Infernal Execrator – Add Infinitum Satanic Adherent

INFERNAL EXECRATOR - Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent - cover

An incredibly brief, foggy, quasi symphonic intro with Marduk-like vocals pronouncing some indecipherable gibberish, followed by minimalist and recklessly fast riffs could fool one into thinking this is precisely a Marduk clone. In truth, there are mid-paced sections interspersed here and there to mitigate the onslaught of the indecipherable and impetuously fast sections. This upgrades this release to a later Marduk clone. Although probably upgrade is not the most accurate descriptor here.

The best and undeniably valuable product of extremely fast, loud and unrelenting black metal has been contributed in the last few years by albums like Advent Parallax and in the veritable modern classic Godless Arrogance. Marduk, on the other hand, was always wild abandon to mindless, truly mindless, speed and minimalism for the sake of it and more importantly for the joke of it.

But while Marduk are explicitly joking about everything they write about while staying somewhat seriously offensive, Infernal Execrator manage to sound like a joke more easily acceptable among the Godflesh Apocalypse extreme metal crowd. The words Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent themselves are more than enough warning that this should be placed besides the likes of Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz. The only difference is that Impaled Nazarene triumph in the same way that Sharknado does: by embracing the joke and being happy with it. These Singaporeans purport to be more (by calling posers out) while not being able to take themselves entirely seriously. Fans of the Marduk, Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse will find this release palatable and fashionable.

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15 thoughts on “Infernal Execrator – Add Infinitum Satanic Adherent

  1. tiny midget says:

    this site needs more brett stevens in it. it’s getting kinda weird without him.

    1. I agree! Everything now is pretty shitty. I wish we still had articles like back in the day instead of this empty hogwash.

  2. Clasp Assist says:

    “The best […] product of extremely fast. loud, unrelenting, minimalist black metal has been contributed in albums like Advent Parallax ”
    Whatever do you mean? ‘Advent Parallax’ is not extremely fast (on average) nor minimalist…but are you saying it’s the product of those traits? What the FUCK. lol. Seriously asking though.

    1. I was pointing more to the traits of loud and unrelenting more than anything else there, because it is the only trademark of Marduk and its clones.

    2. Richard Head says:

      AP is not extremely fast? There are shitloads of blasts and double-time beats and I’m guessing their played around the 170-180 BPM mark. If that isn’t extremely fast then what is? Sounds like someone has never sat behind a set of drums.

      1. Clasp Assist says:

        No, it still isn’t extremely fast, on average across the duration of the album. The Carcass plays a lot of fast beats. He also mixes them up creatively, such that he goes in and out of double-time, half-time, etc. A good example of this variety is their hit single, “Seance in a Warrior’s Memory”

        “Extremely fast album” evokes for me:
        indeed Sammath “Godless Arrogance”
        Slayer “Reign ‘n Blood” (though there are hella halftime breakdowns)
        Angelcorpse “Extermin8”
        hell… Misfits “Earth A.D.”
        Immortal “Pure Holocausts”

        I’ve never bothered with Marduk; are they relentlessly-blasting speed fests? And 1349 too?

        1. Richard Head says:

          You have got to be joking me.

          Compare how many notes occur in any given stretch of time throughout Advent Parallax with Sammath or Slayer. I happen to have Advent Parallax on my laptop and a metronome on my phone (which will not be exact given human error) here so let me do a quick scan of the tracks and tap out some BPMs for you.

          Descension starts off at 230 BPM. That’s faster than Slayer ever played. Ever.

          Seance… is really close, maybe 226.

          One of my favorites, Refractions… is a “slower” one that still registers about 190, which is barely slower than the speed at which Slayer played their fastest.

          I needn’t continue. AP is mathematically a fast-as-fuck album. In fact I challenge you to find something that outpaces it. I could probably point to a few brutal death metal or grind albums but they will be barely faster at best.

        2. meh says:

          As far as I know regarding Sammath. “Fear Upon Them” is 180 BPM. Jan posted the tab on Sammath’s Facebook.

      2. JC says:

        does sitting behind a drum machine count?

        1. Richard Head says:

          Playing with a drum machine at least gives you the chance to develop a sense of BPM which is the metric by which musicians (and by extension everyone else) gauge the objective speed of music.

          1. Advent Calendars says:

            Buddy, your sarcasm shows that you still aren’t getting it:
            The majority of ‘Advent Parallax’ is NOT “extremely fast”, whether you measure by a song’s tempi, or BPMs of the drums — even though it contains a lot of fast parts.
            I don’t know how else to phrase for ya..

            1. Richard Head says:

              Actually *you* are not getting it and I’m not being sarcastic. There is no other way to measure the speed of music besides BPM. The speed of music is not determined by how it “feels” to you; it is determined by numbers, which represent values along a specific metric that allows comparison. So 230 is of greater value than 180 regardless of your preferences or feelings. This isn’t fucking rocket surgery dude. Don’t bother trying to rephrase your argument, just refute my claim with some facts or give up.

              1. JC says:

                I think this guy was talking about multi-rhythms, juxtaposition of various rhythms and trans-rhythmic spatial vectors such as can be found in the natural environment and ambient music. i.e. it is generally perceived that this riff is heavy as fuck and playing at a high speed though when you listen carefully there is a deeper current within it, or it suddenly breaks into an alternate tempo/ sub-tempo or whatever

                1. Richard Head says:

                  Well I think he was talking about actual speed because he used the words “fast” and “speed”. And I think you’re talking bullshit because you’re using words that don’t actually mean anything.

                  1. T says:

                    Chill lil rich chill, clearly these nillas don’t know what they even talking about. Of course the shit’s fast. Hell, I even tried my hand at an AverseSefira re-mix but couldn’t capture the spirit, cause the damn thing was kept clocking out on me. But as for something like the new Sammath, well shit, no denying it, that thang’s way too fast and you poseurs better believe it! old Immortal albums are a bit more dynamic and at least you can tell what is going on on them.. but I did however do a ambient chill version Morbid Angel’s Immortal Rites and even used some nice tight booty clap samples for the snare. that shit’s slow by comparison but mad heavy. – peace out –

                    – T

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