International Congress on Medieval Studies call for papers


For those metalheads from black metal or other genres with a medieval leaning, an opportunity arises in the call for papers issued by the International Congress on Medieval Studies. If you write on medieval topics, you may consider submitting a paper:

Imbas is an interdisciplinary postgraduate conference hosted annually by NUI Galway. The conference gives postgraduate students the opportunity to present ongoing work and to discuss their research with peers in an informal, interdisciplinary setting. The 2014 Imbas committee is delighted to announce the call for papers for the 2014 conference. The theme of the conference is ‘East – West and the Middle Ages’, and it will run from the 28th to 30th November at the Moore Institute, NUI Galway.

Imbas accepts papers from all disciplines, with a focus on any topic from Late Antiquity to the end of the medieval period. Interested postgraduates are invited to submit a title and abstract of 250-300 words, for a research paper of 20 minutes, to the Imbas committee at by 15th September, 2014. For more information see

Selected proceedings from the conference will be published in our peer-reviewed journal.

Metal academics might find it interesting to submit here and draw some parallels between medieval practices and those of modern black metal. If nothing else, this would be a great place for all the swords and armor pictures that from Manowar onward have graced metal with their presence.

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27 thoughts on “International Congress on Medieval Studies call for papers”

  1. Lord Mosher says:

    Seems like good old Bitterman has been banned from the Metal Archives.

    1. Why do people keep using that site? It does nothing but foster inclusivity for the mediocre and exclude those who make decisive comments.

      1. Nester says:

        It’s great as a resource. Most people it for that atleast.

      2. BB says:

        Why? Because it’s the best place to get a quick overview of bands you’re not familiar with. Show me something better in that respect, and I’ll never visit it anymore.

        Discogs isn’t as complete.

        1. Once we presuppose the need, the question is tautological.

          1. chris says:

            Did you read those comments? I used to think these people were amusing; now they just make me want to choke a nilla.

          2. BB says:

            The need isn’t presupposed. The need is there.

      3. Count Ringworm says:

        Treat it as a metal Wikipedia: referenced for breadth, not depth.

        1. Wikipedia’s even worse ;)

    2. Richard Head says:

      Maybe he took the honorable way out and terminated his account. I don’t know if that’s possible; I don’t have a MA account and I don’t interact with any of the users there.

      1. Lord Mosher says:

        No, there’s no way to terminate an account there or have your band info removed from the site either.
        I used to read Bitterman’s reviews on a regular basis. He used to review hipster bands only and score them with a big fat 0% and use the term focus groups a lot. Other than that, he complied with the social rules there so if he got banned it must’ve been for his decisive hatred against the stupid.

        1. bitterman says:

          This is quite alright though. They weren’t that good to begin with, I just wanted to give shitty albums a 0% because I always thought it was funny when people would randomly stumble onto 61% or some other random number for similar “negative reasons”. In the end, they’re still available so they can be reproduced anywhere by anyone without any credit given to me (consider the reviews free license, etc.), because it’s more important to warn others of the horrors of Unique Leader records and Edge of Sanity’s discography (for example, and I recommend others to create their own “warnings” as well). I did comply with the social rules because I never interacted with their audience. I even filled out missing lyrics and information for bands and albums (I would argue against a comment above and say that discogs is more complete; for example: the line-up information for Grotesque’s discography was entirely wrong before I messaged a moderator about it – providing sources and references too). Some things that seem amiss are:

          One moderator accused me of writing something along the lines of Napalm Death being faggots that wouldn’t listen to Darkthrone demos. I once owned the Preparing for War compilation and couldn’t really be bothered to care for their demos. I merely said there is a great disparity between the lyrics on Napalm Death’s Scum and the new “oh, that’s sexist” Napalm Death, with homosexualism being less pertinent to life on Earth in general than, say, a nuclear holocaust. I never mocked the sexual orientation of Barney Greenway and crew, just the first world problems whining stance that they’ve taken as of late. I have changed reviews to fit the guidelines many times (for example: I wrote about Pantera’s chief inspirations at the time being the rappers 2-Slop and the Nefarious BLT, when their real names were Tupac and the Notorious BIG). Another one is a user of this site by the name fallot being met with derision for logically defending his arguments to the point where he’s even accused of being me due to “negativity and not sharing typical views”.

