Into Oblivion Still Recording New Album

News submitted to Death Metal Underground by Enda Miller.

Canadian progressive metal band Into Oblivion have laid down the guitar tracks and are now halfway done with the vocals for their new album according to their Facebook page.

Guitars complete, vocals halfway through tonight. ONWARDS

Hopefully it will be more concise and focused than the band’s previous work.

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13 thoughts on “Into Oblivion Still Recording New Album”

  1. Thewaters says:


  2. Enda Miller says:

    Lacking what precisely?

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Ideas, for instance. The first 3 minutes of Dawns Conquest are based on fiddling around with a single, cheesy-sounding riff. Intensity would be another.

  3. Trysh Stero says:

    Who cares this is audible autism.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      For some reason, I keep misreading this as »edible autism« despite this is not particularly digestible, 500 tons of cold spaghetti carbonara studio noodling fell from the sky, crushing little dog. As is usually the case whenever something out-of-the-ordinary happened, every ideologue on this planet immediately understood how this resoundingly confirmed what he had always known to be true and within a weeks worth of time, communists, capitalism, the patriarchat, nazis and feminists, egalitarianism, inequality, the sovereign debt crisis, neoliberalism, the modern times, the old times, baby-boomers, millenials, pupils, students, pensioners and teachers, the Express, the Mail, the Sun, the moon and the stars, the east, the west, the north and the south, structural racism, uncontrolled immigration, overabundant business regulation, the EU. the UN and the ZOG, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, God, the devil and Richard Dawkins, Donald Trump, Kim Jon Un and the weather had all been blamed for the unsightly mountain of festering comestibles in eloquently written tracts. The giant mess then chose to remove itself because it couldn’t stand the haggling anymore.

      Now they all claim it worked.
      [recently re-released by Hammerheart and I’m really glad to have it again]

      1. June says:

        This is hilarious and acidic, please do more

        1. Flying Kites says:

          Acidic? Is this a millenial vernacular of sik or rad?

          1. Saadhu Saat says:

            The thought of Rainer living in London, doing a shitload of acid then posting essays into the DMU comments sections isn’t going to leave anyone’s imagination any time soon. It’s probably some of funniest shit since the whole bestial trannycore scene came out in the open

  4. Patricia's Stereo says:

    None are creative or far-seeing. One of the members has a demilich shirt. A couple may have signed up for metalhead dating. They’ve all tried cannabis and have basic knowledge of their instruments.

  5. ben umanov's dildo dradel says:

    People tell me I have to listen to the shit canadian bands just because they are canadian. There’s also some gay radio ad at work that says your not canadian if you don’t like hockey

    1. Flying Kites says:

      There’s something wrong with Canadians alright, like voting for Trudeau and pronouncing words like ‘house’ as ‘hoose’.

  6. watain vs tranny = tranny wins says:

    It was a mistake for obscurahessian to recommend this band and write an article praising Wombbath. There is no triumph in this music, just lapsing deeper into nap time. I mean, these boys would get humped by shemales!

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