Welp, another school shooting is in the books, and this means we begin the cycle of another nationwide emotional meltdown of reactionary liberals over a founding pillar of our “evil” American culture.  Since metal heads and metal journalists everywhere are weighing in on this, and since most (all?) of them are too dumb to say anything logical or researched, it once again has fallen on the staff of DMU to be the sole voice of high-IQ reason in the metal world.  For despite guns being legal in America for over 200 years (with over 200 being free of school shootings), despite automatics/machine guns being loose on the streets since at least the 1920s (with 70 of those years being free of school shootings), and despite gun ownership being in steep decline the last few decades (despite school shootings being on the rise), liberals everywhere continue to fall for the totalitarian “give up the gun” scam and blame our second amendment for the mass murder of innocent children.  While stats clearly prove otherwise, many miss the true root of this tragedy: the individualism our society has been embracing since the cultural revolution of the 1960s.

For it was in the 1960s that our society embraced the extremes of liberalism and decisively dismantled our connection with community and religion.  Through this, the identity that unified our great nation through prosperity and turmoil alike was fragmented and ultimately reassembled into something lost, confused, narcissistic, and ultimately self destructive.  Through this rebellion against logic, reason, authority, and the very foundations of what drives a healthy society we have embraced “the importance of the self” and began living as if there was no future whatsoever.  And when one lives with no future, one lives with no regard to the future of those around them.  For a lack of fear is a dangerous state of being that leads to dangerous possibilities.

By destroying the unified community in which everyone had the same culture, knew all of the neighbors, and worked together to build a better life for everyone, we’ve made ourselves into hermit-type creatures that crawl into our holes and pay no respect to what’s around us.  In the golden ages of both this nation and ancient cultures alike, you and your entire family would be driven out of your community (and ultimately your home) if you committed a serious crime like murder or sexual assault.  The FEAR of this alone was enough to keep many people in line from acting out, and it also gave parents a reason to not fuck up their parenting.  Flash forward to a world plagued by individualism and its horrors, and here today we have a society where we don’t even know who our neighbors are anymore.  With this “live for yourself” type community, you don’t have this FEAR keeping you in check, and in turn, keeping your kids in check.  Will the parents of Nicholas Cruz be outcasted from their neighborhood with the cruelest of hatred?  No, but they should, because they fucked up and indeed should share the blame.

Now by destroying our connection with church (a goal of many neckbearded metal autists who got beat up by Christians with much bigger God-given muscles), we’ve created a world without FEAR of divine judgment.  Those who feared the Lord dare not fuck up in their lives, with their communities, or with their children.  To do so meant insufferable consequences- those which humans would do anything to avoid.  Furthermore, worship and faith gave meaning and purpose to life and existence.  Once again, enter individualism, where the connection to church and the community it provides is severed.  How are we doing on the happiness factor without God and religion?  Well, we’re chopping off our dicks and the dicks of our kids, our entire millennial generation has some form of mental illness, our women are childless, broken, and rejected by a society that told them it was cool to be sluts, and our men are praying to Playstation 4 instead of starting families.  How about in metal?  Well, we’ve got entire genres dedicated to suicide and article after article after article on mental illness in metal.  Not to mention suicided musicians are at record highs in the underground and mainstream alike.

It all becomes clear why school shootings only began when the baby boomer flower children of the 1960s became parents: their failures are what produced this graphic monstrosity.  Whereas every other generation considered the good of those who would come after them (borrowing the Earth from their children, as they say), Baby Boomers knew only a full fledged embrace of individualism where there was nothing that mattered more than the comfort of the individual.  It’s why millennial and gen X are working at Starbucks to pay for them to stay alive in a ventilated state.  If one truly embraces individualism, why stay married for the kids?  Why teach them to live for something greater than them- spiritual or otherwise?  Why not settle them with a black hole of debt, isolating and destructive media and technology?  Why preserve tradition and culture that they may feel obligated to someday carry on?

Mass killings will continue long after the guns are taken away.  It’s not until after we as a society start shaming, mocking, stoning, and killing the parents of mass killers that people will start caring about how their kids are raised again.  It’s not until we restore community, Christianity, fear, and most importantly CONSEQUENCE into our societies that we will end the bloodshed.  For as long as individualism still reigns the school shootings, suicide bombings, and tractor-trailer terrorism will be forever in-style out here in Western civilization.