          1. Bad News says:

            …When the foundation to our existence
            Begins to crumble one by one
            And legislation’s protects its breakers
            And he who was wrong but paid the most won

            Even the gods of countless religions
            Holds no powers against this tide
            Of degeneration because we have now found
            That there is no throne up there in the sky

            O, all small creatures
            It is the twilight of the gods

            1. Ollie says:

              MA is run by a leftist agenda machine. Any opinions that sway towards the middle or right are quashed immediately even if written with civility. That Napalm Death review was spot on and not out of line in the least in regards to the 1st world egotistical whining lyrical themes and general weakness of band that once wrote Scum and From Enslavement to Obliteration. While I didn’t agree with you on every one of your 0% reviews, you did help break up the constant pandering.

              1. susa says:

                Everything seems to be controlled by a leftist agenda machine nowadays.

                “Any opinions that sway towards the middle or right are quashed immediately even if written with civility.”

                This seems to be true of nearly every website I know of, regardless of musical affiliation or not. Quite a smart move to place actors to make it seem like “the people” think or feel that way.

                1. Leftist, or simply reality-denial by those who want to take over so they can do whatever they want without fear of consequences? (This may be a trick question.)

                  1. Ollie says:

                    Probably a mixture of left thinking with reality denial all throw in the blender, and all of the little teenage rebels slurp it up, because the big bad right thinkers are trying to crush their teenage rebellion party. In reality the left is trying to control their thoughts and actions more than they ever know.

                    The biggest problem when breaking anything down in left and right is that most individuals who can think for themselves will not fall on either side. However, certain believes and attitudes drag you into the political spectrum unfortunately. Any rational person can be conservative when it comes to less government involvement in personal rights and fewer gov’t handouts, while still believing in the right to abortions for women to keep the population from ballooning out of control and general disapproval of the fucking church. What does that make you a liberal conservative or conservative liberal? Maybe it just makes you a free thinker.

                    1. Then let’s get rid of political terms entirely, since as you say they’re useless, and focus on actual solutions.

          2. trystero says:

            I now feel it was a bad idea to ever post on Metal Archives; I was encouraged by the posts Zodijackyl (a Metal Archives admin) had made on this website and since he seemed to be a reasonable and intelligent fellow I decided to give the place a chance. Unfortunately, as I feared, it was just the same garden variety nerd you find anywhere else, a few kids, and very few people who actually enjoyed good music and had enough personal integrity to pause before offloading the contents of their thoughts.

            Nevertheless I do think I will continue to post there, just without any active confrontation or argument. At least one person seems to have benefited.

            1. Zodijackyl is a good guy. On most sites, a single mod/admin has minimal control over the content and most importantly, the audience. Crowds make the same mistake everywhere. Mainly because they’re composed of egotists, who are the only people who find crowds appealing.

          3. trystero says:

            I figured out why bitterman was banned. Apparently the administration got tired of locking/deleting whine threads related to his reviews. Despite staying within the rules I guess they caused too many problems for them.


            1. bitterman says:

              Not banned, but all the reviews can still be read. That website has a handful of people that actually read reviews and a larger amount who just whine about the rating. Still, I pissed off at least 3 bands who’s reactions proved they couldn’t handle sound criticism. I will write more highly visible (not looked over for rating) reviews to shitty bands in the future if they deserve it…

              Relapse Records will release an album by “one-woman (allegedly) black metal band” Myrkur in the future. An “artsy” documentary where the mastermind behind the project speaks Danish about being “pure”, but in reality is really a Chanel model living in New York where she plays in an indie “power pop” band. Not surprisingly, it sounds like Drudkh/Ulver pandering. Relapse Records also had a band called Exit-13 fronted by one of the owners of the label with a song called “Black Weakeners” making fun of Immortal and Darkthrone for perceived “trend hopping”. Relapse Records also releases Baroness and Mastodon albums and recently signed a “shoegaze” band called Nothing. Shittier things ahead…

            2. bitterman says:

              Just want to mention administration didn’t really give me a problem there, but what’s funny is one mention of watching after my reviews “like a hawk” even though “reactionary counter-reviews” to mine (to raise the review average) are accepted (and nonsensical to boot). For example:

            3. trystero says:

              Yeah, not banned. Another user was kind enough to inquire about this circumstance from MA and apparently this happens when one switches their account email and has not yet verified the new address.

              Looking forward to future poop.

  2. tiny midget says:

    i shall write a medieval paper.

  3. tiny midget says:

    this post was so pure and empty. until lord mosher had to come and stir mayhem and gossip.

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