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The band I am the Trireme will be releasing Gnosis: Never Follow the Light on June 30. Advertised as black metal, their music is best described as an indie stadium rock appropriating some black metal tropes and stitching song sections with a sense similar to Michael Åkerfeldt’s Pink Frothy AIDS, without exceeding the latter’s penchant for pasting together unrelated musical ideas. The band combine this with mainstream Satanic allusions, a pretty album cover and a personal image resembling a grown up Avenged Sevenfold.
A sure hit among angsty and alienated teenagers, a preview of the album can be heard on Soundcloud.

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  1. I’ll just say one thing: the new website’s interface looks awful.

  2. The Spine says:

    What the fuck happened here? This is one of the worst looking websites I’ve ever seen. Who thought this was a good idea and who approved this? The design is completely broken. HTML elements are missing styles entirely. There was not one attempt made to improve any aspect of the site, even with an unmercifully poor design. And what in hell’s name is the point of re-designing a website in 2015 if it’s not to make it responsive? This David Rosales guy is absolutely retarded.

  3. Bobby says:

    I am so confused.

  4. Confused says:

    Whoa, what the heck happened? I can’t find anything anymore.

  5. last_straw says:

    Hi there,

    Yeah the new layout’s shit, no it’s not permanent. Yeah everyone jumped the gun again but never noticed lol.

    Well I guess you could say I’m one of the long time readers/forum posters that basically just sat back and did nothing while watching the kids wreak havoc in the sandpit, going through the motions of being autistic, casually arguing over why a certain album is B+ rather than A or A+ and so on and so forth. Occasionally I’ve thought about putting my hand up and helping our uncle Spinoza out in whatever way he sees fit i.e. “here at DMU” -style, but instead opted for ulterior means such as adding fuel to the fire and thus helping those that might learn from being burnt get burnt. Alas, their mental skins were too thick with autism, and all that is really being achieved at the end of the day is some practice at trolololololing. Sad I know, but I figured that momentarily satisfies my own morbid desires, albeit very poorly, and worse still when I know there are a billion other more meaningful activities I could be doing both on the net and especially off of it.

    Why be an asshole? well it’s hard to make a guy with a bad idea understand how bad his bad idea truly is. And so much for high stimulus streams of shit being effective when the only feedback you get is a bunch of old hands asking where all the genuine articles are. Nope, no one listened. But worse still was the idea of directing traffic to the frontpage at all when you had a dedicated and functioning forum, and maybe one of the few places on the net that could be used to discuss the dying art of metal in any depth at all.

    Further to my final departure from this site address, I (and many others) really don’t want to be implicated in any shit when the big crash happens, as it becomes more and more believable that Prozak/Brett Stevens in his current form is an FBI informant trying to save his own skin by creating counter-narratives with whatever influence he is able to exert over younger people through his writings. And he has become masterful in the art of doing what he does. Sitting at a computer, recruiting and using people to his own ends while listening to metal mp3s; it sounds funny but really he is quite psychopathic also. Sure we all love the guy, but be warned!

    And on that note I bid you all adieu. Metal continues to die a dishonourable death? actually it died long ago and anyone smart about it went to bed early so they could get their 6-8 hours. I’ll be looking forward to new stuff by Demoncy, Nidhogg, Beherit, Summoning and whatever other savage shit manages to surface in the post burn-out future world of music, but realistically, I’ll probably be too busy trying to make a garden pump out veggies, find the meaning of life, earn a living from the corpse of the west and avoid cancer/neurosis while doing it. Love you and leave you my brothers.

    – icunt

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