Also, guns are metal and you’re a pussy if you don’t shoot the congressman and media personalities who will inevitably try to take them from you.

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  1. Artur Bejer says:


  2. Dispirited says:

    Fuck you Brock. This is Fifty percent Stalinist crap, fifty percent Christian life denying propaganda. What’s this totally low IQ bullshit about fearing god(s)?
    Yeah, let’s all convert to a mainstream monotheist religion and rid ourselves of our brains cause fear of nonexistent postmortem torture would keep people safe (it doesn’t – only ignorant sheep think that). Haven’t you learned anything from the rise of international terrorism? how do you think ISIS recruits jihadists?

    If banning guns is as dumb as banning cars cause they kill people too, that doesn’t mean we should reminisce about a dumb past of fragile communities bound together by fear of biblical bullshit. There will never be a solution for school shootings. Stop deluding yourself. You can only take measures of prevention, never cure, the same for any other public safety policy; nobody’s gonna find a solution to eradicate violence, guns or otherwise; accept that sometimes people die for no reason. Your frustrated mental exercise to fight liberals is a failure. Your feeling of being entitled to retaliate to the “ban all guns” movement has made you blind to think associating with the worst idiocies of the Republican party is in any way intelligent.

    1. Chainzz tha rap.god says:

      You be sayin teh truth, i love fucking xtian bits dough

    2. this post gave my autism autism says:

      Quit your trendy grandstanding about ‘old white republican men’ for a minute and think about this: why was gun violence much less common and much less extreme in its manifestations when our “stupid monotheistic religion” held more cultural hegemony? Why was gun violence not as bad back when the nuclear family unit (as opposed to single mother deals) was a reality more kids were growing up in?

      Because a centuries-younger religion that never had a reformation period is in any way comparable to modern Christianity. Sure, Christians aren’t throwing gays off buildings today, but REMEMBER THE WHEN THEY RETALIATED AGAINST ISLAMIC INVADERS? That proves Christianity is violent too! muh white sharia!

      Maybe reddit’s more your speed.

  3. Bruce Dick In Son says:


    1. Bruce Dick In Son says:

      I fucking love

  4. Ryan says:


  5. machine gun etiquette says:

    if you look at the rise of home internet starting in the 90s you will see a pattern as violent crime drops in comparison to the amount of people connected to the net.

  6. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    Doesn’t even work as satire. Brock Dopey is officially a worse contributor than Maarat was. At least SMRs were actually about metal even if they sucked.

  7. Orangutans Superior to Damn Dirty Apes says:

    “Aldo, Ape Shall Not Kill Ape”

  8. Average Joe says:

    Brock rightly points out that the marginalized troubled individuals increasingly are becoming dangerous loners due to a lack of being part of community (church etc).

    Media is partly to blame for encouraging copycats, since it ups their ratings. Nations ,like Columbia, once saw a big drop in terrorism when they passed laws curtailing media coverage of them (pre-2000). The I-net has amplified this trend of media encouraging copycats.

    1. Gladius et Scutum says:

      Wasn’t that the premise of the book “Satan Rides the Media?” I believe Varg also points this out when he talks about church burnings: the first ones were done for a very specific pagan/nationalist reason, the media broadcast to all and sundry that it was satanists, and then scores of churches were burned by wannabe satanists.

      While I am weary of curtailing even the marxists speech, I have speculated for some time that the media coverage of these things certainly does nobody any favours. In fact, I would not be surprised if the marketing department of CNN hasn’t studied this and found that extensive coverage does encourage copycats; it is in the fiscal and ideological interests of the MSM that massacres continue unabated.

  9. Lance Viggiano says:


  10. Nathan Metric says:

    Not my freedom to own, but their freedom to not own firearms is what killed those kids. You start to notice that these kinds of shootings don’t happen at a gun show in the middle of Texas. This is what happens when you walk into a store with guns in it.

    1. Skorzeny says:

      few things in life as beautiful as a limp, room temperature dindu

      1. Nathan Metric says:

        You have a strange definition of what a “mass” shooting.

