16 thoughts on “International Day of Slayer XVI – June 6, 2021”

  1. Slayer ended three years ago. Their music lives on, especially since metal is so fuckin’ lost that most of this stuff sounds like REO Speedwagon with a Boss HM-1 pedal.

  2. Too old, too cold says:

    Just wanted to check on something…there is a download referenced in the message but no link provided. Am I misreading?

      1. Click on the International Day of Slayer link.
      2. At the top of the page, you will find several links:

        Join us in celebrating International Day of Slayer XVI on June 6, 2021! To aid in your Slayer listening, we have prepared a Classic Slayer Listening Guide as well as added a couple more live sets for you to blast at top volume as you celebrate this holiday!

        Click on the news item for this year’s International Day of Slayer.

      3. On that page, you will find helpful and easy download links:

        To help you celebrate, we have uploaded two new Slayer rarities: a live set (125mb) from 1985 in Luttenberg, The Netherlands where you can hear classic Slayer at top volume, and the 1983 two-song Slayer demo (45mb) which showed the greatness that would shortly be arriving!

      1. Too old, too cold says:

        Thank you, Brett. My wife and I did a mini IDOS yesterday, and I argued that a 9 is just an upside down 6. She didn’t really buy it.

        1. One is two threes, and the other is three threes, and if you multiply three threes in a line (333) by two you get 666. Might not convince her, but could slow her up for a few seconds.

          1. Too old, too cold says:

            If there’s one thing I’ve learned is tried and true after 11 years of marriage: I can “always” flummox my wife with number-play. On the other hand, she manages to flummox me with virtually everything else so I’m not entirely sure it evens out.

            By the way, I’m getting dead links when I try both the Slayer downloads. Can you check just in case it’s not down to me sucking at the internets?

            1. I’m having no problem with either link on this page:


              What error are you getting?

              1. Too old, too cold says:

                when clicking on either of them, I get a dreamhost page with “Site Not Found

                Well, this is awkward. The site you’re looking for is not here.

                Is this your site? Get more info or contact support.”

                1. Can’t replicate on this end. Email me your browser, OS, and URL it tried to load (on address bar).

                  1. Too old, too cold says:

                    pretty sure it’s because of the security certificate issue. I’ve tried in multiple browsers and this one which is more heavily locked down just outright refuses to even try to load the link. tried in a different browser and it throws up “Your connection is not private” and so forth.

                    1. As far as I can tell, there’s no such issue — hosting is different for that site than this one.

  3. tiny midget says:

    Hi Brett:

    If Slayer had not existed, how would that have influenced the development of metal music to this day?


    – tiny midget

    1. In my view, metal was always headed toward a firm hybrid of its influences: punk, heavy rock, soundtracks, and progressive rock.

      Someone would have taken it there, but it probably would have involved more steps and been less interesting.

  4. white wine for an anemic communion says:

    Kerry King looks a lot like Stephen King in that picture. I wonder if there is any relation.

    His lyrics may as well have been written by that overrated horror novelist. Hanneman generally had something meaningful to say, and Araya could tell a good story. But King just cranked out generic “metal” imagery with no substance to it. Should’ve stuck to playing his guitar.

  5. Too old, too cold says:

    oh and just to follow up, if I go here: https://www.nationaldayofslayer.org/slayer/download/
    everything works perfectly.

    1. …then there’s no security certificate issue (look at the URL). Your browser is re-writing the pathname somehow. Again, without browser, OS, and version, as well as an exact error message, diagnostics will go nowhere. It is just how it is.

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