New Imprecation tracks will be unleashed next week, the release should be ready by the end of March. The songs to come are entitled “Hosanna Ex Inferis” and “Angel of Salvation’s Doom”. – David Herrera

0 thoughts on “IMPRECATION update”

  1. Mastodon guy says:

    No one gives a shit, dude. More Mastodon, more Nekromantheon, NOW!

  2. tiny midget at above impersonator says:

    ↑ you’re not the real Mastodon guy, so fuck off. Mastodon guy was, like all mastodon fans, a funny queer guy always eager to share his tight butthole. You’re just a poser.

    You don’t even like Mastodon, I bet you love Imprecation like all real men.

  3. Where is Levy_Spearmen? guy says:

    Where is Levy_Spearmen?
    Where is Levy_Spearmen?
    Where is Levy_Spearmen?

  4. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Hu… hello.

  5. Real Man says:

    The only people who even care about Imprecation are prepubescents from Texas who want to look “hard”. Here’s real manly music, you fucking fruitcake:

  6. Another homo says:

    Military music has always been the ultimate proof that there is something fundamentally homosexual about putting hundreds of young mens in caserns.

  7. Mastodon guy says:

    @the faggot, midget dude

    No, I’m the real deal. I’ve ressurrected like SUSEJ did but I’m here to promote real heavy metal, not preach a shitty religion.

    I’m also here to kill posers and I can tell you, Imprecation are fucking posers.

  8. Mastodon guy says:

    In addition to this, I plan to take as many cocks in the anus as humanly possible.

  9. Loca People says:

    Viva la fiesta.
    Viva la noche.
    Viva los DJ’s.

  10. sucks... says:

    Y’all need to check out the band Vomitory…Of course since their not in the dla you bitches will probably say they sucks cocks or something like the typical idiots you are…fucking punks…

    And nationalism is dumbass racist bullshit…

    Hail Vomitory…BIOTCH!!!

  11. Truth says:

    Multiculturalism is not the problem…its racist fuckas like prozak that are the problem…

    Fucking sending every race back to their homelands is not only stupid, but does not solve the problem of racism…

    I’d be cool with indian people if their women were willing to date black men, but its that strict indian upbringing bullshit that I fucking hate about those people…I want some of that eastern spice shit…

  12. sucks says:

    Disregard my last comment I was high on jizz! Now where’s that dildo my mom was using last night?…

  13. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Should not they first teach the mice to go through the maze, and then give them the chocolate?

  14. Adrian says:

    Dude, why don’t you give me your address and we’ll see who sucks cocks huh fuckface?

    I’m giving you till tomorrorow and if you don’t you’ll prove my point that your nothing but a fucking coward and and a bitch…

    Wanna play? Lets play motherfucker…

  15. Levy_Spearmen says:

    I meant, put the chocolate in the maze after the rats have learned it.

  16. Fuck says:

    Anyone who is against race-mixing is a fucking racist pig and a goddamn bigot….plain and simple…

    It’s none of you’re fucking business if I fuck a part-Italian half-Korean or Indian chick…All this bullshit about “Pan-nationalism”…nobody want to “STICK” with their own kind you stupid fucking assholes…

    As for the go back to africa bullshit

    i don’t want to go back to africa you assholes!!!!!!!

    Try telling a black panther he needs to take his ass back to africa and watch what the fuck happens to your sorry asses you racist pig fucks…

    Why the fuck dont you fuckers go live in greenland or some shit, that be fine with me..freeze to death for all i care…

    You white fucks are just mad because you’re becoming a minority, and thank god for it…

  17. Fuck A "gay ass nationalist" says:

    And yes the black panthers are a multicultrual, pro miscegenation type of party, do your fucking research…

    Just die already for real, just fucking die…seroiusly just fuicking kill yourselves or some shit…

    fuck nationalsim…I hope your kids turn out dark as fuck too…

  18. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    I listened to the new REVENGE album today…a total barbaric aural assault of pure hatred and EVIL!!!! Sick and violent music for sick and violent minds!

  19. nuff said says:

    No, fuck you.

  20. Adrian says:


    Still did’nt post your address huh fuckface? Knew it…

    Shut your ass up and slit your own throat or something…fucking punk….

  21. Adrian says:

    Well, at least your racist fucks are right about one thing…

    I saw a pic of Vinnie Paul and Fieldy shaking hands last week, and that just proved to me that Pantera really does suck ass…

    “But we told you that long ago” Yeah I know, I just needed prove that’s all…Pantera really does not care about the music…it took a picture of them kissing Korns ass for me to know it…

    Fuck Korn and fuck Pantera…I still like Cannibal Corpse though…

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