  11. this post gave my autism autism says:

    It really is about time the kvlt-right turned in the 18-sided dice and turned to Christianity.

    Here’s the reality: Christianity is the implicit stand of white Western identity. It’s the only authentic way to fulfill the human need of reveling in ritual in the modern day Occident, and it connects our present with the paganism of our forebears.

    “No! Christianity is foreign Jewish religion!”
    Open a book. Christianity didn’t make Europe more Abrahamic, Europe made Christianity more European. The little that we do know about paganism (an oral tradition largely lost to the mists of time, meaning, it’s impossible to authentically practice) was assimilated and preserved by Christianity. A practicing Catholic is a thousand times more authentically pagan and European than Varg and his autodidactic new age crap neopaganism.

    “b-b-but that fag jesus wants me to turn the other cheek! might is right! sodomize the weak!”
    Then you don’t get to whine about how your imagined atlantean viking ancestors’ culture got rekt by Christians, lmao. Might is right, remember?

    Christianity is the cultural fabric you lived and breathed your entire life, whether you like it or not. You know deep down all this trendy Hindu kali-yuga/viking LARP stuff upper-middle class right wingers flirt with is inauthentic play-acting that has nothing to do with who you really are. If you’re a Westerner, you don’t get to call yourself traditional or blood & soil if you’re not a Christian.

    1. Ryan says:

      So tell me, how do you plan on letting Jesus into your life? Can you be an authentic believer and a church goer in this day and age?

    2. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow says:

      “ If you’re a Westerner, you don’t get to call yourself traditional or blood & soil if you’re not a Christian.”

      Fine with me. Big deal.

      1. Lance Viggiano says:

        Well to be fair he was talking about the prominent demographic of right or alt right writers and readers of this site/within metal culture. If you’re not in relation to that then his comments doesn’t apply to you.


    3. Brock Dorsey says:

      Nailed it. It’s a truth so bold that most neckbeard autists melt down at the mere thought, crying MUAH PENTAGRAM as they cling to the commercialized occultisim the corporate metal labels so brilliantly marketed to them

      1. Ed says:


    4. Gladius et Scutum says:

      “No! Christianity is foreign Jewish religion!”

      If one reads about the Crusades one finds that as the Franks got to the Holy Land, the actual Semitic people there (jewish, mohommedan, christian) were aghast at how non-semitic the Franks were in their culture and their religion. They took notice of their decidely European version of christianity and christian culture.

    5. I'm black says:

      We ain’t givin up our fuckin guns bitches!! Get out!!

    6. S.C. says:

      The only pagan form of Christianity is Catholicism and that’s on its way out, only practised by Mexicans and some of Europe. Based on your logic of Europe making Christianity more European, Christianity is exposed as all the more to blame for the modern state off affairs because through the proselytic nature introduced by Paul it so easily infiltrated and and incorporated other cultures, making it the religion for anybody and everybody. Even in European Christianity, it is obvious that it is the logical outcome of Judaism. Judaism was the original unifying religion, uniting its people under one God, but even Judaism was not as inclusive. Christianity took it to the next step and said that everyone is equal under the God, and in fact, even those who don’t believe in him are still his children. Sounds like the beginning of globalism to me. And now from Christianity we have atheism, which fully embraces and magnifies the morals of Christianity but removes the incentives from God making morality the means and ends in and of itself. From Judaism then through the vehicle of Christianity, giving birth to atheism we are left with this world against all community and tradition. Christianity is to blame for multiculturalism, feminism, the increase in acceptance of homosexuality etc… even if not directly, if one looks at things broadly it is quite obvious. Abrahamic morality truly is slave morality for sheep. More people need to be turning to individualism, forging their own Gods, culture and traditions. More people need to be buying guns and committing mass murders. More people need to be working towards undoing the effects of Abrahamic religions and morality. 99.9 percent of the human population needs to die and it is Abrahamic mortality (the standard of our modern world) that stands against this. Metal is for individualists not sheep.

