Interview with the creators of the International Day of Prayer

What started as an amusing satire of the “National Day of Prayer” (an ostentatious activity, since prayer is by definition personal) has bloomed into a civil rights campaign.

The International Day of Slayer came and went this year on June 6, and was celebrated worldwide by all metalheads wise enough to realize this is their chance at political, social and academic recognition.

With each passing year, and more International Day of Slayer celebration, people outside the metal community have been taking note of it — as an identity, as a culture and as a way of life.

Interview with the creators of the International Day of Slayer

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  3. anus lol says:

    “When modern society becomes hell, people disengage.
    Men refuse to consider marriage.
    Kids don’t leave the home.”

    *Listens to Slayer all day and calls it a civil rights movement*

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  5. Derp says:

    Fix the title. You’re making yourselves look silly by leaving it the way it is.

  6. Kontinual Adventures says:

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  7. Levy_Spearmen says:

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  8. Brian Russ says:

    I cordially invite you all to participate in the Death Metal Tournament hosted on the BNR Metal pages.

    thanks, see you there…

  9. Kontinual Adventures says:

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  11. Kontinual Adventures says:

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  12. Lontinuak Adventures says:

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  13. Lontinuak Adventures says:

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  14. Lontinuak Adventures says:

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  17. born after 1987 says:

    I still don’t see what’s so important about Slayer. Why not an International Day of Chuck Schuldiner?

  18. Lontinuak Adventures says:

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  19. Chairman Tao says:

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