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Some things don’t age well, like mayflies or disco. Certain voices in the mainstream rock media have applied the same criticism to traditional heavy metal, claiming that its days have come and gone. Fortunately, they are incorrect as is evident by bands like Infernal Manes who continue to stoke that old flame without being solely a repetition of the older days in celebration of glories departed. But this band has its own very modern take on the ancient art of heavy metal.

Infernal Manes comes to us from the cold coasts of Norway with their self-titled debut LP. These traditional Norsemen have composed an energetic album of melodic heavy metal that tips its hat to Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate. Songs follow the standard verse-chorus format, but this imaginative album delivers not only heavy metal ancestral nostalgia but highly effective songwriting that knits together compelling riffs into an effective, cohesive format that provides the listeners with a spirited voyage into the days of yore. This band would stand on its own in any age but as we live in the present, it chooses to comment on the long and interesting history of heavy metal.

The only downside to this album is that it occasionally suffers from “Crazy Train Syndrome” — named for an Ozzy Osbourne composition in which an enigmatic chorus riff was paired with a joyous, almost witless bouncy hard rock riff in the verses — in which a few randomly emotionally jarring riffs disrupt the otherwise concise flow of the songs. For the most part however songs fit together well like the fine craftsmanship of a traditional artisan. Infernal Manes deliver exactly what you would expect from an old school heavy metal band, but with a bit more precision and efficiency. Complete with heroic and anthemic passion, Infernal Manes ensures that the old flame remains lit.

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4 thoughts on “Infernal Manes – Infernal Manes

  1. Lord Mosher says:

    Wow this is fucking awesome. I just downloaded their 2003 demo which is pretty much the same recording and it’s fucking tight!
    This and Cruxiter are top shelf heavy metal acts. I’ve also listened to Riot – Unleashed the Fire recommended on this site by Richard Head or Brown Asshole shooting Chunks, I can’t remember, but it is indeed a solid heavy metal ├ílbum too. Although maybe it was the bootleg Richard Head, who knows?

    1. Original Richard Head says:

      ‘Twas neither myself nor my bootleg who recommended the Riot V album. After a few weeks of seeing that name over and over, I finally checked it out but couldn’t see what the fuss was about. The same thing happened with that last Blitzkriek album that everyone was so for. I try but alas, can’t feel anything significant from the traditional/orthodox heavy metal that has come out recently. Most of them are more boring than the old-school death metal that was so big over the last couple of years.

      1. Original Richard Head says:

        Besides lately I’ve been busy trying out new stuff that I wanted to check out. The latest Job for a Cowboy isn’t half bad and say what you will about Slipknot but they hold a special place in my heart. I just wish they laid off the masks, I’m sure at least the drummer is eye candy.

        1. Richard Head 9001 says:

          Try your best, faggot, but you fail it. You lack my authentic savoir faire.

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