      1. Brock Dorsey says:

        Actually Catholicism is still the most dominant denomination and has hold over literally all of Latin America

        Christianity allowed Pagan traditions to continue after the merciless conquest of Paganism

        Christianity is in staunch opposition feminism and multiculturalism and is the only hope traditionalism has if survival

        People who try to make their own Gods just end up praying to money, consumerism, and other peoples opinions

        1. S.C. says:

          even if Christianity does not openly condone feminism and homosexuality, it is through its moral foundations that people started accepting these things. Christianity allowed paganism to be “pagan” so long as they wore a cloak of Christianity. How is that a religion rooted in tradition? It’s only inclination is to spread at any cost. I don’t think there’s any gathered information on people who try to make their own Gods, so lets not pretend like we know what they would most likely do. Regardless I’m not speaking about your average individual. I’m speaking about those with greater volition beyond material satisfaction. Those born with greater vision and will. Individuals who do not fetter themselves to herd mentality and mortality. And so those who can invent gods for their own ends.

        2. Crucifix in my pooper (holy water enema) says:

          “Christianity allowed Pagan traditions to continue after the merciless conquest of Paganism”

          How does this work exactly? Did Christians just conquer Pagans so the Pagans could keep on Paganing, but under the banner of Christianity™?

      2. 1917 or Die says:

        Christianity became all-inclusive because it flourished in the Roman Empire, you can’t make an Empire that lasts more than a decade or so (remember the 3rd Reich) if it’s not inclusive in some way.

        Now, knowing that, are you an imperialist or anti-imperialist ?

        1. S.C. says:

          Though imperialism was the will of Rome, Christianity was an excellent vehicle to unify people across vast spaces. Christianity is the prefect fit for an imperialistic regime. I am fully against imperialism as it is to blame for the multicultural cess pool we live in now.

          1. 1917 or Die says:

            Rome was an Empire before becoming christian thou, they had an inclusive element in their culture, and this is what shaped christianism in various ways, not the other way round.

            Now, the thing that I’d really like to know is : if you’re ok to let other cultures live their lives in their own place, applying that to the present would mean calling for a serious withdrawal of US military occupation of a large part of the world (700 bases, a yearly military budget that could finance the end of hunger and all disease in Africa forever…)
            right ?

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              Rome was an Empire before becoming christian thou, they had an inclusive element in their culture,

              This was more of a we-don’t-care element: Polytheistic religions tend to get along fine with each other because the idea that different peoples have different gods and/or that different people are using different names for the same gods readily fits into the concept. This was also a long time before the nation state was invented — Rome was a city the Romans were living in. They were surrounded by a host of other peoples living in villages and cities who were distinct from them, whom they once had conquered and who had thus sworn allegiance to them. And this ‘system’ (or lack thereof) extended to the border of the empire. If every person from the next village is technically a foreigner, there’s no particular problem being caused by the fact that the person from the next village behind the next village is also a foreigner. The further you travel, the more alien the dialects become and that’s basically it.

              That’s the opposite of and intrusiv^Winclusive culture: For as long as taxes are being paid and there’s no open warfare, everybody is free to do whatever pleaseth him and the concept of a common culture (presumably beyond complaining about taxation) doesn’t exist.

              1. 1917 or Die says:

                There was a bit more than taxes and social peace, there was the need to adhere to a common set of laws too (in order to make trade possible etc) and a notion of considering the Emperor as a God (which was the reason for the harassment of Christians when they became more numerous (not when they were just a minor curiosity in the very early days)).

                1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                  Unfortunately, I don’t have access to my father’s quite extensive history library at the moment, but at least in the early period of the Roman empire, there was no common law. It’s possible to find traces of this in various places in the Book of Acts where Saulus/ Paulus repeatedly escapes from prosecution/ punishment by some local authority because he’s a Roman citizen and thus, has to be tried in Rome according to Roman law, eg,

                  25 As they stretched him out to flog him, Paul said to the centurion standing there, “Is it legal for you to flog a Roman citizen who hasn’t even been found guilty?”
                  26 When the centurion heard this, he went to the commander and reported it. “What are you going to do?” he asked. “This man is a Roman citizen.”
                  27 The commander went to Paul and asked, “Tell me, are you a Roman citizen?” “Yes, I am,” he answered.

            2. S.C. says:

              Perhaps Rome made Christianity into the globalist vehicle, but its moral foundations and appeal to the disenfranchised/lowest common denominators made it the right choice.

