days of extreme death metal, but people figured the audience was too savvy for tricks that didn’t even work with the hardcore kids. But now, few remember that old spirit, and those that do get shouted down by a new audience that’s delighted with anything new and easily digestible.

This CD is easily digestible. It is easily listened to. Nothing requires more commitment than putting your brain on hold, and paying attention to only one riff at a time. That way, each riff sounds kind of interesting. It’s only when you try to put them together into songs you realize this CD is like computer-generated text: it makes sense grammatically, but says nothing.

They finally found a way to assimilate metal into rock music. Get rid of the structure, dress up the production and really hammer out the violent riffs that just scream “metal!” even if they’re more closely related to Destruction and Exodus than death metal. Then convince everyone this carnival music is extreme because it’s random, fast and loud.

But we the discerning listeners — who value our time, and know that we get only one life so we take our music like every other aspect of our lives quite seriously — find ourselves nodding off. This is like Britney Spears on meth, repeating the same few lines over and over again until we all rush to escape the room from sheer existential boredom.

In other words, it’s metalcore.

0 thoughts on “Hypocrisy – A Taste of Extreme Divinity”

  1. Adrian McCoy says:

    As, usual, you guys prove you are way too closed minded, it must take a fucking miracle to actually impress you guys with anything…I bet this record is not even close to being as bad as you make it sound…get a life already!!!

  2. Raff says:

    We fucking understand what you don’t like, you’ve told us a million times about it in almost every recent post; you should try writing about music you do like.

    And yes, get a life already.

  3. Ye Olde Blackened Catfish says:

    I think its important to have a review source with impossibly high standards or else everything gets an OK pass. Just realize that and weigh this sites reviews with others and don’t take such offense. Have review sites that given this album a high rating “went and done got themselves a life” cause they heard a CD and typed out a positive review and posted it on their site? The only difference here is the review was negative just like your response, so you must not have a life either. I didn’t care about this band or album before I read this review and I’m never going to give it a chance, if anyone asks me about it I will regurgitate what I will vaguely remember from this review.

  4. Richard says:

    “We fucking understand what you don

  5. Old Man's Abortion says:

    I think there’s been a nice surge of positive reviews, especially on Sadistic Metal reviews. You guys need to relax, re-evaluate what you’re doing with your time and then, yeah, get a life, already.

  6. Nigger Cumlord says:

    You lack in objective auditory faculties if you cannot hear that the beginning of, let’s say, the track ‘No Tomorrow’ sounds like metalcore. And that the rest of the album sounds like bits of Hypocrisy’s musical past being raped by pop polish and melo-death cum emo. Just listen to it, I’m surprised there aren’t female vocals or some emo child wailing in the background. Fuck other reviewers, you know all they want is money so why does anyone bother with them. And who here is actually giving them a good rating?

  7. Traumatized says:

    I gotta say, I was invited to hang out with some “metal heads” (fucking idiots) last night who are completely immersed in the Adult Swim/Blackberry/Xbox360 world and some of the metal they listened to was absolutely fucking awful on a level beyond. Some bands like Septic Flesh, Daath, See You Tuesday (??), Satyricon, this shit music that would have niggery break beats, bass drops, faggoty clean emo vocals, some songs would be completely techno. I was amazed at how much seriously lousy metal there is but the shit is popular apparently. Between their fake metal songs their ipods would switch to hipster shit like Cake, some awful shit called Girl Talk, it was really too much. Of course the guys were total fucking losers living in a filth and only cared about their faggot ass bro-cartoon sedatives and smoking dope. I should burn their house down, but I know time and nature will eat this weak pigs alive. The music however blew my mind, meaning it made me want to blow my brains out.

  8. Adrian McCoy says:

    If you wanna bitch about shitty music…just look at all the mallcore and horrorcore bands out there…THOSE ASSHOLES ARE THE REAL ENEMY!!!!

    Leave Hypocrisy alone!!!

  9. Knur says:

    @Adrian McCoy: AFAIK mallcore and horrorcore bands don’t pretend to be quality metal and therefore don’t interfere with quality control. “Britney Spears is the real enemy” sounds more like an excuse to ignore quality by pointing at something that anyone can make fun of, thus joining the lovey-dovey group of metalheads whose “individual expression” is hampered by everyone who doesn’t agree. And yeah, it does take a miracle to impress the people here. Why should anyone enjoy last week’s average-to-boring death metal ripoff band when they can give Beherit’s “Engram” another (possibly 257th) listen?

  10. Traumatized says:

    Since you mention Beherit check out this band called Slagmaur http://www.slagmaur.com they layer on many sounds to create something extremely unique in black metal, I wonder why anus hasn’t slammed or praised this band yet.

  11. T.G. says:

    @ Traumatized: It is a wonder that ANUS hasn’t slammed or praised that band as of yet; seeing as how every single angry metalhead on the internet seems to be waiting with baited breath to explode in a fit of rage every single time a DLA review disapproves of a band or album they enjoy. I wonder why so many people are so concerned with whether the ANUS approves that they actually take the time to voice their resentment?

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