Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth) Makes Deal With the Feds

Sadly, it looks like Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth is going to jail for the Capitol riot:

Jon Ryan Schaffer pleaded guilty to obstruction of an official proceeding and entering a building with a dangerous weapon. He admitted to carrying bear spray into the Capitol complex during the formal certification of the Electoral College votes.

Some laws being used against Capitol rioters have never been used like they are now, to target individual members of a mob on federal grounds. Some defendants are disputing the Justice Department’s interpretation of these laws, and Mehta alluded to potential “legal challenges down the road” while questioning prosecutors about the specifics of Schaffer’s landmark plea.

Schaffer was initially charged with six federal crimes. He was ordered to stay in jail while his case moved through the court system, because a magistrate judge was alarmed by his potential ties to Oath Keepers extremists and by the fact that he brought bear spray inside the Capitol.

When you charge people with sedition and insurrection for what is basically vandalism and trespassing, while letting the race rioters of the summer off with barely any consequences, expect ongoing legal challenges as well as an unpopular public image.

Bottom line: next Iced Earth album is delayed by about three years while Jon works on a cover of Tool’s “Prison Sex” in a federal daycare center.

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25 thoughts on “Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth) Makes Deal With the Feds”

  1. Spaniard says:

    Nuff respect to Jon Schaffer for sticking to his guns. A solid wood who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Salute.

  2. maelstrrom says:

    The vandals/trespassers should have brought guns and been violent, maybe even brought out politicians’ heads…

  3. A dick says:

    The pigs work only for the Narrative. They cannot be trusted or be shown mercy when this shithole country falls into mass armed conflict. Fuck the cops. Exterminate them all, their overlords and offer a peaceful exit or death to the [third world] races they protect.

    1. Ruling your cities
      Controlling your towns
      Entrapped in your worst nightmare
      Piercing your ears
      With a horrible sound
      Casting my elusive stare
      Lucifer laughs
      His needs are fulfilled
      The flames are now burning hot
      Bodies are burning
      The people are killed
      Torture the reason we fought

      Death Metal
      Death Metal

      Kill them pigs

  4. Liberator69 says:

    It’s time for this site to come out the closet as a Furry and Weeb Fandom. Sshhh… it’s okay, just go for it.

  5. meat tosser says:

    Yet antifa and Bullshit Lies Matter have assaulted countless federal officers and buildings…
    but leftist DA’s and prosecuters are dropping charges or reducing them?
    Something dramatically wrong happened to this country…
    and it really began when 6 years ago when certain groups were told they could tear down statues and rewrite history by removing it.
    I used to laugh at the leftist paranoid government over in Germany with all their restrictions on what you could wear, say, think, read…
    thought it would only create more Neo Nazi’s. But I think that’s what the left wants. A win/win.
    Create more so you can say…”see, we told you. That’s why we do this”.
    Same goes for the US. Antifa and BLM, and their marxist overlords.
    By their actions, based off of nothing but lies without any statistical data at all, have contributed to a rising dislike of minorities.
    It’s the same story as Germany. Build resentment, build animosity, and then step back and have their hopes validated.
    I haven’t laughed at Germany in some time.

    1. Democracy means a belief in the equal reason of humans per The Enlightenment™ (spit). It always swims Left. At this point, lots of people are making lots of money by keeping the circular Ponzi scheme of paying welfare to poors/minorities to spend on Nike/Coca-Cola so that GDP grows and government takes in more in taxes while buying debt, repeat ad infinitum. It’s just like your average workplace where suddenly you have all these people who just want to be there, you know, doing not much of anything except drawing salaries and socializing. All human problems are solved by morality and eugenics, but not the Judeo-Christian “good to good, good to bad” but the Platonist “good to the good, and bad to the bad.”

      Kill them pigs.

      1. Gay R2D2 says:

        Speaking of Platonism, what’s a good translation of the Republic?

        1. Crap, I meant to answer that in the other thread (and just did). Stick to Grube, or use the Jowett. Everything else seems hipstery and reeks of influencer.

          1. Gay R2D2 says:

            Thanks. I responded there as well.

  6. meat tosser says:

    and is reddit really just a place for whiny leftist kids who have no understanding of history?
    Have they all been indoctrinated by the public school systems and the teachers who are 95% marxist?
    I tried reading a few threads on this over there-it’s impossible.
    The amount of hand-wringing over whether they should listen to Iced ever again, his views on the US Civil War (it wasn’t solely about slavery-even Abe Lincoln didn’t really care about the issue all that much nor did he care about them remaining in the US-wanted to send them to the Caribbean-lol) etc.
    I have never understood how conservatives turned a blind eye to the ruination of minds that has happened for almost 2 generations now. Conservatives pointed out liberalism in colleges during this time, but paid little attention to middle and HS indoctrination.
    Well, you see the results on social media.

    1. Reddit appeals to two groups: (1) people who want to return and (2) people who lack self-confidence and want to be big shots where they will not get bullied by football players, A students, and other winners. Reddit is a loser nexus except for about 5% of the userbase who see it as a discussion board, where other social media fails at this.

      The admins lean Left and so have carefully removed anything that might interfere with the Leftist hugbox. There’s a reason people hate Reddit more than Twitter or Facebook, despite those being arguably more abusive by virtue of having ten times as many users as Reddit.

      I suggest people move their digital asses over to free speech social media:

      Avoid fake “free speech” media like Parler and Lemmy.

    2. Doug says:

      The way I see it it’s probably a net gain for the band and for metal, and their leftie fans who actually appreciate the music just got a non-moron seed planted in them whether they like it or not. Oops!

      1. They need non-moron seed implanted in them another way… from the rear!

        1. Doug says:

          Somehow I keep finding these great old videos that I never knew existed!

          1. Who doesn’t love an ambiguous sodomy reference?

  7. mountaineer says:

    big difference between protesters and these assholes. they went too fucking far. fuck this guy. iced earth sucks and this guy sucks. and now he’s a fucking narc too. what a pussy.

    1. They may have been assholes, but they were emulating the bigger assholes who got away with burning down cities all summer long.

      1. MAGA says:

        Jon doesn’t suck, and Iced Earth’s first five albums are killer. Fuck off.

        1. The problem with a riot is that the Crowd gets known by the behavior of the worst among it. The Capitol riot was not an insurrection, but it was a hot mess that allowed the Left to stage their Reichstag Fire.

        2. The Mountaineer says:

          Ok sure. Go support some pussy snitch. Fucking rat. Doesn’t even have respect for his own side.

            1. Plateau Sigma says:

              You’re a subhuman Spaniard; probably have Moorish blood too you failed boomer. Go get gored by a bull.

          1. canadaspaceman says:

            nobody knows for sure, the news said he was offered a deal, and if he identifies everyone in front of and around him that day pushing into the building, and they all turn out to antifa (disguised as Trumpers), so what? :)

            1. It’s all for show anyway. They’re using video data, posted by rioters to social media, to identify people anyway.

              I doubt these convictions will stand.

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