              You’re absolutely right. It’s entirely unrealistic to think that the effects of imperialism can be undone short of massive cataclysmic events, political or natural, shattering the governments across the globe. And even then, there will never be a return to “the way things were.” There is no undoing what’s been done. I accept the world for what it is and understand why it got to this, but I still lament (what i see as) the mistakes of the past, like most idealists. It’s good to have ideals but good to accept that they are just that and can only truly exist within the mind.

    7. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Then you don’t get to whine about how your imagined atlantean viking ancestors’ culture got rekt by Christians

      God tends to be on the side of those who have larger numbers of soldiers and/ or superior weaponry. With the collapse of the Western Roman empire, the (catholic) church became the most powerful large-scale organized, administrative entity in western Europe. Over time, those leading the conquering armies/ tribes became Christians because it was politically convenient for them: They turned from (somewhat theoretically) elected-by-the-people war chiefs into supreme masters of everything ‘by the grace of God’, only second to God himself and (more or less theoretically depending on how the internal powers were distributed) the pope.

      A crucial part here was the taking over the Frankish kingdom by the Carolingians. These used to be stewards below the Merovingian kings which – in German tradition – came from the luckyv clan/ family the gods smiled upon. Over time, the stewards became the real authority until Pepin the short formally abolished the established monarchy authorised/ backed by the pope (because of his own, political interests) to become king himself. The Franks conquered most of western Europe and stopped the advance of the Arabs because they had invented the stirrup and could thus field superior, heavy cavallery. The forcibly christianized their new subjects, especially the Saxons after 30 years of war, because this was necessary to ensure the support of the pope and because their role as officially sanctioned rulers of Christendom (aka ’emperors’) rested on their subjects being Christians.

      Now, the Frankish rulers became Christians for political reasons and the Franks had a superior army which conquered all of western Europe, therefore, Christianity must be a superiorly mighty religion isn’t exactly sound reasoning. Especially when considergin the collective, extended suicide of the traditional elite which had ruled “Christian Europe” for 1500 years which took place from 1914 – 1945.

      1. 1917 or Die says:

        I think the point was only that if you want to claim that christianity was in fact inferior to paganism, then you have to admit that might is not always right, which runs contrary to what paganism is (supposedly) standing for.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          I understood that. But history doesn’t support it: Christianization of Europe happened because of a coalition of the worldly powerful to further their own interest and the religion was just a very convenient tool. And minus certain outward ceremonies, those ‘worldy powerful’ didn’t even (and couldn’t have) lived according to the doctrines they were forcing their subject to declare allegiance to.

          30 years of warfare in order to subjugate some number of related, alien tribes, slaughtering the people by thousands (a large number at that time) and destroying whatever of their culture could be found isn’t exactly “spreading the love of all mankind”. The Great Comission spoke of »teaching« not about “threaten them with extinction unless …”. That’s a latter day ‘interpretation’ from the times when the pope had become a wordly ruler.

          That said, »might is right« is nonsense: If everything is decided solely by force, ‘right’ is a meaningless concept: It’s “I force you or you force me” and nothing beyond that.

          1. 1917 or Die says:


  12. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow says:

    I love articles like this when the author is too lazy to offer any citations.

    “Well if you’d do your own research, you’d see everything I wrote was totally true man”

    Oh my fault, I forgot that the burden of proof is always on the ones objecting, not the ones making the claims.

    So permit me to offer my “proof”

    The author claims that school shootings are only a phenomenon that has happened in the last 30 years when in fact school shootings have been going on since before the birth of the United States! In fact there has been a sharp decline I. School shootings since liberalism took over due to the fact that people decided to make love not war more.

    Did you know that George Washington was the first American to cause a school shooting? Before the start of the revolutionary war, George Washington and his gang of revolutionaries I sed to invade pro British schools and blow them up to eliminate any resistance to his plan for separating from Britain.

    History has shown us this is an effective way to transfer power by changing the education system, so for the next 200 or so years, school shootings escalated exponentially until liberalism reared its head and said enough was enough.

    Furthermore, the authors cites the fear of the church keeping the communities from acting out, but did you know the church has killed more people than all the school shootings combined in history?

    So I would invite the author to do a little research before they make up stories like this blog. Because everything I just said is made up bullshit which is why I didn’t cite any sources either

    1. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow says:


      1. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow says:

        Touché editor, touché, you have all the power

  13. Make Schools Dangerous (Again) says:

    Hail Kehoe!
    Ave Cho!
    Praise Whitman!
    (Honorably) Worship Breivik!

  14. Autism says:

    “How are we doing on the happiness factor without God and religion? Well, we’re chopping off our dicks and the dicks of our kids, our entire millennial generation has some form of mental illness, our women are childless, broken, and rejected by a society that told them it was cool to be sluts, and our men are praying to Playstation 4 instead of starting families.”

    What a comprehensive survey of society. No boys have their cocks, every young person has a mental illness, and all women are childless, broken and rejected by society(?!). Also, all males play PS4, apparently.

    Thanks for the autism,

    1. Jerry Hauppa says:

      Regardless of whether or not Christianity is a large scale delusion, it is a clear and basic metal understanding that most people have no moral compass, and without something bigger than them controlling them, humans destroy themselves and each other. As for its effects on society, Christianity’s ends easily justify their means. It is no coincidence that the rise in atheism is occurring alongside individualistic societal collapse.

      1. Cherry Hubba Bubba says:

        What are the ends exactly? The survival of all individuals? A large mass of pacified, domesticated, good little Christians who can do no harm? Thats a very humanistic/Christian way of going about it.

        1. Jerry Hauppa says:

          Oh I don’t know, maybe a return to the idea of strong nuclear family, actually planning to have kids in wedlock and be around for their upbringing, have them raised in schools where they won’t get mowed down by some unloved prick, you know, the stuff that means the continuation of the species? Or is that not metal enough?
          You have the opposite in inner cities, but I have a feeling you wouldn’t find that lifestyle very metal.

          1. Cherry Hubba Bubba says:

            1. Start your own tribe/cult
            2. Kill you enemies before they kill you
            3. Start a civil war
            4. Leftist death camps

          2. S.C. says:

            So currently humanity is at risk of extinction? We as humans are having trouble starting families? Because I’m pretty sure we are due for a mass thinning of population. Also when did the nuclear family ideal become metal? When did humanism and good old fashion conservative values become metal? Is it because that’s the reactionary thing to do to “stick it” to those filthy leftists? Because they stand against everything that is x, metal now stands for everything that is x? I listen to metal because it makes me feel isolated. While most other genres place strong emphasis on socializing and connecting with others through the music, metal has isolated me. It has cut me off completely from any interest in what other people listen to, or caring to share what I listen to. It has helped me break away from herd thinking, and all of this is what I always have and always will believe metal is about. It is most typically anti Christian because Christianity is for the herd. It is the morality that set the stage for blanket equality and the acceptance of hedonism. Metal is naturalistic, primitive, isolationist and individualist. These qualities do not exclude community and family because a community and family can have these qualities too. But Christianity has proven it needs to spread and be accepted by as many as it can. It is its own organism that requires massive amounts of “food” (people) in order to be sustained. It is a populous religion aka for the lowest common denominators. Its the prefect religion for plebs, but there is a reason Nietzsche referred to it as a slave morality, because it is not the religion for a master.

            1. Brock Dorsey says:

              Hahaha dude I hate to break it to you but pysical isolation (coupled with internet addiction) is the new herd mentality. You fit right in with those pink haired gender-neutral social justive warriors haha!

              1. S.C. says:

                You don’t know me. How can you make character judgements? We’re talking about ideas here. It doesn’t benefit your argument to attack my character and say who I am or am not. It also exposes you as not having much else to say on the topic. True individualism has nothing to with what anybody else is doing. That is to say, I would be as I am regardless of how anyone else lives their life. What other people do with their lives doesn’t occur to me and doesn’t involve me, unless it does. Also all the leftists are very social and are all about community and involvement with others, obviously, because their whole perspective of reality is based on love and acceptance. Those certainly aren’t anti-social qualities.

                I’d be the first to admit I spend too much time online but I actively work on changing that. When I think there is an interesting conversation to be had though, then I see no issue in engaging in it.

      2. Richard Rawley says:

        Jerry, I fucking love you

    2. Cock Mutilation 4 Christ says:

      DMU: dick worship 4 the dickless

  15. you people have autism and i'm never coming back says:


    1. Brock Dorsey says:

      We will miss you auty

    2. Steffany, the hung tranny says:

      You`ll be b(l)ack.

  16. HELL V.666 says:

    From when so much fear of a shooting, nature must somehow eliminate human beings from the earth, to bring others to life, it is the cycle, only now there is a lot of information that you and I handle about these shootings, that before there were them. for lack of information, you were not afraid in Nicaragua and when they lost in Vietnam, those were shootings, or look at drug gangs, do not fear, it’s better to die now with a bullet, than to die in your fucking Christian pants.

    aaaarrrrgghh!!! (kill for pleasure or pleasure to kill)

    1. HELL V.666 says:

      You will die with or without bullets, assume!!

  17. Yeah, ok lets go back to being Christian and shit u no wut I’m sayin

  18. Steffany, the hung tranny says:

    Stop sucking brett/alt-right/christfag cock!


  19. Liah Natas says:

    Brock Dorsey, with all due respect, your point in this article has some analytical misconception and contradictory meaning. While i recognise the problem you point with latest modern leftist and neo liberal degenerative, individualist movements who scapegoat instead of looking at real problems (like actual incidents with shooting /gun control ) these dark times, i have few examples/arguments that Christian religion is petty device as guiding and mandatory practice. It cannot fix these problems we all face with modern feminism, and other social actions who attack real conservative values.
    First example is that i’m leading family oriented life with conservative values and don’t need Church or faith in “Gods” to have self confidence and religious guiding direction to make out most healthy of my life and my community, also if you need holy book or ”religion” to tell you not to rape, murder or steal, this civilization is already in freefall. It’s even shizophrenic to believe that we fear something imaginary and with that to fix something in this life and to avoid be punished in other ilusionary one.
    Second, i think it’s paradoxical to answer tyrany with tyrany.
    Third, Metal is Nihilistic in it’s root and worships reality and truth, it’s not some team where you can chant along with the herd, or about taking side. Also, this virtual channel who shares sacred wisdom does not deserve to be used for some “political agenda” or “message” and be exploited as a conduit to that message.
    Metal is free from that, Metal is art.

    1. Dispirited says:

      Damn right it’s not the same team. Metal is the antithesis of Christian thought. This article is an insult to everyone’s intelligence. Anyone who thinks they need to be part of a group of brain dead believers in order to have meaning in their life is a sheep and should quit Metal and stop pretending to be “philosophical” when the earth has birthed philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Albert Camus. Returning to religion is a dangerous regression for any living organisms, sheep included. We need to evolve beyond good and evil.

    2. Nicholas Vahdias says:

      Best answer on the topic yet. I will add that science and philosophy have eliminated the need for any kind of imaginary deity. Christianity is probably the most degenerate religion of all as it puts an emphasis in submitting yourself to a non existant entity. The only religion that must exist is that of truth in this information age that obscures knowledge immensely.

  20. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Something which is amazingly missing from this entire debate (both here and elsewhere): If a system (the school system, to be precise) supposedly dedicated to educating children consistently turns them into murderous psychos at some low rate, something must be badly broken about it.

    1. Children are good target practice says:

      The only answer is to ban schools instead. Its not like every idiot needs the convenience of being literate anyway.

  21. 1917 or Die says:

    You might begin to have a point if the whole West had the same problem as the US, but no.

    Why is it only the US that is so much affected by school shootings ?

    Because it’s the one country that combines such an intense cult of individualism with so much military adventures abroad that need to be justified by showering love on the military (they parade at every sport event etc… giving the wrong example to kids that guns are here to solve every problem), with so much axing of basic social infrastructures like social workers and health services at schools that could help detect such kids in time, with politicians bough and paid for by the NRA to deny the problem every time such wastes of human potential happen.

    1. Gladius et Scutum says:

      France has quite the interventionist/adventurist foreign policy. Have you ever worked with those social/health service workers in schools? They are even stupider than the people who think they do anything at their jobs. If anyone is misleading children about guns solving all problems – it is the jews in liberal hollywood movies. Where are you getting this ‘info’ on the NRA? Huffington post? Why are you listening to metal when you clearly have had your dick removed and shoved up your own ass?

      1. 1917 or Die says:

        The NRA has an official lobby, not one of the biggest, but still.
        France has a fraction of the military budget of the US, and, thou our elites would surely want things to be like in the US, they don’t yet dare to make all those military parades at every event, it’s confined to the 14th july events, and cloaked in some lip-service to the 1789 revolution.
        The treatment of the military in the US is completely different.

        Now, I’m not a pacifist, but I pick up my fights, and none of the present military adventures by France, US, or anyone else seems justified by anything else than the profits of a handfull of moguls that are not part of my family, well Russia in Syria is doing a legit job at defending it’s interests, but they’re not there to spread revolution, so fuck them too, I won’t back that.

  22. whatever is dead says:

    hey brock kill yourself

    1. NWN Guerrilla Warfare Rapist of Trannies says:

      Calm down and rape a tranny!

  23. Brock Dorsey's AIDS says:

    I’ll only convert if god dresses like a nun and lets me do him.

  24. Shantavious Rosenberg-O'Malley says:

    Nigga you gay. Guns are thug

  25. Nathan Metric says:

    Funny how the consequential nihilists around here are having their own ethics turned against them. This article is making some kind of Machiavellian consequentialist argument for religion. “Truth” here means whatever beliefs and delusions serve life; the Jordan Peterson form of truth.

    This is not freaking truth though. “Truth” is that which is corroborated by evidence and/or logically consistent. A delusion doesn’t magically become a “truth” because it keeps you alive. By Jordan Peterson’s logic a delusion such as “All snakes are venomous” is a truth by the mere fact that the delusion will ensure your survival. That is patently absurd. It doesn’t matter how many good consequences there are to religious faith. It doesn’t change the fact that religion is nonsense. Surrendering truth for the sake of some temporary good consequences is hole with no bottom. It’s the path to corruption and bloodshed. I’d rather be an atomized individual in possession of the truth than be part of a herd in possession of lies. That is metal. That is Hessian. There is nothing metal about noble lies. Metal is about the truth. Not about serving the life of the Man. The survival of mankind is not the ultimate good. The truth is the ultimate good.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      This will possibly surprise you but your text is the closest rendering of the essence behind Nietzsche’s (non-deluded) works I’ve seen in English so far. One would just need to strip the meaningless moralics (»the ultimate good«) away.

      1. Nathan Metric says:

        “Meaningless moralics”….what the hell is that supposed to mean? Are you implying that I OUGHT to say things that are meaningful? You think there is some moral rule out there: thou shall not be moralistic?

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          »Good« on its own means nothing. That’s a term Nietzsche would have consciously avoided (when used in this way) because he was trying to avoid falling into the traps earlier philosophers had fallen into, namely, starting from a pre-conceived position which fell from the sky and seeking to establish a proof for that,

          Reality was stripped from its value, its meaning, its veracity to the degree an idealized world was schemed

          [Ecce Homo, foreword]

          and this idealized world is the world how it should have been if conventional morale with its good/ evil distinction was true.

          Grossly oversimplified, Dorsey’s thesis was that traditional Christianity has to be re-embraced lest society will disintegrate. To which you (as grossly oversimplified) replied with “To hell with society if it needs false notions to survive”. And that’s »nihilistic« in the sense this term can be applied to Nietzsche:
          If a society requires belief in the great, good father in the sky whose deputy sits on the throne to rule the realm in aligmnent with $deity’s commandments, it’s fundamentally rotten and deserves to go under, the earlier the better.

          NB: Nothing in here necessarily reflects my own opinion on this, assuming I have one (it’s certainly not neatly bundled up in words if I do).

  26. 1349 says:

    Obviously, core christianity is the same philosophy that stands behind feminism, multi-kulti, freudo-marxist liberalism, and equality in general. Something that destroys communities and nations.

    The christian model of a human entity and its interface to god is flawed and anti-scientific. It’s just misleading.

    “I’ve seen the ways of Christ,
    I’ll take the Stalin any day
    Hail Stalin” :)

  27. Hereweald’s social worker says:

    North korea to western arms inspectors:


    Muh guns.

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